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21/11/2016 - NEW: DIAPSIQUIR "180°" CD - OUT NOW! :




8 page-booklet

Enregistrement : Cave du 18
Mix & Mastering : Arthur Rizk

DLP version coming in a couple of weeks through EAL.

Also available through:

Bandcamp (CD + Digital)
La Plaque Noire
Le Fleuve Mécanique
Season Of Mist
Leclerc Espace Culturel

Diapsiquir est mort ce soir…

Mort de votre ennui, de votre conformisme, de votre fausseté mal cachée par votre fan attitude. Vous avez cru croire en eux, mais eux ne croient pas en vous. Qu’importe. Diapsiquir met fin au folklore autant qu’il en saisit l’essence, il encule la Lumière autant qu’il l’embrasse. Diapsiquir est Diapsiquir, et presque personne n’aura sûrement compris de quoi il retourne, même votre serviteur bafouillant ces lignes. On va arrêter de se mentir…

Diapsiquir est mort. Diapsiquir est vivant. Un peu plus de Dieu, beaucoup moins de Satan. A moins que ces deux-là ne soient que les deux faces de la même pièce, riant en s’étranglant, faux frères et faux ennemis.

Diapsiquir est mort, Diapsiquir est vivant. Relevé à 180°, dressé, bandé, un Lazare fort peu orthodoxe mais tellement vrai. Trop vrai, pour nous, pour tout. Diapsiquir est mort et 180° est vivant, il palpite, il éructe, il chante et ne vous salue pas. Il ne nous aime pas, le saviez-vous ? Et il y a des chances que vous ne l’aimiez pas non plus, pas en tout cas si vous tenez à votre petit metal bien connu, inoffensif transgressif. Les connards sont là, et bien là. Ils resteront dans vos arrière-pensées, celles dont vous ne voulez pas. Le refoulé qui se défoule, ou un truc comme ça…

Face à l’impasse, on fait demi-tour ou on fonce dans la nasse, dernier recours. Plus de folklore, plus de mensonges, bas les masques, la peur existentielle aux basques. 180° qui brûlent, 180° qui te retournent, 180° pour te faire chier, mais au final tu vas quand même aimer. Le syndrome de Stockholm ça paie.

Ce seront toujours une bande de connards avérés, ils changeront pas même s’ils auront de nouveaux oripeaux, pas de pipeau. Quoi, t’aimes pas la variété ?

Diaspsiquir est mort ce soir… vive Diapsiquir !


Diapsiquir is dead tonight…

Fed up with your boredom, your conformism, your deceitfulness hidden behind your pitiful fan-attitude. You thought you could belive in them, but they don’t believe in you at all. Whatever. Diapsiquir put an end to the folklore as much as they grab its very essence, they fuck the light as much as they embrace it. Diapsiquir is Diapsiquir and almost no one understood what it is about, even yours truly, trying to lay down these words. No need to lie anymore…

Diapsiquir is dead. Diapsiquir is alive. A bit closer to God, and farther from Satan. Or maybe these two ones are just the two sides of the same coin, laughing while strangling each other, false brother and false foes.

Diapsiquir is dead, Diapsiquir is alive. Straighten up to 180°, erected and harded-on, an authentic but unorthodox Lazarus. Too authentic, for us, for everything. Diapsiquir is dead and 180° is alive, it quivers, eructates, sings and doesn’t like salute you. It doesn’t like you, did you know ? And you can bet you won’t like it too, not if you care about your beloved little metal, this inocuous infringment. The bastards are back and well ! They squat in your unconscious, the mental backyard you don’t want to tread. What is inhibited ends up revolting.

Face to the dead-end, both escape or fight are at hand. No more folklore, no more disguise, tear down the mask, the existential fear on your back. 180° to burn you, 180° to turn you uspide down, 180° to piss you but in the end you’ll love it nonetheless. Stockholm syndrom pays.

Bastards forever, with new clothes but still the same, without shame. Don’t you like variety?

Diapsiquir is dead tonight… all hail Diapsiquir!





"Fruit of the loom"

Sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL

Few copies will be printed!

"Et seules resteront les Révélations Divines,
les lames chauffées à blanc
et les prières nu en hurlant de l'ermite dans une course
hystériques sur les grandes orgues où chaque note
de la gamme est une marche vers Dieu."

21/10/2016 - Satan-Dieu :



Hooded Sweatshirt Zipper

Available sizes: S, M, L, XL

High quality anvil navy blue HSZ Zipper with white lace.

Manufactured in Honduras.
Printed in France.

Soon back in stock


17/10/2016 - WE HOPE YOU DIE :

16/10/2016 - New SK'R in stock :

"Wrath of the Evangelikum"



bundle with 2 woven patches, a button & a sticker
handnumbered & limited to 100 copies.

Some releases are bound to gain a particular destiny, and stand outside the mass of forgettable productions. Some become influential beyond their original scene and time. Some represent a landmark of their style, a synthesis of their own scene. Such is the split between Aosoth and Antaeus.

Originally released on 10” MLP in 2002 by the now deceased label Paleur Mortelle, and subsequently rereleased in 2006 on cd by Battlesk’rs with bonus tracks, "Wrath of the evangelikum" has become a reference for all people seriously involved in black metal. First it is a testimony of the now respected French scene, as both bands have passed the trial of time to become heralds of the respected underground. And both bands have set new rules, new style, a new approach of black metal over the years.

Cruel, fierce, relentless, chaotic and filled with heart-shaking spiritual devotion, those tracks were a rebirth for black metal. A proclamation that this form of art HAS to remain obscure, satanic and non-commercial. It is at the same time an insult to God and a spit in the face of so many bands who try to water-down the genre.

While Aosoth is more focused on a spiritual approach (with one of the first reference to the ONA ever in black metal), Antaeus’ side, filled with four unmerciful live tracks, is in particular the expression of this dogma: black metal is war, death and chaos. This live recording captures the band’s almighty intensity for which it became famous, rejects all notions of harmony and literally crushes the listener. Such is our art: a rebellious beast whom wrath nobody can escape.

This glorious split is now to be released by Battleskr’s again, this time on tape format. It includes two woven patches and is available in strictly limited quantities, as to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first collaboration of the two acts with Battlesk'rs. We feel honored to give life again to such a monumental and groundbreaking release, which still has its place amongst the nowadays scene it helped to shape. We hope it will again drill its way with hate-ridden riffs in the minds of a new generation of listeners. We hope you die.
Fear the opening of the nine Angles. Be blessed by His words, immerse in the shadows and die to yourself to see His light. May the Ceremony of flesh and blasphemy never ends…

released by


15/10/2016 - Mammon still is -and alas will never cease to be- the vital fluid of a capitalistic civilization. :

Mammon still is -and alas will never cease to be- the vital fluid of a capitalistic civilization.

Yet there’s still a point to make clear: Mammon is a helping power, but not our god. Money is a tool, not an end. And profit is certainly not our goal. Our goal is, has always and will forever be to support worthy artists, to release spiritually-enlightened works, to propagate our beliefs: the faith in a superior Lord, in our own mediocrity as individuals, the wish for the failure of this abortion that is called modern society, the reign of a new spirit free of the dominant morals.

This means that we are a non-profit label. We may not work in the exact same tradition of the DIY rules, but we do rely on a strong sense of cooperation. We work in loyalty with individuals and organizations that share the same state of mind, the same faith, not with our bankers. We aim to collect money in one end only: to reinvest it to the last dime on other projects, other albums, other tours.

We gain no money at all on a personal level. We even lose some. But we make all our possible to make our organization financially healthy, so it can follow its fight in the years to come. So is the world we live in, which forces us to accept its rules and play with them, even if we hate them. We are proud to number you as partners and supporters in this bitter play, a play we will win if we keep fighting with the same spirit we have never departed.

The choice is yours: do you want to support greedy, hypocritical labels who feed upon the Underground, or faithful ones who make it live?

We know our war. Join us!


Mammon est toujours -et hélas restera toujours- le fluide vital de toute civilisation capitaliste.

Il y a toutefois un point que nous clarifier : Mammon est une puissance d’une grande aide, mais ce n’est pas notre dieu. L’argent est un outil, pas une fin. Et le profit n’est certainement pas notre but. Notre but est, a toujours été et sera toujours de soutenir des artistes de valeur, de produire des œuvres spirituellement éclairées, de propager nos croyances : la foi en un Seigneur supérieur, en notre médiocrité en tant qu’individus, le désir de contempler l’échec de cette aberration appelée Monde Moderne et l’avènement d’un nouvel esprit libéré des morales dominantes.

Cela signifie qu’au travers de nos activités et de notre label nous ne recherchons pas le profit. Nous ne travaillons peut-être pas exactement selon les vieilles règles du « do it yourself », mais nous nous basons sur un fort sens de la coopération. Nous travaillons loyalement avec des individus et des organisations qui partagent le même état d’esprit que nous, la même foi, et ceux-ci ne sont pas banquiers. Nous ne cherchons à collecter des fonds que dans un seul but : le réinvestir jusqu’au dernier centime sur d’autres projets, d’autres albums, d’autres tournées.

Nous n’en retirons aucun bénéfice financier personnel. Nous perdons même de l’argent. Mais nous faisons tout notre possible pour avoir une organisation financièrement saine, pour qu’elle puisse poursuivre son combat dans les années à venir. Tel est le monde dans lequel nous vivons, qui nous force à accepter ses règles et jouer avec, même si nous les haïssons. Nous sommes fiers de vous compter comme des partenaires et des soutiens dans ce jeux amer, un jeu que nous remporterons si nous continuons de nous battre avec ce même état d’esprit que nous n’avons jamais abandonné.

Le choix vous revient : voulez-vous soutenir des labels hypocrites et cupides qui se nourrissent de l’underground, ou des labels impliqués qui le font vivre ?

Nous connaissons notre combat. Rejoignez nous !

12/10/2016 - Spreading our Diseases! :

We have just opened a new e-shop on CDandLP, it could be easier now for our Japanese, German & Spanish custormers.

Pour ceux que cela intéresse, nous venons d'ouvrir une nouvelle boutique sur CDandLP.

Spreading without boundaries.

13/08/2016 - new DIAPSIQUIR merch out now :


TS & Girly

Gildan shirt


13/08/2016 - new BATTLESK'RS merch in exclusive distribution :

available now:

"Ego Sum Angelus Mortis"

TS & Girly

Fruit of the loom

released by
Battlesk'rs prodz.

"Black is the Sun this Summer"

12/08/2016 - Mort Divine :

available now:

"Mort Divine"

CD Digipak + 8 page-booklet

limited to 300 copies

quote from the label:
"What is the Death? What is the God? For thousands years mankind asked these simple obvious questions. But every word is false and every definition is defective. Deep black music of the unusual style. Vanguard noise canvas of the Fruits of the Death and chants of the Wrath of the LORD.
The listening will be unpleasant."

released by
Nomos Dei (Russia).

"...dans la Mort nous nous confrontons au Divin..."

19/07/2016 - new Zanjeer Zani Productions merch in stock :

available now:


TS & Girly

Great design by Dehn Sora

Brand: B & C Collection
T-shirt: Model: For men B&C Too Chic
Girly: Model: B&C Love Madness

released by
Zanjeer Zani Productions.

We have also back in stock lots old TS, HS, and Girly from ZZP.

"Slow & Dirty"

13/07/2016 - new merch :

"100 % Satan & Negativism"

High quality circular woven patch

Size: 10 cm

100 copies

retail price: 5 €

released by

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