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01/11/2011 - no-doom :


ZZP-004 - Pro-tape version of their 1st opus - Strictly limited to 100 copies.

The most fucked-up, tormented and extreme no-doom metal band from France ever!
Beware, music is not a hobby, music is art, art is not comfortable, art is the only truth!

A Zanjeer Zani Production exclusively distributed by Necrocosm.

Habsyll's releases available:

Distributors contact us for wholesale prices at :

wholesale (-at-) necrocosm (-dot-) org

Death is Art


The first release of Mors Ultima Ratio available in exclusive distribution through Necrocosm.

“Paralipomènes à la divine comédie”

CD Digipack

4 page-booklet strictly limited to 500 copies - MUR-001

Also available special TS limited to 30 copies and Girly to 5 copies.

Special pack available CD + TS or Girly.

The Greatest French Dark Ambient Artist is back with his most elaborated release.
4 tracks of Dark Ritual Sophisticated Evil Music.

Incredible artwork signed Metastazis
(Morbid Angel, Secrets of The Moon, Ascension, Neo Inferno 262...).

"Je vous appelle à la vie, ô forces mystérieuses !
Noyées dans les obscures profondeurs de l'esprit créateur,
craintives ébauches de la vie,
à vous j'apporte l'audace !"

24/08/2011 - Mortels, osez! :

Gold printing

TS limited to 30 copies

Sizes: M, L & XL

Girly limited to 5 copies
Sizes: M & L

L'heure du jugement a sonné...

26/07/2011 - In Lux Morimur, Per Lucifer Sanctum Reviviscimus! :
Image hébergée par

Has now joined our holy crusade behind the light bringer's path.

HELEL's myspace
HELEL's facebook

"Lux Gloria Intacta"

11/07/2011 - DIAPSIQUIR shirts back in stock :

Both DIAPSIQUIR TS & Girlies models are available in all sizes (S, M, L, XL & XXL).

25/06/2011 - Distributors :
Our releases are also distributed by:

DUCE! Distribution (Russia)

24/06/2011 - Le Devenir n'est plus ! :

"Le Testament"

Pro-tape - Strictly limited to 99 copies

Their third offering.
Oppressive Religious Funeral Doom/Drone musick.

Another stone of the Apostles of Ignominy, with members from Darvulia & Malhkebre.

A Zanjeer Zani Production exclusively distributed by Necrocosm.

Sektarism's releases available:
Bow Down

Distributors contact us for wholesale prices at :

wholesale (-at-) necrocosm (-dot-) org

Ce chemin tu prendras
Celui de ta perdition...

30/05/2011 - DIAPSIQUIR "A.N.T.I." CD Out now! & Gatefold LP available now in distribution :

The last opus of these french freaks is now available!

"13 comptines pour caresser du majeur l'Innocence, la Pureté, la Chaleur".

Encore plus loin que Virus STN, toujours plus bas vers et pour Lui.
Cette oeuvre s'adresse à ceux qui pensent que tout a été dit et dégueulé, dans une société bien trop lisse.

Distributors contact us for wholesale prices.

Also available some special pack CD + TS or Girly.

For the vinyls fanatiks, Gatefold Double LP + insert available now in distribution!

Listen some tracks (Fais le, Ennui, A.N.T.I.) of this recording on their myspace:
DIAPSIQUIR MYSPACE - Anti Tout jusqu'au trop.

"Je t'assure que la Vase et l'Extase ne font qu'un."

24/05/2011 - Download :

Download section updated with 3 tracks of the new Diapsiquir.

06/05/2011 - New Kult of nihilow releases in distribution :

We have in distribution the latest limited releases of great drone and experimental's label : Kult of Nihilow, expect two high quality releases.

Throat: Adult Situations 7" ( edition of 330, 2010)

sink: truth & severance 12" ( edition of 266, 2011)

05/05/2011 - Sembler Deah - Kaosthetik - in distribution :

"Kaessariah. Heel een Leven Lang"

Comes in high quality digifile with whole black labeldisc.

Ask us for wholesale prices.

«A sky for the fallen. A cure for the absence. An awe for the fierce»

Raised in 2010 by the meeting of belgian preachers Colin H. van Eeckhout (AmenRa, Kingdom, Blind to Faith) , Mathieu Vandekerckhove (AmenRa, Kingdom, Syndrome) and french DehnSora (Treha Sektori ), SEMBLER DEAH is a journey behind words, Gathered by a sole ambience, between ethereal soundscapes, knotted drones and falls. a three-headed hand surrounding a light in a cold, engulfing & ardent prayer.

Comes in high quality digifile with whole black labeldisc.

03/05/2011 - DIAPSIQUIR : La France que vous détestez ! :



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