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29/07/2014 - new merch from Zanjeer Zani Productions of SEKTARISM in exclusive distribution :

new merchandising from

Zanjeer Zani Productions

available in exclusive distribution :

"Chapelet Discipline"

T-Shirt, Girly



Hooded Zip

(Fruit of the loom: 35 € or Kariban: 39 €)

Design by Valnoir of Metastazis Studio

white print

Available sizes : S,M,L,XL,XXL

"Hosanna Sathana"

woven patch
9.50 cm / 13 cm

dark grey or white version

Distributors ask us for wholesale prices.

19/07/2014 - Available in exclusive distribution :

"Shattered Ante Mortem Illusions"
10" MLP

+ printed innerbag

Limited to 500 copies

Out now on Gospels of Death Records

also available on Digital + 10" MLP through our bandcamp

This release keep the flame of the classic Death Metal sound of the late 80's alive.
The perfect record for all die hard fans of Old School Death Metal à la ASPHYX, UNLEASHED, MORGOTH, BOLT THROWER.
Featuring guest appearance of Eric Daniels (former ASPHYX guitarist, GRAND SUPREME BLOODCOURT).

Distributors ask for wholesale prices.

"Listen the sound of humanity at its end."

05/07/2014 - new opus of MALHKEBRE in distribution :


Deluxe 4-panel digipack CD, 24-page full color booklet on 170g paper with special Pantone Gold ink - limited to 500 copies.

12 €

few copies in stock

Artwork, drawings & pictures by Mystik Dementia
Cover picture by Andy Julia
Recorded at Sonic Chaos studio
Mastering by Xort at Drudenhaus studio

Digital version available on Bandcamp

04/07/2014 - For analog worshippers :

also in distribution

European (gold) and North-American (black) versions of "Revelation" on tape format are both available from Tour de Garde (canada) and THR (sweden)

each version is limited to 250 copies.

Memento Homo...

22/06/2014 - new Battlesk'rs release available in distribution :

"L'Alliance des Venins"

LP - SK'R012-LP
Black Metal (France)

outer cover + printed innerbag
including A2 poster
and a bonus track "Le Silence d'Anna"
from an old recording session.

Limited to 500 copies

15 € without shipping

exclusively distributed by NWN! (americas) and
(Rest of the world)

Description by J. Campbell:
Released on CD in 2005, “L’alliance Des Venins” has long been considered by many to be among the most prominent recordings in the canon of French Black Metal. While Darvulia’s influence may not be as widely recognized as some other French acts such as Peste Noire or those in the LLN camp, the band’s 15 years of existence is a testament to the power of the music. That the band only has eight official releases (including just three full-lengths) to its name during that time is evidence of the deliberate manner by which Darvulia sets about writing and recording material and explains the remarkably high quality of the band’s catalog. “L’alliance Des Venins” is arguably the most substantial statement made by the band, and may easily be considered among the most impressive, if often overlooked, Black Metal releases of the past decade. Darvulia incorporates melody, intensity, and discordance in equal measure into the overall tapestry of its sound. Assertive passages of rapid and sprawling melody give way to mid-paced and down tempo atmospheric segments pregnant with the tension of restraint. Woven throughout the album are astounding riffs that shimmer with melancholy minor key dissonance. The effect calls to mind some of the more atonal aspects of Piggy’s playing in Voivod, but the riffs here are firmly embedded in the sweeping, sorrowful, and decidedly French, Black Metal tradition. The overall impact is wholly unique. No other band in Black Metal quite utilizes shifts in tempo and prominently misaligned harmonies to such tremendous effect. The production on “L’alliance Des Venins” also deserves comment. The album is never blown out or overdriven, leaving intact the disorienting interplay of incongruous notes while also maintaining and merging the visceral attack of each instrument. The production, like the songwriting, never incorporates any extraneous and unnecessary elements, and, in this way, Darvulia relies precisely upon those sounds needed to achieve the desired effect and nothing more. The cover art, a simple rendering of the main de gloire or hand of glory, is as evocative and austere as the music within and bespeaks the potent and mystical aura of death that the album exudes. At its summits, “L’alliance Des Venins” attains a state of grandeur and brilliance of form that casts the album alongside the greatest in the genre.

12/01/2014 - new SK'R in exclusive distribution from BATTLESK'RS Prodz :

"Consuming The Metatron"

Gatefold LP - SK'R025-LP

Out now!

New impressive artwork!

Gatefold LP
+ innerprinted paperbag
+ A2 poster

Limited to 500 copies

produced by

"BATTLESK'RS Productions".

11/01/2014 - new Battlesk'rs merch in exclusive distribution :

"Radiant Behest of Excessum"

TS & Girly out now!

Grey print on Fruit of the loom shirt.

T-Shirt (S, M, L & XL)
Girly (S, M & XL)

Out on "BATTLESK'RS Prodz".

10/01/2014 - MALEKHAMOVES in exclusive distribution: :


Embroidered Patch

limited to 100 copies
Size: 10 cm / 7 cm

Out on Gospels of Death.

05/01/2014 - Available in exclusive distribution :


"Sacrifice Creature"

CD Digipack - MUR002

10.90 €

out on Mors Ultima Ratio.

This opus is a collaboration between

the french dark ambient project of Azat
(also known for his work with ALIEN DEVIANT CIRCUS)


the Japanese avant-garde artist.

This opus is available on a noble digipack CD
including a 8 page-booklet and is strictly limited to 500 copies.

8 tracks of great dark ambient music with lots of influences.

Exclusively distributed by Necrocosm.
(distributors ask for wholesale prices)

13/12/2013 - Battlesk'rs merch in exclusive distribution :


TS & Girly out now!


Limited to 33 copies including girlies.

White printing on Fruit of the loom shirt.

T-Shirt (S, M, L & XL)
Girly (S & M)

13.90 € without shipping

exclusive distribution by


09/12/2013 - new perversick release in exclusive distribution :

out now on Battlesk'rs prodz (

"Sectanik Neocide"

Pro-Tape - SKR002-MC - 5 €

11 years after the first issue on CD,
the 1st full-length of FORNICATION is available on Pro-Tape, limited and handnumbered to 100 copies!

on this recording, members were :

Count Sabbat

29/10/2013 - :Lorsque le rose s'obscurcit: :

Un évènement unique à ne pas louper pour les passionnés d'Art Noirs qui se trouveront dans la ville rose à cette période.

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