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07/03/2012 - NECROS propaganda :

TS/Girly & embroided patch limited to 50 copies available.

Gospels of Death!

26/02/2012 - Back in stock :
DIAPSIQUIR "Logo" T-shirt (M, L & XL) available

03/02/2012 - Mailorder update :

Lots of new stuff available now in our mailorder!

08/12/2011 - MP3 Death Dealerz :

The track "Plague Celebration" from the first full-length of PURGE is available in our download section.

We have also added a track from the next Gospels of Death release : "God You've Failed" from the upcoming NECROS "Procession of Heretics" debut MCD, to be released very soon.

Listen to the sound of humanity at its End!

29/11/2011 - DEATH METAL ETERNAL :

New release of Gospels of Death records available (worldwide exclusive distribution by Necrocosm):


"Sordid Preludes to Purgatory"

9 tracks - CD

GOD-002 - 11.90 €

First full-length opus by these french veterans,
featuring members from MERRIMACK and RITUALIZATION.
Purification and Salvation in the name of
Old School Death Metal!

Listen some tracks on: PURGE - MYSPACE

Also available: T-shirt, Girly, Embroided patch &
Special pack!

Distribution France : Season of Mist

Distributors, contact us for wholesales prices!

28/11/2011 - Au Bûcher! :

(Sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL)
Girly (Sizes: S & M)

21/11/2011 - Download: :

"Repentance" track from the new DAPNOM album is now available for free in the Download section.

01/11/2011 - ZANJEER ZANI new releases out now SEKTARISM & HABSYLL :


ZZP-002 - Pro-tape version of their 1st offering (2008) - Strictly limited to 99 copies.

Satanik Funeral Doom in the name of our Lord with members from Darvulia & Malhkebre.
Kneel down before our Master feeble human worm.
This is time for Offertory.
Fear the Apostles of Sektarism.
Fear the Apostles of Ignominy.

A Zanjeer Zani Production exclusively distributed by Necrocosm.

Sektarism's releases available:
Bow Down

Distributors contact us for wholesale prices at :

wholesale (-at-) necrocosm (-dot-) org

Offre ta chair, offre ton âme, renie la lumière...

01/11/2011 - no-doom :


ZZP-004 - Pro-tape version of their 1st opus - Strictly limited to 100 copies.

The most fucked-up, tormented and extreme no-doom metal band from France ever!
Beware, music is not a hobby, music is art, art is not comfortable, art is the only truth!

A Zanjeer Zani Production exclusively distributed by Necrocosm.

Habsyll's releases available:

Distributors contact us for wholesale prices at :

wholesale (-at-) necrocosm (-dot-) org

Death is Art


The first release of Mors Ultima Ratio available in exclusive distribution through Necrocosm.

“Paralipomènes à la divine comédie”

CD Digipack

4 page-booklet strictly limited to 500 copies - MUR-001

Also available special TS limited to 30 copies and Girly to 5 copies.

Special pack available CD + TS or Girly.

The Greatest French Dark Ambient Artist is back with his most elaborated release.
4 tracks of Dark Ritual Sophisticated Evil Music.

Incredible artwork signed Metastazis
(Morbid Angel, Secrets of The Moon, Ascension, Neo Inferno 262...).

"Je vous appelle à la vie, ô forces mystérieuses !
Noyées dans les obscures profondeurs de l'esprit créateur,
craintives ébauches de la vie,
à vous j'apporte l'audace !"

24/08/2011 - Mortels, osez! :

Gold printing

TS limited to 30 copies

Sizes: M, L & XL

Girly limited to 5 copies
Sizes: M & L

L'heure du jugement a sonné...

26/07/2011 - In Lux Morimur, Per Lucifer Sanctum Reviviscimus! :
Image hébergée par

Has now joined our holy crusade behind the light bringer's path.

HELEL's myspace
HELEL's facebook

"Lux Gloria Intacta"

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