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29/01/2015 - HOSANNA :


"Hosanna Sathana"


Perfect to bring your LP's with you

natural cotton bag 135 gr - color black with white printing

design by Mortuus for Holy Poison

released by Zanjeer Zani.

27/01/2015 - Japanese Revelation :



CD - Japanese version with OBI

released by
Hidden Marly

available in distribution

24-page full color booklet on 170g paper.
limited to 500 copies.

I have preached...

23/01/2015 - New Opus in distribution :





Out now on Nuclear War Now! (USA)

Limited pressing of 250 copies on black vinyl + insert.

DARVULIA "Mort Foetale" (17:24)
SEKTARISM "Punition Divine" (20:54)

Sektarism's part recorded and mastered in august 2013 at Drudenhaus studio by Xort.

Layout by MystiK Dementia.

Quote from J. Campbell:
Often overlooked, but never disappointing, DARVULIA has consistently produced some of the most unique Black Metal of the last decade. The band’s sparse catalog reflects its dedication to and the complexity of its work. The material on this new release is a departure from the band’s previous releases, however. Consisting of a single, 17-minute track of ritualistic and atmospheric improvisational music that defies simple categorization, Darvulia’s side of this split finds the band exploring more ritual and ambient territory. SEKTARISM, a band that also hails from France, provides a sprawling 20-minute track for the B-side of this release. Sektarism’s unique brand of bleak, ceremonial doom is an appropriate rejoinder to Darvulia’s morose presentation. While Darvulia’s side is sparse, Sektarism’s sound is full, oppressive, and pulverizing. It is persistent in its approach – repetitive, but not monotonous. As Sektarism’s track progresses, it breaks apart and disintegrates into noise laden bass drones that approach the minimalism that characterizes Darvulia’s side of the release. In this way, this split reflects a concerted approach by both bands to attain an atmospheric consistency will still retaining the unique stylistic flourishes of each band.

21/01/2015 - new release :

NECRO-009 out now

"Ananta Abhâva"


12 €

16 page-booklet - 5 tracks of Industrial Black Metal

After months of delay, the 2nd full-length of this french project is available through Necrocosm.

"My necklace and ornaments are of human bones I dwell among the ashes of the dead and eat my food in human skulls. I look with eyes brightened with the antinomy of Yoga, and believe that the parts of this world are reciprocally different, but that the whole is not different from God. ...After fasting we drink liquor out of the skulls of Brahmans our sacred fires are fed with the brains and lungs of men mixed up with their flesh, and human beings covered with the fresh blood gushing from the dreadful wound in their throats, are the offerings by which we appease the terrible god (Maha Bhairava)."

Vamâcârâ Sadhana sophia is based upon the dissolution into chaos and the emancipation ov personnality from every kind ov dogma or ethical concept. It promotes total art ov destruction, liberated from every influence or static ethic. The metaphysical and philosophical thought is the dark thread ov his global concept which takes root from a strong personnal will and a reflexion upon non conditionned expression...
The Word links up around our own act ov deconditioning and poor possibility towards the absolute in which society defines all political or religious values. Moralism is an obstruction to our awakening...

Art, philosophy and Waves are the way ov this awakening towards the black irradiant light. We shall awake in order to match our vibration to his source and to arrange the manifest according to our will...
Let's draw our strengh from decay, let us swamp with this source ov creativity, expression and death!!!
Order shall never rise from disorder again!!!
Dethroned mankind shall end his cycle in pain and dishonor!!!

19/01/2015 - new BATTLESK'RS releases in exclusive distribution :

"Rejoice and laugh, doomed to be sacrificed"


SK'R027-MC - Belarus

5 €

strictly limited to 100 handnumbered copies.

New streams of cavernous blackness from the krywian cellars.
Second full-length sacrifice, dwelling far away from modern sterility and smoothness, deeply rooted in the rough underground aesthetics.
Seven tracks of foul regressive Devil metal. Seven pillars of satanic devotion, darkness and death.

Fanatical Black Metal at its best from eastern europe.


Produced by Battlesk'rs.

They are coming!

17/01/2015 - new SK'R in exclusive distribution :




5 €

strictly limited to 100 handnumbered copies.

5 old unreleased tracks
recorded in 2002 with the old line-up:
Count Sabbat, Kobal, Akhron & Hate

Produced by Battlesk'rs.

29/12/2014 - Shipping information :

Note to our customers, we're tired to explain if you take priority shipping without registered option to save money, it's at your own risk if you don't receive your order.

05/12/2014 - Published for Satan :




12 €

NECRO-011 - Jewel case CD - 8 page booklet - 500 copies

7 tracks for 54 minutes of extrem sounds

Their 1st full-length opus, originally out on EAL in 2003 on LP, now reissue on CD for the 1st time.

05/12/2014 - 9-3 :

28/11/2014 - new Necro-release out now :

"Déroutes sans fin"

+ printed inner bag

NECRO-009 - 2014

15 €

8 tracks, 43 min of Industrial Noise Rock
with french lyrics

2nd full-length of this french project, more rock than their 1st opus but always cold, noisy & dirty.
An opus for dark open-minded souls.

Inquiétant, sale, bruitiste, sombre, destructeur… mais jouissif !

"Saison de Rouille - Necrocosm Bandcamp"

"C'est quoi ces brûlures, ce sang séché et cette odeur d'essence ?"

28/11/2014 - Elegance :

"Aesthetic Death Worker"

T-Shirt & Girly

10 €

Red T-Shirt (Gildan shirt - sizes: S, L, XL & XXL)
also available on Girly (Fruit Of The Loom - sizes: S & M)

Front: "Necrocosm's logo"
Back: "Aesthetic Death Worker"

Design by MystiK Dementia

21/11/2014 - new Zanjeer Zani release in exclusive distribution :

available now:


5 €

Pro-tape - limited & handnumbered to 100 copies - ZZP011

1st full-length of this new french stoner/doom sensation! Enter in their world...

out on Zanjeer Zani Productions.


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