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11/11/2018 - BlackSunDay Promo ! :


2 € ONLY



2673 "" Tape - Ultra dark, harsh indus. Interesting. [Label: Regimental]

ABOLISH "Give Me Power Through Blasphemy" Tape - 1* (Br) Classical Black Metal with a cover of Dark Funeral "My Dark Desires". Procover. [Label: Beautiful Lands]

AD DESOLATUM ET SILENTIUM "Itineris Exitium" Tape - total pro-tape ltd 500 - Black Metal [Label: Tour De Garde] France 2007

AFFLICTION GATE "Dying Alone" Tape - Brilliant Death Metal in the way of BOLT THROWER. Limited to 100 copies. [Label: Atavism] France 2017

ALMIGHTY EMPEROR "At Battlefields of the Abyssal Realm" Tape - Black Metal [Label: Battle Hymn] Brazil 2005

AMOK "Necrospiritual Deathcore" Tape - 150 hand-numbered, yellow pro-tapes All music & lyrics written by Lava except track 4 (music by Iscariah). Cover design and artwork by Necrocum & Malfeitor Fabban (Aborym). Recorded at 6 diferent studios: Chaos Studios, hElvetun, Fias Co. Studios, Temple Of The Flesh God, Bleeding Whore-Tap Studios and SlimeCave. [Label: Radiant Eye Rex] Norway 2014

ANIMUS HERILIS "Demain Sera Le Chaos" Tape - Demo - (Fra) - 2003 - Primitive Black Metal. first edition of the first demo from 2001 [Label: Autoprod] 2003

ANXIETY "Autumn 2004" Tape - Raw Black Metal. [Label: Drakkar] Finland

ANXIETY "The Holocaust Anthem" Tape - Pro-cover - Raw and savage mid-tempo Black Metal. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies. [Label: Drakkar] Finland

AQUER "Atomic Watss Live" Tape - Lim. to 222 copies. Raw Old School Black Thrash live highly inspired by Celtic Frost. [Label: Final Punishment] Chile 2005

ATER TENEBRAE/RAVENSHADES "split MMV" Tape - Pro cover - Well-done Black Metal for the 2 bands, good sound. [Label: Stygian Shadows] Hungary 2000

AYMREV ERKROZ PREVRE "Noir voyage obstrué de rencontres difformes" Tape - Pro-printed cover - 56 minutes of ultra dark ambient by the soul of Dapnom. [Label: Infernal Kommando] France 2000

BEMDESAR "En El Nombre De Sathanas" Tape - * Demo, pro cover - Mid-tempo Black Metal [Label: Autoprod] Bolivia 2004

BLACK BLEEDING "The Awakening" Tape - * Demo - Ultra brutal, fast and well-done Death Metal. Killer sound and devilish parts. [Label: n/a] Belgium 2005

BLACK HEARTS IN THE NORTH "V/A" Tape - Compilation with Balaam, Eithel Sirion, Excruciate 666, Fera, Peurs Ancestrales, Fjällstorm, Nirnaeth, Lord, Dunkelnacht, Vucum Came, Electronically Lost, Nürn. [Label: n/a]

BLOOD STAINED DUSK "Continuance of Evil" Tape - Re-release with pro-cover, tape stickers limited to 666 handnumbered copies - Evil and fast Black Metal with synths. [Label: Propaganda] USA

CAMOS "Baal Zebuth Baal Beth Zebuth" Tape - Demo - Original, Mélodic Black Metal [Label: ARCM] Brazil

CAST IN STONE "Demoncrypt" Tape - Metal [Label: Swordslain] Finland 2001

CHRISTS NAILS "Demos 1992 - 1996" Tape - Demo - Anticlerical Dark Ambient - limited edition. [Label: Semen & Blood] France 2000

CORPUS CHRISTII "The Fire God" Tape - pro-cover - tormented lusitanian black metal [Label: Propaganda] Portugal 2000

CORPUS CHRISTII "The Torment Continues" Tape - album, pro-cover - Cold and raging Black Metal with tortured vocals, Funeral Mist's drummer. Support ! Lim. 666 [Label: Propaganda] Portugal 2005

COVEN CURSE "Evil Rise" Tape - Demo - This is the second demo of this defunct band + the "Hard Eternal Death" demo in bonus. Really good primitive Black Metal. [Label: The Way Of Force] France 2003

CROSSODOMIZER "We Need The Ass Of Jesus" Tape - Raw Black Metal. [Label: n/a] Italy 2005

DEEP VEIN/BLOODY SIGN/OPPRESSION "Split" Tape - Split - (Fra/Fra/Swe) - Deep Veins & Bloody Sign play good Brutal Death Metal, Oppression is in the same style but more technical with a bass guitar well produced and a voice in the Thrash Metal vein. [Label: Nihilistic Holocaust]

DEFUNTOS "Vidas vazias... almas perdidas..." Tape - Depressive black metal from Portugal, pro tape limited to 100 copies. [Label: War] Portugal 2012

DET KOLDE NORDLAND... "Del 1 - Compilation" Tape - With Vanvid, Blodarv, Angantyr, Grimnismal, Church Bizarre, Holmgang, Sagntid, Blackhorned, Zarhim, Hellhaunted, Opus Obscurium, Ravishing and Vornoff. [Label: n/a]

DIABOLIKAL HOLOKAUST "Hellish Lust" Tape - demo, hard cover limited to 333 - War/Black Metal in your face, fukker! Die! [Label: Blood War] Mexico 2007

DREADNAUGHT "Compilation" Tape - Tape - Underground compilation of Death/Grind/Punk. 20 bands : 7th Nemesis, Fuck The Facts, Malignant Tumour, Despise, Barbarian Prophecies, Agathocles, Dissect...etc. [Label: N:C:U]

ELISABETHA "Demeter" Tape - Pro cover - Black/Ambient. [Label: W.A.R.] Germany

END "II" Tape - album, pro cover - Interesting Black Metal offering. [Label: Night Birds] Greece

ENOCHIAN "Satanic Ceremony" Tape - Demo - 1995/2004 - Ultra Primitive Black/Death Metal with a growling low-pitch voice. This is a re-release with one bonus track limlted to 300 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Ravenheart] Czech Republic 1995

FALLEN ARKANE "BeyondThe Altar" Tape - Black Metal limited to 300 handnumbered copies, Beherit cover. [Label: Maltkross] France 2008

FORSAKEN ART "The Awakening of a New Era" Tape - Demo - Raw Black Metal. Limited to 300 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Hell war] Portugal 2003

GOAT THRON "Delight of Evil" Tape - Quote from label: 5 tracks of Occult & Insane Ambiant Indus Noise Dark Music. Tape version of the Demo CDR released on a very limited Edition (15 copies only !!!) + 1 bonus track. Pro black & white printed artwork. [Label: Infernal Kommando] Poland 2005

GODCIDER "More Than A Human" Tape - Quote: Killer Russian Black Metal ! Re-Release of this Album from 2011 (Released on Pro-CDR by DARK EAST Productions). Tape limited to 200 Copies with color Artwork. [Label: Infernal Kommando] Russia 2011

GODCIDER "Six Bullets For Christianity" Tape - Quote: Last Release of this killer russian Black Metal Band. Tape limited to 200 Copies [Label: Infernal Kommando] Russia 2013

GRAND BEAST SODOMY "Demo(ns) From Hell" Tape - Demo - Melodic Black Metal limited to 100 handnumbered kopies [Label: Autoprod] Finland

GROMM "Ferro Ignigue" Tape - Demo, pro-cover - (Ukr) - Black Metal [Label: Ravenheart]

GROMM "Happiness - it's when you are dead..." Tape - Demo - Black Metal [Label: Ravenheart] Ukraine

GROMM "Nails For Gods" Tape - Demo, pro-cover - Black Metal. 8 tracks [Label: Ravenheart] Ukraine 2003

GROUP THERAPY / ECOUTE LA MERDE "Split" Tape - Limited to 30 handnumbered copies. [Label: Underground Pollution]

HATESTORM "The Day When Only Hate Has Blossomed" Tape - Demo - 2001/2002 - Interesting Black Metal limited to 300 handnumbered kopies [Label: N:C:U] 2002

HEADFIRST "the sound of agony" Tape - First Demo of this Trash Metal Band from France [Label: The Ritual] France 2012

HELL / VORKUTA "Split" Tape - Pro, limited to 150 handnumbered copies - Grim Black Metal. Previously released as "Promo 2005" cd-r / Raw Black Metal. Unreleased tracks. [Label: Stygian Shadows] 2006

HEMORROIDZ OV GOD "Vanité" Tape - Primitive BM. [Label: Autoprod] France 2006

HSSH "" Tape - Demo - Black Indus very oppressive. Pro cover limited to 150 handnumbered copies. [Label: Autoprod] France 2002

HYDROGENIUM "Human Holocaust" Tape - Demo - 2000 - This time with a more classical Black Metal approach, the band is come-back still with their ethereal music [Label: Autoprod] 2000

IMPIOUS HAVOC "The Great Day of Wrath" Tape - The tape version of this good Black Metal album. Pro-cover limited to 350 handnumbered kopiez [Label: Total Holocaust] Finland 2003

INSIDIOUS OMEN "Upon This Throne of Waste and Decay" Tape - pro-cover - Macabre, fast and aggressive Black Metal. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies. [Label: Morbid Count] Canada 2007

ISCARIOT "The Black Square" Tape - Demo limited to 500 handnumbered kopies. Melodic Black Metal [Label: De Profundis]

ITHDABQUTH QLIPHOTH "Demonic Crown of Anticreation" Tape - Kabbalistic Black Metal, raw musically speaking. Pro-cover. [Label: Misanthropic Propaganda] Russia 2002

KAELTETOD "Adoratio Mortem" Tape - Black Metal / Dark Ambient from Austria. [Label: Ashen] Austria 2005

KAELTETOD "Wundenextrakte I-V" Tape - "Two tracks of suicidal BM somewhere in between ILDJARN, BURZUM and old Doom Metal a la SAINT VITUS, two harsh Industrial pieces and an experimental track that mixes ambient synths with weird metal elements, all of them cloaked by an abyssic feeling that will hopefully ruin your day." [Label: Ashen] Austria 2003

LUCIFUGUM "Sociopath : philosophy cynicism" Tape - Another tape from propaganda with killer pro cover. [Label: Propaganda] Ukraine 2003

LUCIFUGUM "Stigma egoism" Tape - Cold Black metal [Label: Propaganda] Ukraine 2003

LUCIFUGUM "Vector 33" Tape - Album, pro cover - Antihuman poisonous Black Metal. [Label: Propaganda]

LUNAR AURORA "Ars Moriendi" Tape - pro cover - 2001/2004 - Well-played Black Metal with some synths parts. Originally out on CD in 2001. [Label: Night Birds] Germany 2004

LUTOMYSL "Decadence" Tape - Album, pro cover - Black Metal. [Label: Propaganda] Ukraine 2005

LUTOMYSL "Winter of Humanity" Tape - First Full-length, pro cover - Agressive and powerful Black Metal [Label: Propaganda] Ukraine

MANTH "A conjuration compelling obedience" Tape - total pro-tape limited to 300 handnumbered copies - Occult Black Metal. [Label: kaMpf] Italy 2006

MELENCOLIAM "O Infinito Dale Da Escuridao" Tape - Black Metal with a pro cover. [Label: Autoprod] Brazil 2001

MESLAMTAEA "Illusion" Tape - Demo - Heavy/Black Metal [Label: Heidens Hart]

MUTANT APE / SILENT JOURNEY "Split" Tape - Pure disturbing black harsh noise. Limited to 70 handnumbered copies. [Label: Ars Funebris]

NAER MATARON "Skotos Aenaon" Tape - pro-cover - The second album, fast, raw Black Metal with a good sound. [Label: Night Birds] Greece 2000

NAER MATARON "Up From The Ashes" Tape - pro-cover - Black Metal. Originally recorded in 1998, this is a well-done re-issue. [Label: Night Birds] Greece 1998

NECROLITH "K.G.F.I.D.E.K" Tape - Raw Black Metal with discordant melodies limited to 222 handnumbered kopies. 6 long trakkz. [Label: Pesttod] Austria

NETHEREALM "The Occultist Omnibus" Tape - Demo - Melodic Black Metal [Label: Intolerant] Singapore 2002

NIDD "Pure Fucking Underground" Tape - Demo - Extreme Black Metal "to the memory of 'Pure Fucking Armageddon' Mayhem demo". [Label: Thou Shalt Kill!] Russia

NORTHCROWN "Ancient Battles - part two" Tape - Pro cover - Epic, mid-tempo heroic Dark Metal with Black Metal voices. [Label: Swordslain] Finland 2001

NORTHCROWN "Presage Of War" Tape - Mid Tempo pagan/Black Metal [Label: Swordslain] Finland 1999

NORTHCROWN "Signs of the End" Tape - Pro cover - Epic, mid-tempo heroic Dark Metal with Black Metal voices. [Label: Swordslain] Finland 2001

OND AAND "Chants of the eternal season - Rehearsal 2004" Tape - Covered with blood - Black Metal limited to 111 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Strictosensu] France

PANZERFAUST "Last Breath Before Funeral" Tape - Ultra-raw Black Metal. Limited to 166 copies. [Label: Putrescence Noire] France 2007

PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING "Lifeless Acts of Attrition" Tape - Funeral Doom Metal limited to 100 handnumbered copies. [Label: Ars Funebris] USA 2008

POISON TONGUE "Lick You Sweety" Tape - Special Packaging "Sexual witching occult industrial! Inspired by Havohej, Von, Fulci and Giallo films. Musicially comes off as a mixture of Beherit's non-metal compositions, Atrax Morgue, Steel Hook Prosthesis and Goblin soundtracks! 50 dubbed cassettes. 7.25 x 7.25 artwork housed in a 7'ep sleeve. Black chrome cassettes with 4 different colored sticker facings. Hand numbered card also included." [Label: NoVisible Scars] Russia 2010

PREDATOR "Hell On The Hearth" Tape - Demo Tape - Death Metal old school with a good technical level. [Label: Hallucination' Zine] Brazil

PRIMIGENIUM "Intolerance" Tape - Black metal throne and anguish are crudely praised here [Label: Propaganda] Spain 2002

PROFANE SOLITUDE "NpodyXdehue" Tape - An ug demo tape of primitive black metal [Label: Unholy rebel arts] Ukraine

RAVENS BLUT "Hass und vorherrschaft" Tape - * Radical black metal from France. 7 tracks. [Label: Vobiskum] France 2005

RU-486 "Iron Empire" Tape - Special Packaging "Debut full length out now through NoVisible Scars. Iron Empire musically features various forms of raped and beaten scrap metal, junknoise, feedback manipulation, and analog synth. In the tradition of the 80's Broken Flag style,(old)Controlled Bleeding and Bizarre Uproar." RU-486 package: 7.25 x 7.25 covers/insert housed in a 7'ep re-sealable bag. Hand numbered card. Mastered on pro manufactured and imprinted(chrome)black cassettes. Album repeats on both sides of the cassette. Limited to 100 copies. [Label: NoVisible Scars] USA 2010

SATANIC BLOOD "Satan Boven Alles" Tape - Album - Extreme bestial Black Metal assault fighting for satanic supremacy. Think to Von, Bestial Warlust... Very, very good ! [Label: Satanic Propaganda] 2004

SHOGGOTH "Pandemia Of Hatred" Tape - Demo, pro cover - Raw Black Metal. Limited to 250 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Thou Shalt Kill!] Russia 2002

SIGILLUM DIABOLI "666" Tape - Nihilistic Black Metal. Limited to only 66 handnumbered copies ! [Label: Thou Shalt Kill!] Russia 2006

SILVA NIGRA "Chlad Noci" Tape - Demo - Primitive Black Metal [Label: Ravenheart] 2002

SILVA NIGRA "Symbol Nenavisti" Tape - Demo, pro-cover - Satanic Raw Black Metal, 8 trakks [Label: Ravenheart] 2003

STERKVIND / INNER HELVETE "Burning The False Idol " Tape - Total Raw Black Mtal Limited to 666 handnumbered copies. [Label: Hell war] Portugal 2002

STIGMA DIABOLICUM "Terror Inside" Tape - Pro-cover - Desolated landscapes of death visited through dark ambient musikk by Luck Mertz (ZBT). [Label: Infernal Kommando] France 2006

STIGMA DIABOLICUM "Terror Inside Part 2" Tape - Pro-cover - Desolated landscapes of death visited through dark ambient musikk by Luck Mertz (ZBT). [Label: Infernal Kommando] France 2006

STIRNER / DOG "s/t" Tape - Split tape with two indus/noise bands. [Label: Smell The Stench] Australia 2007

STORMING DARKNESS " Path Of Death" Tape - Demo, pro cover - Raw and aggressive Black Metal limited to 333 kopies. [Label: Thou Shalt Kill!] Russia

TAUNUSHEIM "Ilmarsj" Tape - Demo - Pagan Black Metal [Label: Schwarzdorn] Germany 1998

THOU SHALT FALL "Rejoice and laugh, doomed to be sacrificed" Tape - Pro-tape strictly limited to 100 handnumbered copies! New streams of cavernous blackness from the krywian cellars. Second full-length sacrifice, dwelling far away from modern sterility and smoothness, deeply rooted in the rough underground aesthetics. Seven tracks of foul regressive Devil metal. Seven pillars of satanic devotion, darkness and death. Fanatical Black Metal at its best from eastern europe. Support or Die! [Label: Battlesk'rs] Belarus 2015

TO ARKHAM "Born To Hate" Tape - demo, pro cover - Fast, cold and epic Black Metal in the old Scandinavian way, like a come-back in 1992-1993... [Label: Infecto] Paraguay 2004

TYFON'S DOOM "Demo 2015" Tape - First demo tape of this new Heavy Metal act. [Label: Impious Desecration] Finland 2015

TYPHUS "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" Tape - Album w/thick pro cover - Blasphemous Black Metal limited to 666 handnumbered copies. [Label: Propaganda] USA

VINTERRIKET "Finsternis" Tape - Dark Ambient with Black Metal touches. This is a compilation of previous recordings originally on diverse 7" EP. 9 traks for 59 minutes ! [Label: Ordo Obscuri Domini] Germany 2002

VINTERRIKET/A FOREST "s/t" Tape - Split Demo - Ambient Black Metal/Raw Black Metal [Label: Ordo Obscuri Domini] 2002

WALLACHIA "From Behind The Light" Tape - pro cover - Melodic, mid-tempo Black Metal. [Label: Night Birds] Norway 1999

WAR BLASPHEMY "For The Glory Of The Unpure" Tape - First demo tape from this project. [Label: Hell war] Portugal 2002

WINTER BLASPHEMER / INFERNO "Blood Poisoned by the Glorious Evil" Tape - pro cover + stickers on tape - Black Metal split. [Label: Hail Satan 666] 2008

WOODS OF BELIAL "Baxabaxaxaxaxabaxaxaxaxa - 666 Yndstr Draconis - Thy Unholy Pentagram" Tape - Pro-cover - Intense, sadistik, experimental Black/Doom with some industrial elements, reminds the best works of Abruptum. Contains the two demos of the band from 1996/1997. Great. [Label: Misanthropic Propaganda] 2003

ZMROCZNY DOL "s/t" Tape - Synthetic ambient dedicated to the black slavonie, fans only. [Label: Autoprod]

10/09/2018 - SEKTARISM "Fils de Dieu" :

« Fils de Dieu »


CD Digipak with 20 page booklet

Released on September 10th in a splendid digipak with artwork courtesy of Dehn Sora.

“Fils de Dieu” is a slow and inexorable march to death, a dissonant lamentation over the failure of humanity.
The weight of shame and decay in your heart. The taste of tears and vinegar in your mouth.
A chant of despise, disillusion and scorn.

NoEvDia - YouTube

released by End All Life Productions

05/08/2018 - Lvx In Tenebris European Tour - Updated :

31/07/2018 - Necrostands :
Cet été, retrouvez notre stand Necrocosm sur les markets des festivals suivants:

- Sylak Festival: 3, 4, 5 août, Saint-Maurice-de-Gourdans (01)
- Motocultor Festival: 17, 18, 19 août, Saint-Nolff (56)

14/07/2018 - Latest release of Zanjeer Zani Productions :


6 panel booklet

Stricly limited to 100 handnumbered copies


released by
Zanjeer Zani Productions

distributed by
Necrocosm Productions

''All that is great in the sense of culture has always been non-political and even apolitical'' (Nietzsche)

The sign is born, becomes insignificant and beyond, sadly insignificant. This microbe of time is a silent giant of power. Smallness of the sign for smallness of the spirit of the one who subscribes to it, for it is easier to believe than to think. So, little man, you obey the insignia because you are no longer sure of your own will; Or will you realize that obedience inspires more horrible crimes than rebellion? The mass is a docile flock that does not think and is unable to live without a master. Then sounds the death knell of the spirit that is imprisoned. Little Man, if the image catches you then you will enter the palace of totalitarian devotion. You will be only a beast, a slave of all, all propaganda, of all the miserable sirens which debase the nobility which awaited you nevertheless. Go to the light of yourself little man, remember that the nihilist is not one who believes in nothing but one who does not believe in what is.


Le signe nait, devient insigne et au-delà, tristement insignifiant. Ce microbe du temps est un géant silencieux de puissance. Petitesse du signe pour petitesse de l'esprit de celui qui y souscrit, car il est plus facile de croire que de penser. Alors, petit homme, tu obéis à l'insigne car tu n'es plus sûr de ta propre volonté ; ou réaliseras-tu que l'obéissance inspire plus de crimes horribles que la rébellion ? La masse est un troupeau docile qui ne pense pas et est incapable de vivre sans maître. Alors sonne le glas de l'esprit qui s'emprisonne. Petit Homme, si l'image te happe alors tu entreras dans le palais de la dévotion totalitaire. Tu ne seras qu'une bête, un esclave de toute, toutes propagandes, de toutes sirènes misérables qui avilissent la noblesse qui t'attendait pourtant. Va vers la lumière de toi-même petit homme, rappelle-toi que le nihiliste n'est pas celui qui ne croit en rien mais celui qui ne croit pas en ce qui est.

''Tout ce qui est grand dans le sens de la culture a toujours été non politique et même apolitique'' (Nietzsche)

08/07/2018 - in stock now :



Metal Pin

High quality

Both limited to 50 copies

produced by


14/06/2018 - The Evangelikum Warchangel Hope You Die :


"Evangelikum Warchangel"

Hooded Zipped

Sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL

Few copies in stock

in exclusive distribution
released by



04/06/2018 - New Upcoming Ceremony in Czechia :

31/05/2018 - Frais de port pour la France :

Baisse des tarifs pour les colissimo jsqu'à 2 kg pour la France.

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20/04/2018 - Nouvelletés des Apôtres de l'Ignominie :

"Hosanna Sathana"

Limited to 296 Handnumbered copies.

Including: A2 Poster, Printed innersleeve & etching on B side.

2nd opus of Holy Ritual Doom Drone for the first time on vinyl.


released by
Zanjeer Zani Productions

distributed by
Necrocosm Productions

19/04/2018 - L'Ange de la Mort :


7" EP

Deluxe Edition 3 mm spine, including a printed inner sleeve.
Limited to 299 handnumbered copies.

The longtime sold out first opus of this french band is now available on vinyl format.

Total Raw Death Metal with french lyrics!


released by
Battlesk'rs Productions

distributed by
Necrocosm Productions

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