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01/04/2016 - Signing Policy :

We have been active as underground labels for more than fifteen years. In this time lapse we took pleasure and pride to discover new talents, passionate artists and emancipated creators with whom we worked -and still work with for some of them. Finding new and original bands, animated by their sincere faith in Black Arts, and promoting them is our duty.
But things sometimes change, and to this day we don’t feel anymore the urge of fresh blood. Our roster is complete, our activities planned, and we are not anymore in search of new talents. Our signing policy is, for the times to come: no new signatures. Unless your work is absolute genius and have a stellar potential, we won’t sign your band and work with you. We already have our own agenda including our current collaborators to whom we want to give 100% of our time and means.

Anyway, we thank you for the interest you may manifest in our label. You can still feel free to send us recordings, demos or any material you esteem representative of your work (preferably on physical format), but please understand that no answers are due from our part. We may manifest (miracles sometime happen, and times will come when we will need again new bands), but we more surely won’t. This doesn’t mean that your art is worthless, but more simply that we have no time nor energy to give to it.


27/03/2016 - Gates are opened :

Hellz Maniaks,

we have just reopened our e-store.

You can expect lots of news in the coming weeks.


Nous venons juste de réouvrir nos portes.

De nombreuses news sont à venir.

Death is Art

04/03/2016 - The Darkness in distribution :

03/03/2016 - ... :

The Darkness

CD Digipack

Delux A5 hardcover digibook limited to 300 copies.

Quote from Nomos Dei
The stream originated in the roots of ancient myths of La Breîche,
flows into the alchemical retort and magical potions of Huata,
growing by the waves of Sektarism trance,
falls by the heavy peals of black thunder of Vichy.
Spill the poison to feed the new apple of Eden.
The symbolic thirty third release in eight years of Nomos Dei existence.


02/03/2016 - "Punition Divine" merch :

Punition Divine

TS & Girly

"Fruit of the loom" Valueweight
black shirt with brown print.

"Punition Divine" cover on the front

& on the back:

"Ce n'est que dans le désarroi le plus profond
que l'âme exhale la compréhension divine"

released by
Zanjeer Zani.

01/03/2016 - Battlesk'rs merch available :


TS & Girly

B&C Collection
Model: B&C DNM Plug In

Black print on grey shirt

produced by
Battlesk'rs Prodz.


29/02/2016 - available in exclusive distribution :

Rejoignez Notre Temple - Purple


B&C Collection For Women
B&C Too Chic model

Great quality shirt with special sleeves.

Black print on purple shirt.

produced by
Zanjeer Zani.

29/02/2016 - Ignominious Sigil :

Ignominious Sigil


Design by Manuel Tinnemans for Comaworx

High quality - Size: 10/10 cm

produced by
Zanjeer Zani.

28/02/2016 - A Death Metal Jewel in distribution :

"Prelude to Apocalypse"


limited to 300 copies

It is widely known that quality doesn’t necessarily rime with quantity. And it is of course preferable to deal with an artist who releases few but memorable productions than one who spams its scene with countless generic ones. In its very brief career, Disciples of Mockery was of the first kind. Prelude to Apocalypse is their one and only album, but it surely is a blast!
Found around 1998 by death metal legend Craig Pillard -formerly known as vocalist of the mighty Incantation- it is nothing less than a death metal lesson. Merciless riffs, cavernous roars and unstoppable hammerings, everything here is crafted to push the audience’s tolerance to its limits. This is death metal in one of its purest forms: a blind, relentless execution of metallic aggression.
From Incantation to Disma (amongst other projects), Craig Pillard has set himself as a man to deal with in the field of extreme metal. And Prelude to Apocalypse is a beast worthy of its master.

An uncompromising expression of war and distress,
that should get the attention of everyone into real extreme metal.

21/02/2016 - Soon in distribution :
DARVULIA "Mysticisme Macabre"

Gatefold LP edition including poster.
Released by Battlesk'rs Productions in putrid conspiracy with Nuclear War Now!

Available in exclusive european distribution in March

05/02/2016 - available in exclusive distribution :


White border
High quality embroidered patch
3.50 / 14 cm
50 copies

5 €

released by
Zanjeer Zani.


31/01/2016 - available now :

"Hosanna Sathana"

Hooded Sweat Zipped

(Sizes: S->XXL)

40 €

produced by ZZP.

Zanjeer Zani Productions

- Slow Musick For Elegant People -

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