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13/09/2009 - STN Virus Has Been Efficiently Spread :

NECRO-002 DIAPSIQUIR Virus STN is now Sold-out.

For The Sickest And Most Perverted Of You, We Still Have Some Very Few LP Versions Left. Get Hurry Necrofuckerz!

But Stay Alerted, Diapsiquir's Madness Will Restart It Nihilistic Dirty Urban Crusade Really Soon...

08/05/2009 - Be proud to show your appartenance to The New Order working for His glory!!! :

Wear our new necro-TS-004 NEO INFERNO 262 T-shirt or die, as a fucking decadent atheist you are!

Sizes available : S, M,L, XL & XXL.

!Socialize yourself and your children under His will!

02/02/2009 - Hails to the Deadfucking church ! :

now the promotion department (reviews & interviews) of our perverted activities is handled by no less than the fucking deadchurch warrior : Ged.

So, if you want to receive a promo parcel, make interview with one of our NecroArtist, contact :

Also, take time to check his website : Dead fucking Church zine

Death is Art !

20/01/2009 - Fifi paintings & drawings - A new decadent artist to discover. :

We 've added a new NecroArtist to our squadron.

Soon, you 'll find all his creations in a gallery and lots of his paintings & drawings will be available in our catalog.

You can also check his websites :

Society Asylum
Myspace - Fifi

Death is Art

30/05/2008 - Worship / Persistence in Mourning "Elemental Doom Trilogy - I Wood" EP :

Hellz to the funeral doom fanatikz,

Necrocosm is an official distributor of :

Worship / Persistence In Mourning
"split" EP

First part of the Elemental Doom Trilogy.

Limited Ed.

Official release date is June 30th.
We take reservations, now.

Persistence In Mourning (USA) is known from the Thergothon tribute.

Worship's song "Baumvater" is a very old one, written by Satachrist in 1995, so it's the first non-cover by Worship which was not written by The Doommonger. Also, it provides some interesting new angles, Eps allow for some new one-shot approaches compared to albums. Namely, it has some harder parts and some groove.

The conceptional cover is signed Gustavo Sazes who received huge praise for his artwork for Worship's full length "Dooom".

Death is Art

01/04/2008 - The begining of a new Order. :

We announce the beginning of a new order with our new Necrorelease :


“Hacking the Holy Code”

NECRO-005 CD Digipack with booklet.

Industrial Black Metal to socialize your children.

Following the musical path of Aborym, Diabolicum & Mysticum, this French project has nothing to prove with their first full length. Enter in their Evil vortex, and join the Neo Inferno 262 Order or Die.

!follow the new order!

21/02/2008 - United in Duty for Him and your Children :

Our Next necrorelease will be :

NECRO-005 NEO INFERNO 262 "Hacking the holy code" Digipack CD
Totalitarian Blackmetal/Industrial propaganda in His name.

Release date due to March 2008.

Visit the Neo Inferno !

22/12/2007 - You will die :

We 've added "Flames Redemption" a track from NECRO-004 MELEK-THA "Apokalypsia" in our download's section.

11/10/2007 - The Reign of NEO INFERNO 262 will come :


21/04/2007 - New Release :

MELEK-THA "Apokalypsia" CD - Out Now !

Hellz Maniakz,

Our new release is now available :

MELEK-THA "Apokalypsia" CD

Excellent Evil opus of this french Dark Ritual Industrial projekt.

12/02/2006 - Download section updated :
Download section updated with a track from DIAPSIQUIR "Virus STN".

24/08/2005 - New Release :


"Regwoisvokwos Gwhenmi Welminti"
Pro-tape - Lim. to 100 copies with bloodstained covers.

This is the first recording of DAPNOM, you can expect total Nihilist Black Art, a Gem of Decadence, don't expect just a simple random noise, you will be disappointed and your anguishes reinforced.

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