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08/05/2018 - PROMO-NECRO-PROMO :


[Le Revers Sanglant - Svarthal - Vortex Of End - Ondskapt - Zarach Baal Taragh - VInterriket - Aborym - Affliction Gate
Alkerdeel - Ancient Blood - Ares Kingdom - Arfsynd - Ash Pool - Atomizer - Azaghal - Bestial Nihilism
Christ Agony - Corpus Christii - Death Yell - Empty - Endezzma - Eternal Majesty - Geisha - I The Witch
Incriminated - Karbonized traitor - Lucifugum - Moljebka Pvlse - Neolith - Nordmen - Pagan Rites - Aldebaran
Sisckbag - Stumm - Throneum - War - Wold - Abigail - Altar of Perversion - Celestia - Dark Sanctuary
Deathrow - Drowned - Dysylumn - Gandzmord - Iron Forest - Kom-Intern - Master - Melek-Tha
Mhönos - Moloch - Mysticum - Niezgal - Organisation Toth - Revok - Sabbat - Saturnian Mist
Shining - Sink - Torgeist - Vorkreist... and more...]

Hundreds of records
2 € - 3 € - 5,90 € only
Very limited stock

Des centaines de disques
à 2 €, 3 € & 5,90 €
Stocks très limités

2 € only :

47 ASHES "Ragnarokaraoke" CD-R - 12 trackz running time 42'48'' first long opus "The first necronomicocktail of sickadelic soundscapes, europaganonsense music and minimalisterical ultrapocalypsongs by this bizarre french artist.. When "less" is "more" in your folk-face Kamerads ! Feat. Melek-Tha in the Mix." [Label: Autoprod] France 2002

ABSENCE INSOLUTION "Hour of Babel" CD-R Slim Plastic - 3" CD-R - Harsh Noise meeting head-on with rhythmic elements and moments of cinematic greatness. [Label: DTA]

ALPHA EMBRYO / INFEKT#R "s/t" CD-R Slim Plastic - Split, pro cover - Dark Indus limited to 500 copies. [Label: n/a] Russia

ARIMONIUM REX "Xanay Maku Orozoi" CD-R - Original and melodic Black Metal [Label: Wotan's reich] Italy

AUDIOCUM / OCCÜLTO DIGITAL "Corrosion Thrown Out" CD-R - Special packaging Slim DVD box. Collaboration between those Harsh Noise projects. [Label: Symbolic]

CAVATICUS "Amentia" CD-R - Raw Black Metal. Demo limited to 200 handnumbered copies. [Label: Resistancia Underground] France 2006

CORPORAL ABUSE "Symphonies of Noise" CD-R - Noise. [Label: Cataleptic Remains] France 2001

CTANIC/KROLL "666" CD-R - Split - Khaotik Indus Black Metal / Extreme Raw Black N' Roll [Label: Graveyard] Australia

DECEPTION/PUTRIDITY "Holy Deception/Putrid Deception" CD-R - Special packaging split, special A5 format with printed insert for each band - Brutal fast Death Metal for the 2 bands. DECEPTION is more into satanic aggression and PUTRIDITY into gore execution. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies. [Label: Old Temple] Poland

DEUS INVERSUS "Oath of Desanctification" CD-R - Demo - 41 min of antichristian mid-tempo Black Metal with high pitches vokals limited to 200 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Autoprod] France 2004

DISCARD "Firmly Clenched Fist" CD-R Slim Carton - Power Metal - First release of the ex-mesmerize. [Label: Autumn] France

ECLECTOGRINDER / BOOGEY BOYS "Split" CD-R - Grind [Label: Alchemic Sound Museum]

EMMOS "Your World is a Warfield" CD-R - A strange mix of punk/black/thrash. [Label: Altsphere] France

EMPIRE SATANICUM "Hatred Of Black God" CD-R - ambiant black metal, limited to 100 copies. Including videos for "adorare sathanas" and "Устами Зверя". [Label: Desolation] Russia 2009

FLUTWACHT/MONOID VS STILLSTAND "split" CD-R - Special packaging 74 minutes of power electronics. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies. [Label: Symbolic] 2006

FUNERAILLE "L'Antre des Ténèbres" CD-R - Pro-cover - Sinister raw Black Metal reminding the Old Days. 8 tracks. Limited to 100 copies, exclusively distributed by Battlesk'rs. All hails Satan! [Label: n/a] France 2007

GELSOMINA/FILTHY TURD "Split" CD-R - Special packaging 59 minutes, 1 track for each band, expect pure industrial hell. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies. [Label: Symbolic] Finland 2006

GLAUKOM SYNOD "Uczulony" CD-R - Psychotic noise indus. Extreme and disturbing, for sure ! 18 tracks. [Label: n/a] France 2006

HATEMATE/AVENGERS OF BLOOD "Damnation" CD-R - Special packaging Split in DVD box - 2001 - Original mixture of Grind/Black Metal [Label: n/a] 2001

HATRED DIVINE "Of light and the absence of light" CD-R - Symphonic Black Metal [Label: Autoprod] Germany

HEIDEN ÄRA "Lopum Ajan Juhla" CD-R - Pro-cover - Ethereal instrumental music with accoustic guitar and piano. [Label: n/a]

IRON YOUTH/EQUILIBRIUM "Split" CD-R - Special packaging in DVD box - Filthy doommed Black Metal/Extreme noise Indus. [Label: Symbolic]

JEFF "Unrest" CD-R Slim Plastic - Raw & minimalistic indus metal. [Label: Altsphere] France

JEFF'S ASMODEUS "Black Hordes Funeral" CD-R - Electro Black Metal, a very strange project. [Label: Altsphere] France 2006

KHAOTIC "The Beauty of Death" CD-R Slim Plastic - First EP of this one woman brazilan project! [Label: Autoprod] Brazil 2012

KULT "Overture for Violent Intercourses" CD-R - Ambient dark music, eerie atmosphere to be expected in these lower worlds [Label: Dungeons] Portugal 2003

LE REVERS SANGLANT "Un Combat Perdu D'Avance" CD-R Slim Carton - Martial Dark Ambient. Limited to 50 copies. Nice Packaging. [Label: Autoprod] France 2011

LIQUID SPHERE "Dots & Waves" CD-R Slim Carton - Experimental Ambient Music [Label: L.S.I] 2004

LIQUID SPHERE "Hypocracy 2&3" CD-R Slim Carton - Experimental Ambient Music [Label: L.S.I] 2004

LOST EMOTIONS "Lacks" CD-R Slim Plastic - Melancholic Heavy Metal with a screaming voice [Label: Oniric] Spain 2003

MESSIAH COMPLEX "Live Black Xmas 21 12 06" CD-R - Special packaging Slim DVD box. 30 minutes of harsh noise with power electronics touches in your face. [Label: Symbolic] 2008

MISANTROP "Misanthropic Blasphemy" CD-R - Ultra raw and strange Black Metal with fucked up voice and melodies. Don't know if it's good, just that's ugly and disturbing... [Label: n/a] Czech Republic 2006

MISANTROP "Misanthropic HATE" CD-R - Raw Black Metal. [Label: n/a] Czech Republic 2005

NAPALM "Goatwar Suicide" CD-R - Killer Underground French Black Metal opus! [Label: Autoprod] France 2001

NIHIL EST EXCELLENCE "Vizmilieu" CD-R Slim Carton - Ambient ethereal, real pure ! [Label: DTA] Ukraine 2002

NOYZSQUAD "a Symbolic Prod. Compilation" CD-R - With : Asphalt Leash, Mourmansk 650, The Digitariat, Tote Stadt, Murder Corporation, Guilty Connector, Hinyouki, Dry Crazed Hippies... etc. Limited to 200 copies. [Label: 205]

OBSCURE/PANDEMIC GENOCIDE "Satanic Rebelmageddon" CD-R - Special packaging split in special quality A5 format - Hateful mid-tempo Black Metal/Satanic old school Death Metal. Limited to 520 handnumbered units. [Label: Old Temple] Poland

PI CAB ALTER "Mémoire de l'éther fluctuant : 1937-1947" CD-R - CD-R - Hear the sounds of these weird fluctuations ! [Label: Verato Project]

PUTREFACTION "Eternal Decay" CD-R - Suffocating brutal and ultra-fast Death Metal. Limited to 91 hand numbered copies. [Label: n/a] France 2007

ROBED IN EXILE "The Rape Of Purity" CD-R - Pro Cover - Raw ug black metal, uglyness prevails ! [Label: Satan's Millennium] 2003

RU-486 "Pretty in Piss" CD-R Slim Plastic - 3" - Deviant Harsh Noise limited to 100 handnumbered copies. [Label: Autopsy Kitchen]

SCAPHANDRE "Les Ancres" CD-R - Digipack Limitation: 297 Citation: 4 titres d'une noirceur maladive extrême, dopés par un son roots que ne dédaignerait pas le plus extremiste des fans de Black underground. Ce voyage initiatique dans le monde de SCAPHANDRE s'avère hypnotique, étouffant, et diablement bien maitrisé. Vous qui êtes tapis dans un coin sombre de la Terre, où la solitude et la misanthropie sont reines, bienvenue chez vous.... [Label: Alchemic Sound Museum] France 2012

SILCHARDE "Cacolepsie" CD-R - pro cd-r - Shamanik Occult Ambient. [Label: Frozen Wings] France 2009

STIGMA DIABOLICUM / DARUIN "The Worst of S.D. / Tei-LV" CD-R - Special packaging Split in DVD box - Dark Indus / Noise. [Label: Symbolic] 2006

SVARTHAL "Silhouettes" CD-R - Pro cover - Fast and cold Black Metal influenced by Immortal's "Pure Holocaust" and "Battle in the North" albums. Limited to 333 handnumbered copies. [Label: Raging Bloodlust] Germany 2006

TERG "A Cold Grave" CD-R - Harsh Noise in your face, die bastards! [Label: Symbolic]

TRASHNASTY "s/t" CD-R - CD-r - Sick & Brutal Death/Thrash Metal. [Label: n/a] France

TUNRIDA "Era 2001" CD-R - Finnish atmos. bm with the same craft as their country's practitionerz. Pro cover [Label: Satan's Millennium] Finland 2001

VANCE ORCHESTRA "Slow Age Decay Music" CD-R - Ambient music with a dark & great noisy touch [Label: Verato Project] 2003

VHELVET "Home is where the hate is" CD-R - Harsh Noise/Power Eloctronics. [Label: Symbolic] France 2007

VUCUB CAME / FJÄLLSTORM / ZARACH BAAL THARAGH "Demo 1 / Luciferian Black Order / El Borak Dreams" CD-R - Excellent tortured Black Metal / Raw Black Metal with synth / Harsh primitive Black Metal. [Label: Distorsions] France

ZARACH BAAL TARAGH "The Nightmare Continues" CD-R - Black Metal. [Label: Infernal Kommando] France 2007

3 € only :

21 GRAMMS "Water - Membrane" CD Digipack - Quote from label: " image description 21 GRAMMS – Water – Membrane €10,00 digipack CD SKU: grey009. Description With many qualitative independent CDr, Tape, eps productions, 21 GRAMMS garnered so much praise from so many quarters in the past years. “Water – Membrane” is the second Poland’s 21 GRAMMS pro-CD album. Seven extended pieces of sublime orchestral dark natural ambient, generated a truly wonderful album. “Water – membrane” sounds like a ”last hope” inner movement into the most unknown decadences of the soul. Discouraging, shining, naturally isolationist." [Label: Dusktone] Poland 2012

A TRIBUTE TO ROZZ WILLIAMS "The Tongue Achieves The Dialest" CD - Tribute to the ex-singer of Christian Death by bands like: Omewenne, Galaxxy Chamber, Stone 588, Insanasomnia, Silvery, Casual, Human Disease, I Will I, Kiss the Blade... etc. [Label: Dark Vinyl]

A.E.P. / VINTERRIKET "Split" CD - limited to 500 copies. [Label: Asphyxiate] France 2007

A.I.D.S. "Syndrome of the End Approaching" CD - "Crude, filthy black metal. The soundtrack of the apocalypse. This is the beginning of the end." [Label: Those Opposed] USA 2007

AB:NORM "Inside" CD - Modern Death Metal. [Label: Show No Mercy] Germany 2000

ABORYM "Live in Groningen" CD Digipack - Deluxe Digipak CD All copies come with an A4 full colour poster The seven-track album includes a rare recording captured on May the 21st 2004 in Groningen (The Netherlands) during the band's european tour, and 2 unreleased industrial songs. Featuring the "With No Human Intervention" album's line-up. The "Live in Groningen" has been remastered by Fabban and Emiliano Natali at Fear No One studios, the same studio in which the band recorded "Psychogrotesque" (Season of Mist records) and the new double album "Dirty" (Agonia Records). [Label: Dead Seed] Italy 2013

ABSONUS NOCTIS "Penumbral Inorgantia" CD - Depressive Black Metal with an occult atmosphere. [Label: Wraith] USA 2005

ABUSE "A sunday morning killing spree" CD - From Death Metal to doom/stoner, to hardcore... A fucking strange mixture indeed ! [Label: Defunct] USA 1999

ABYSMAL DARKENING "No Light Behind..." CD - No light Behind" is the name of long awaited full length album from this Dutch band (featuring ex-members of Bunkur together with current members of Planet Aids and Funeral Goat) that wraps seven tracks of depressive torturing Doom/Dark Metal. With unique mix between traditional doom riffing, stoner doom, elements of 70s proto-metal and some blackish influences, Abysmal Darkening managed to create a new form of audio sonic terrorrism. Transcendental, sharp, suicidal, old school music and yes, it is recommended to fans of Bethlehem, Deinonychus and even Celtic Frost and Urfaust. [Label: Totalrust] 2011

ACCURST "Fragments of a Nightmare" CD - Experimental Electro Ambient [Label: colflesh] USA 2004

ACROSS TUNDRAS "Dark Songs Of The Prairie" CD - Quote from label's website : Dark Songs Of The Prairie, the first full-length album from Denver's ACROSS TUNDRAS, holds eight portraits of heavy majesty carved out of massive syrup riffage and spacious melodies. It's almost like hearing some mysterious 70's country rock outfit thawed out and refitted with mighty amplification, sludgecore tempos, and shoegazey shimmer that conjures up visions of the wide open prairies and looming mountains of the band's home territory. As weighty as the melodic heaviness coming from the from the whole "post-metal" camp, but coming from a different place altogether, ACROSS TUNDRAS draw a tangential line from Neil Young to HUM to NEUROSIS, and unleash a powerful new statement of rustic, crushing Americana. Features former members of Sioux Falls, SD post-hardcore outfits SPIRIT OF VERSAILLES and EXAMINATION OF THE... [Label: Crucial Blast] USA 2006

ADMORTEM "Living Through Blood" CD - Death metal, with in bonus a Live at Agen (Fr) [Label: Adipocere]

AENIMA "Never Fragile" CD - Combination between technological artifacts and melodic song writing, augmented by spellbinding female vocals. [Label: Equilibrium] Portugal 2002

AFFLICTION GATE "Severance" MCD - Death Metal taking inspirations from GRAVE, UNLEASHED, ASPHYX, MASSACRE, BOLT THROWER... [Label: Forgotten Wisdom] France 2008

AGHAST / TEKKEN "Split" CD Slim Carton - Emotional Hardcore / Grind Crust. [Label: Aspidistra]

AIGRO MUCIFELAM "Lost Sounds Depraved" CD - Crude Black Metal in your fucking face! [Label: Insidious Poisoning] France 2007

ALEXANDER-PAUL-BLAKE "Die Rückkehr Ins Goldene Zeitalter" CD Digipack - Mystic Nature Black Metal with german lyrics, influences range to folk from Doom inspired by Henry David Thoreau's novel "Walden", it breathes the spirit of romanticism An archaic journey into the depths of the forests... [Label: Einheit] Germany 2012

ALKERDEEL "Luizig" CD Slim Carton - Reissue of a tape released in 2007. Limited to 500 copies. [Label: At War With False Noise] Belgium 2008

AMMIT "Mass Suicide / Steel Inferno" CD - Sinister & dirty Black/Thrash Metal. The 2 albums from 2000 & 1998 released together + 3 studio tracks from 2004. [Label: From Beyond] Chile 2005

ANCIENT GODS/INFINITUM OBSCURE "" CD - Split - Killer Black/Death Metal. [Label: Sempiternal] USA 2003

ANCIENTBLOOD "The Profane Hymns of the Sovereign Darkness" MCD - Quote: Ancientblood is a satanic Black Metal cult from Brazil, lidered by Lord Mantus (also member of Mysteriis, Darkest Hate Warfront and Lux Ferre), with the main purpose to spread the black metal wrath worldwide, mixing influencies of the old school bands like Venom and Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Burzum and Darkthrone , allied to an anti-human conception. [Label: Black Hate] Brazil 2007

ANGELIZER "Poison Dreams" MCD - Melodic Death Metal. [Label: New Death] France 2008

ANGUISH "Abstract Decomposition" CD Slim Plastic - Quote from label: "Abstract Decomposition" is the new MCD of Malaysian ANGUISH, further expanding their ever evolving death Metal sound that is firmly rooted with the brutal and old school traits of the genre. CD specially packaged with elastic cloth-sleeve and comes with 8 page booklet. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies." [Label: Narrowards] Malaysia 2013

ANWYNN "Voices of Perdition" CD - Epic hateful Black Metal with nice drummings. [Label: Unlight] France 2008

APHOTIC "Stillness Grows" CD - Ethereal Dark Doom Metal with a dead voice, some synth parts. A long travel through Sadness... [Label: Flood The Earth] USA 2004

APOCRYPHAL/DIALECTIC SOULS "In Labyrinth of Time/Dialectic Souls" CD - Split - Symphonic Black Metal for the two bands. [Label: Paradise] Bielorussia 2003

APRIL ETHEREAL "Advent" CD - Fast Dark Metal with synths. [Label: Conquer] Poland 2000

ARALLU "The War on the Wailing Wall" CD - Black Metal. [Label: The End] 1999

ARES KINGDOM "Veneration" CD - Thrash/Death metal band with ORDER FROM CHAOS's members. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] USA 2013

ARFSYND "Arfsynd" CD - Quote from label: DWP is proud to announce the release of the first album by ARFSYND, featuring Perditor of the ORCIVUS' fame! The album was produced by the artist himself and mastered at Necromorbus studio, so expect a unique and deep sound! Featuring a variety of tempos, sincere, dark and haunting vocals, Perditor's exquisite and already well-known melodies, ARFSYND follows a different yet just as noble path. Lyrics, entirely written and performed in archaic Swedish, give this album a special dimension, a special feeling, which, the author felt, could only be manifested through the use of his mother tongue. Thus, as you read this message, the ARFSYND's first and eponymous album is finally available for the ears of the eager! CD OUT NOW! [Label: Daemon Worship] Sweden 2010

ARKAIK EXCRUCIATION "Among The Vortex Of Chaos" MCD - "The funereal auspices of a lunar eclipse have cast a storm onto the lowest sphere of existence: Among the Vortex of Chaos is the first opus of ARKAIK EXCRUCIATION, a fourfold beast whose bloodlust has just been unleashed. Brutality spills quickly over the listener and, as soon as one dares to think he has survived the chaos, a crushing and devastating plague of slow, dense riffing spreads around like a massive mist of illness. The rawness and filth are palpable as the demo progresses and the rabid vocals keep pushing the unwary into the depths of purgatory. The listener is soon buried under the thick layer of the band’s sonority - rust, dirt and putrefaction." [Label: Tertius Oculus Perceptio] Spain 2015

ARS VENEFICIUM "The abyss" CD - Belgian black metal, first ep. [Label: Immortal Frost] Belgium 2014

ASH POOL "World Turns On Its Hinge" CD - Perverse Black Metal with Krieg's influences. [Label: Tour De Garde] USA 2007

ATOMIZER "Death-Mutation-Disease-Annihilation" CD - Thrash/Black Metal. The old cult still alive ! An excellent album from this hellish band. [Label: Drakkar] Australia 2002

AUBE "RM4" CD - Digipack - Electronica [Label: Ultra-Mail] Japan 2002

AUBERON "Crossworld" CD - Melodic Thrash Metal. [Label: Black Mark] Sweden 2001

AVATHAR "Cruzadas de fuego" CD - Weird heavy thrash dark from ecuador [Label: Metal psycho] 2003

AZAGHAL / OATH "Split" CD - Split album for these two finnish hordes. [Label: Immortal Frost] Finland 2015

BALBERITH / KRATORNAS "South East Goatworship" CD - Split - Raw Black Metal / Bestial and chaotic Black Metal. Limited to 1000 copies. [Label: Deathrash Armageddon] 2007

BARDOSENETICCUBE "Naegleria Fowlery" CD - Bardoseneticcube is a dark ambient/industrial project from St. Petersburg. Edition of 300 hand-numbered copies. [Label: Blade Records] Russia 2007

BELOW THE SOUND "More like a gunshot than a car wreck" CD - Quote from the label: "Desert thunder never sounded so good. BELOW THE SOUND emerge from the dust of New Mexico with a 7 track attack of stripped-down precision thud punk. High powered hooks, angular fuzz, and venomous lyrics all further entrench this trio in the guts of the current scud rock movement. Biting, catchy, and lethal, this recalls the minimalist power of the MINUTEMEN merged with NAKED RAYGUN's anthemic 'core and Am Rep noise." [Label: Crucial Blast]

BESTIAL NIHILISM "Kill rape hate" CD Digipack - Blackened crust mixed with black metal elements, harsh, violent and distorted. Crude sound, non-politically correct lyrics, a big fuck off! in the face of humanity. With members of Inkisitor. Recommended! [Label: n/a] France 2014

BEYOND FATAL "Sanctuary In Misery" CD - Death Metal with Old school influence and Deathcore parts. [Label: Bloodsoaked] USA 2002

BLACK ACHEMOTH "Under the Veil of Darkness" CD - Occult Black Metal from Brazil. [Label: Soul Eraser] Brazil 2013

BLACK FUNERAL "Az-i-Dahak" CD - Occult Industrial/Black with ritualistics and tribal parts [Label: Behemoth] USA 2004

BLACK PLAGUE "Compilation" CD - Special Packaging A5 cd - Black Metal Compilation with tracks from Karna, Caedes, Baal Zebuth, Black Mass Ritual, Black Goat, Frozen Empire, Eggs of Gomorrh, Ritual Suicide, Apotheos IX, Grimnorth, Tanvarpmenkv, Grigori, Misanthropic Art. [Label: Nomos Dei] Russia 2011

BLODORN "Absolu" MCD Digipack - French Black / Death Metal [Label: Antinomie Productions] France 2016

BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS "Let the war begin" CD - Evil and catchy Heavy Metal [Label: My Graveyard] 2005

BLOODHAMMER "The Passion of the Devil" MCD - Crude crawling old-school Black Metal. [Label: Breath of Pestilence] Finland 2005

BLOODY "Compilation III" CD - Various Artists 16 Bands of Black Death compilation with : Baalphegor, Daemonlord, Mydgard, Witches... limited handnumbered to 500 copies. [Label: Bloody] Spain 2002

BOSSE "Visions of the End" CD Digipack - six new tracks of introspective melancholy Presented in a slim wallet, similar to the Bosse 3 demo. [Label: Ars Magna] USA 2012

BREATH OF SORROWS "Through Darkness To Battle I Ride" CD - Suicidal Black Metal which includes fast musical parts. [Label: Wraith] USA 2005

BRUME "Drafts of collisions" CD - (Fra) - 1997 - Anti-easy listening Ambient/Ritual/Indus. [Label: Crowd Control] France 1997

BURIALMOUND "Black Death" CD - Aggressive Black/Death Metal, Very varied with a good (too ?) production. On the same label that Svartsyn. [Label: Sound Riot] Finland 2001

B°TONG "Hostile environments" CD Digipack - Quote from label: "B°TONG is Chris Sigdell, former member of the German experimental industrial group NID (1995 – 2005). With B°TONG he reaches for the nether regions of experimental electronic sound and has established himself as an acknowledged and known professional soundscape artist. His music is a choice of dark, brooding layers of sound, high-pitched tones and weird electronic sounds that give birth to images of darkness and tranquillity, the solitude of an icy polar night or the equivalent of an underwater journey into a bottomless pit. To create these soundscapes, he uses found samples and self-made recordings and processes these on the computer together with recordings of his own voice and other vocal samples. There are no traditional instruments involved. In a live-situation Chris Sigdell relies on playing metal-sheets, electric toys and various kitchen utensils. The sounds thus generated are put through various effect-pedals giving him that trademark sound. " [Label: Dusktone] Germany 2013

CANDLELIGHT COMPILATION "V/A" CD - Emperor (x2), Opeth, Eterne, Korpse, Solstice, The Whores of Babylon, Beyond Dawn, Enslaved, Eterne. [Label: Candlelight]

CASTIGATE "Bring me the head of Jesus Christ" CD - Dark Death Metal [Label: System Shock] Germany 1999

CAVO "s/t" CD Slim Carton - slim 3" - Totally psychotic folk/grind music. Corrupted Side project. [Label: Shit Jam] Japan

CEREMONY "The Days Before The Death" MCD - Very good Death Metal with Pat O'Brien from Cannibal Corpse. [Label: Hammerheart] USA 2000

CHRIST AGONY "Trilogy" CD - Original, Strange & Obscure Evil Metal. Faraway of their others releases. [Label: Pagan] Poland 1997

CHTON "Chtonian Lifecode" CD - Chton's debut full length is a sensory assault of dark and brutal Norwegian death metal. Formed at the beginning of the new millennium, Chton's crushing, technical and cold-blooded death metal unites the black heart which has existed at the centre of death metal since it's inception and which has followed it's own timeline via bands like Celtic Frost, Death, Morbid Angel and Entombed with the furious, precision-led extremity of today, exhibited by bands such as Nile and Hate Eternal. 'Chtonian Lifecode' is now here to ensure that Chton's name is spoken of in the same exalted tones as Norway's other masters of extremity [Label: Retribute] Norway 2004

CITIES OF SLEEP "Fear : Suicide : Life" CD - Very varied Extreme Metal : a mix between Death, Black, Hardcore and Heavy... [Label: Blodmorfogh] 2002

CLEAR STREAM TEMPLE "XVI" CD - neo-classical, martial industrial, dark ambient. [Label: Cold Spring] New Zealand 2003

CO3OLT "Nine" CD - Quote from label: "Norwegian trio merging a variety of influences to create a very personal sound. Jazz, lounge music, electronica and a bit of industrial are stirred together into a dark concoction that can only be labelled as autumn music. Exquisite sounds for sophisticated listeners. Ltd. 1000" [Label: Duplicate] Norway 2007

COERCION "Lifework" MCD - Brutal Death Metal [Label: Animate] Sweden 2003

COMA VOID "StormKing Twilight" CD - Furious Death Metal. [Label: Metal Age] USA

CONTEMPLATRON " Antarabhãva / The Six Realms " CD Slim Carton - Quote from label: The Sanskrit word "Antarabhăva" means "the intermediate state" and in particular refers to the state between the death and the moment of the next birth. This is the sonic journey of the soul wandering through the nooks of another worlds. The second part describes the six realms which, according to the Buddhist tradition, symbolizes six destructive emotions: ignorance, hatred, enslaving desire, jealousy, pride and greed. Each track is dedicated to the different emotion and all of them sounds like tunes from the outer space. The cd comes in a cardboard sleeve and is limited to 500 copies. [Label: Wrotycz] Poland 2005

CORE "Through Chaos and Disharmony" CD - Brutal Death Core [Label: Autoprod] Brazil

CORPUS CHRISTII/THE SYRE "F.O.A.D." CD - Split - Black Metal [Label: Sadolust] Portugal 2004

CRUEL HUMANITY "Creatures of Fear" CD - Strange symphonic Black Metal [Label: Shadowflame] 2003

CULT OF DAATH "Under the Cover of the Triumphant Holocaust" CD - The re-release of the two demos of Bestial Black Metal from 2000 and 2001. Limited. [Label: Antinomian] USA 2004

CYCLOTIMIA "Déja vu" CD - Quote: The Moscow project CYCLOTIMIA is not needed to be present. It's albums were released at the cult western electro-industrial labels and also in Russia. It's music were sent even in space. During the period of 9 years there are lot of reviews about this band almost all sites and magazines that are devoted to the electro-industrial music mention CYCLOTIMIA or write articles about it. But you could make your own opinion about it - just listen the CD. All songs from the album were written in 2001 year and were released as two vinyls "Same Time Same Place" and "Metamorphosis" in 2002 year. But were difficult to buy because of the very limited edition. Chronologically the album "Deja Vu" is between "Wasteland" and "E$chaton". The cd was planned to be released at German label Stateart (it's debut album "New Death Order" was also released there) and even was advertised but have released in 2007 year at Shadowplay. The album became 10th numbered one of CYCLOTIMIA. [Label: Shadowplay] Russia 2008

CYCLOTIMIA "Time Bank" CD - post industrial / IDM [Label: Shadowplay] Russia 2009

DAEMONLORD "Of War And Hate..." CD - Fast Black Metal with a distorted voice. Limited to 500 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Heaven Ablaze] Spain 2004

DANISHMENDT "Un Passé Aride" CD Digipack - Excellent Industrial Post Rock bands with lots influences. First project of the singer of Saison de Rouille [Label: Odio Sonoro] France 2010

DARKEST HATE WARFRONT "Satanik Annihilation Kommando" CD - Ultra fast & brutal Black Metal. Known until' now under the name Darkest Hate. [Label: Ketzer] Brazil 2005

DARKEST HOUR "The Prophecy, Fulfilled" CD - Extreme Metal, their first release. [Label: Art Monk Construction] USA

DARRIN VERHAGEN "d/classified" CD - Music for computer games. [Label: Dorobo] Australia 2005

DEAF & DUMB / IMPERIAL FOETICIDE "Uprooted... / Pandemie of people's deacadence" CD - Cult Grindcore from the grind's country [Label: Epidemie] Czech Republic 1999

DEATH YELL "Morbid Rites" CD - Includes their unique demo "Vengeance from Darkness" and a rare live performance! Blasphemous Black/Death metal. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] Chile 2007

DEBODIFIED "Utopia in the eyes of a beast" CD - Brutal Death Metal with gore voice [Label: Comatose] USA 2003

DECAYED "Under Hecate's Spell" CD - Quote from label: This release was supposed to be a MCD but J.A. kept finding old , unreleased songs or songs with different mixes so fast that it turned out to be a massive Decayed collection including tracks from 1991 – 2007. A must to all True Black Metal Cult worshippers. Decayed Plays proudly Lusitanian Black Fucking Metal since 1990!! Artwork by [Label: Sadolust] Portugal 2007

DEMONS OF DIRT "Killer Engine" CD - Extreme Metal with modern elements. [Label: Hammerheart] Sweden

DESCEND "Beyond Thy Realms Of Throes" CD - Ethereal melodic heavy/thrash metal. [Label: Black Lotus] Greece 1998

DEVIATE DAMAEN "Propedeutika Ad Contritionem (Vestram!)" CD - Utterly strange and decadent Gothic/Darkwave. [Label: Avantgarde] Italy 1999

DIES IRAE "Naive" CD - Melodic Death Metal produced by Fredrik Nordström [Label: Oz] 2001

DISMAL "The New Bomb" MCD - New Metal. [Label: n/a] Spain 1998

DO SHASKA ! "Androgyne Haarem" CD - Ambient with redundant rythms & weird samples [Label: Guerilla] 2002

DO SHASKA ! "Bryndystaan Cafe" CD - Experimental ambient with samples of Muslimgauze, limited to 500 copies. [Label: Galerie Gryf]

DRACONIS "Overlords Of The Greying Dawn" CD - Black Metal, fast and melodic. [Label: Dark Realm] USA 1997

DROGHEDA/BRUTAL INSANITY "Split" CD - Brutal Grind [Label: Extremist] USA 2000

E.P.A. "Black Ice" CD - Darrin Verhagen, in tugging on a thread of viciousness which has lain subdued and understated for most of Shinjuku Thief's backcatalog, was surprised to pull up a 42 minute slab of sonic violence which is as unmerciful as it is exquisitely crafted. Under his new power electronics pseudonym 'e.p.a.' we find a finely balanced tension between visceral chaos and deliberate nastiness. If all the Shinjuku Thief albums which preceded it suggest the ghostly existence of a dark world, "black ice" delivers the map, the accelerator and the searing pain upon arrival. Limited edition of 500. [Label: Dorobo] Australia 2004

EGO NOIR "Die Saga" CD - Rerelease of the demo of the same name on pro cd with some extended artwork - Black Metal in Burzum way. [Label: Amortout] Germany 2008

ELENIUM "For Giving - For Getting" CD - Modern, melodic Heavy/Death Metal. [Label: Rage of Achilles] Finland 2003

EMBOLISM "Mindchaos" CD - Death/Grind. [Label: Forensick] Slovakia 2002

EMBRACING "Dreams Left Behind" CD - Melodic Black/Death/Heavy Metal with a member of Nagflar [Label: Thrash Corner] Sweden 2004

EMPTY "The Last Breath of my Mortal Despair" CD - Black Metal. [Label: Blackened Moon] Spain 2005

ENDEZZMA "Alone" MCD - Black Metal. [Label: Agonia] Norway 2007

ENGORGE "Dead... Fuck... Blackness" CD - Black/Death Metal [Label: Dark Horizon] USA 2002

ENTER MY SILENCE "Remotecontrolled Scythe" CD - (Fin) - 2001 - Melodic Death Metal with a modern touch. In the vein of Dark tranquility. [Label: Mighty Music] Finland 2001

EPOCH OF UNLIGHT "What will be has been" CD - Black Metal [Label: The End] USA 1998

ERIC LUNDE "A World Of Hurt In The Kingdom Of God" CD - Quote from label: "Clock says done. Time has come for the new admonishment from Eric Lunde: An inductive sound revolutionist, a founding member of the Milwaukee avant-industrial noise squad Boy Dirt Car, and an acrimonious underground writer & musician with over 40 solo releases dating back to the mid 80's. "A World Of Hurt In The Kingdom Of God" derives its name from a series of 2-ply plastic engravings Lunde did in 2004, The original title being "A World of Hurt in the Kingdom of Gosh". It is primarily a product of the concerns Lunde still have (and expressed in his book "Prison Sex", from which the majority of the text on this album is taken from) with the latent cruelty of humans in regards to their alleged relationship with a fabricated supernatural being and how is it that religious people have to prove nothing, but the atheist ones have to prove everything. So what's there to be found in Lundes' dragnet this time regarding these issues? A dish of sober mischief noise served cold, bubonic industrial and irate sound poetry created in the detrimental corners of the mind where the proof reproduces the intimate bonds of brutality that men create between themselves. Clock says done" [Label: Heart & Crossbone] USA 2011

ETERNAL GREY "Kindless" CD - Melodic Death Metal in the swedish vein [Label: Raven Music] 2002

EVIG NATT "I Am Silence" CD - Gothic metal with some doom/death/black influences and female vocals [Label: Omvina] Norway 2007

EX CALIGA "First Visions" CD - First and last effort from this occult black art band. [Label: Millenium] Finland 2002

EYES OF LIGEIA "A Fever Which Would Cling to Thee Forever" CD - Quote from Paragon : The fourth full-length by Eyes of Ligeia continues where their previous album "What the Moon Brings" left off. Continuing a transformation from a Death/Doom metal band, to an eerie Black Metal band with prominant Doom parts. A bit of a cross between Xasthur, Thergothon, Unholy, and early Ancient Wisdom, while giving a nod to the unique and memorable riffing of the first two Eyes of Ligeia albums. This is an album that promises to be one of the standouts of 2006. [Label: Paragon] 2006

FARSCAPE "Killers on the loose" CD - thrash metal from Rio de Janeiro [Label: Bestial Invasion] Brazil 2006

FIEND "Freezing Funeral Serenades" MCD - Misanthropic black metal. [Label: Art of Propaganda] Germany 2006

FILIVS MACROCOSMI "Сталкер" CD Slim Carton - Quote from label: "Title translates as "Stalker". Inspired by A. Tarkovsky "Stalker" movie (1979). Based on samples from the original movie. Constructed March - May 2006. Limited edition of 500 copies." [Label: OMS] Ukraine 2006

FLAGELLUM DEI "Tormentor... Of The False Creator" CD - Well done antichristian Black Metal in the old way... Limited to 999 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Bloody] Portugal 2004

FLUISTERWOUD "Laat Alle Hoop Varen" CD - super jewel case second full-length and last strike of the Dutch maniacs! [Label: Van] 2009

FORLIS "Tissue of Life" CD - Dark hymns from the soulless. Limited to 1000 copies. Featuring member of Church Bizzare, Cerekloth and Victimizer. [Label: Regimental] Denmark 2010

FOZZY "All that remain" CD - 2005 - Melodic and catchy Heavy Rock [Label: Steamhammer] 2005

FUNERAL GOAT "Mass Ov Perversion" CD - Raw and hateful religious black metal! Side project of two SAURON's members. [Label: Daemon Worship] 2009

FUNERATUS "Storm Of Vengeance" CD - Brutal Evil Death Metal with the drummers of Horned God and Ancestral Malediction. [Label: Mutilation] Brazil 2001

GEISHA "Mondo Dell'Orrore" CD - Quote from C.B. website : Devouring/rebirthing the concept of "noise rock" into something frighteningly beautiful and brutally heavy, GEISHA deliver crushing blasts of impossibly hyperdistorted rock baked in massive frequency overload and massive hooks and melodies and sinister crushing riffs, all of it slathered in filthy throbbing feedback and white noise horror holocaust, like the early 90's alt rock of Isn't Anything-era MY BLOODY VALENTINE and DINOSAUR JR. mashed together with the most brutal sort of Unsane/Am Rep style racket and distortion-drenched psych/noise into a sludgy metallic mass, jamming with a small army of pedal-smashing harsh electronics troglodytes playing awesomely catchy/crushing pop songs buried beneath a hellish storm of skree and amp-blowing fuzz. Terrifying. Beautiful. [Label: Crucial Blast] 2006

GILLA BRUJA "Tooth and nail" CD - (U.K.) - An original mix between Death,Hardcore and indus [Label: Retribute]

GOAT SEMEN "En Vivo en Lima Hell" CD - Live album. Black Metal terror. [Label: From Beyond] Peru 2007

GOETIA "Hail Satan" CD - Fast Black Metal with huge sound for pervert your soul. Really good spirit ! [Label: ISO666] Poland 2001

GRAVE IN THE SKY "Cutlery Hits China: English for the Hearing Impaired" CD - Sludge Doom with prevalent industrial touches. Original and interesting. [Label: Heart & Crossbone] Israel 2007

GRAZED "Every End" CD - (Fr) - 2000 - Death/Thrash [Label: Innate] France 2000

GRIND MINDED "Your suffering will be legendary..." MCD - Groovy Death Metal with brutal passages. [Label: Filthy] Holland 2001

GUIDANCE OF SIN "6106" CD - 2000 - Melodic swedish Death Metal. [Label: Mighty Music] 2000

GURD "Addicted" CD - 1997 - Hardcore/Power Metal [Label: Century Media] 1997

HELLVETRON "Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And It's Infernal Majesties" CD - Quote: A black doom ceremony of death spewing from the Mouth of Hell, Hellvetron's debut full-length ritual emerges through the threshold into a manifestation of obscure hell psalms of death. "Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And It's Infernal Majesties" will be a tribute to the Qliphothic Tree of Death, Seven Hells, and it's infernal hierarchy. This release will be a curse on all who dare to possess this unholy relic. Praise the ten horns upon the seven headed beast. Recommended for diehards of NYOGTHAEBLISZ, diSEMBOWELMENT, NECROS CHRISTOS [Label: Hells Headbangers] USA 2012

HOLLOWING + MAOR APPELBAUM "Collaborating Torture" CD - Quote from Label: "Collaborating Torture is one of the last known recordings made by Matt Gibney AKA Hollowing, who died in January 2006. Gibney, a member of SOIHADTOSHOOTHIM who was also running the important Rectrix label and mail-order, was joined here by the prolific Maor Appelbaum (Grave in the Sky, Poochaltz and Maurizio Bianchi, to name a few) to create a brooding and massive 54 minutes track of dark pitch-black ambient of hypnagogic swirls and industrialized drones. Sometimes subtle, yet mostly haunted and delirious, this is highly recommended if you like Wilt, Murderous Vision, Brighter Death Now, Aidan Baker, Z'ev, Daniel Menche, The Caretaker and John Duncan." [Label: Heart & Crossbone] Israel 2008

HORNCROWNED "The Rise of Satan's Artillery" CD - 2004 - Good hyper fast and morbid Black Metal akt from Colombia [Label: Goat Horned] 2004

I THE WITCH "Nagual" CD Digipack - Drone/Doom/Sludge Metal Nagual is a concept album performed in one song of 43 minutes dealing with a real story of a Romanian (Roumanian) charmer and enchantress burnt alive in the Second World War in the infamous Bogdanovka-Camp during the holocaust. People from those poor villages never forgot and forgiven. They believe she is still flying with her spirit. And the revenge will come. [Label: Astromaster] Italy 2011

IN MEDITARIUM "The Great Limbo" CD Digipack - Quote from label: In Meditarivm is an Ukrainian apocalyptic ritual & dark ambient project organized in 2000 by Olegh Kolyada known by his projects First Human Ferro, Ostarbeiter and Oda Relicta. The albums like “Les Fleurs du Mal” and “Uterus” outlined the old school approach of the project clearly influenced by highlights of Morthound, Ildfrost, ConSono or Archon Satani. "The Great Limbo" is based on the re-engineered early works selectively crafted anew in summer 2009 at Olegh's Oda Relicta home studio. An elusory history of the project proceeds with a special Wrotycz Records release. The record, accompanied by a talented artwork of Kati Astraeir, comes as a limited to 500 copies 4-panel UV-varnished digipack with a poster. [Label: Wrotycz] Ukraine 2010

INCRIMINATED "Kings of Misery" CD - Really good Hellhammer/Venom worship, this is the best release of the band. [Label: From Beyond] Finland 2004

INHUMAN HATE "Merciless Misanthropic" CD - Depressive and hateful Black Metal. [Label: Obscure Abhorrence] Germany 2008

INSAINTIFICATION "Diseased" CD - Thrash/Death Metal. [Label: Kill Again] Brazil 2007

INTROVERTED VIOLENCE "Drunk Dead End" MCD - For fans of MOTÖRHEAD, NASHVILLE PUSSY, and all kind of noising speeding music under cocaïne! Sounds like a beginning of night in a junkies full municipal toilets, THIS IS FUCKIN' ROCK AND ROLL! Limited to 500 copies. [Label: Overstage Imperator] France 2009

IVES / AMORT "split" CD - IVES from Florida mixing d-beat crust, punk and black metal. When DOOM copulate with DARK THRONE! This split is the reissue of the tape demo "Burial of the Modernized Soulless" AMORT from Seattle play a beautiful mix between NORTT and CORRUPTED. After many demo, split tape and one LP "Winter Tale". AMORT presents a new track "In Bed With Decay" on the theme of the Sequester of Poitiers. Guest members of Shining Ones (Sludge doom - Seattle) and The Comfort Wives (Sludge doom - Seattle). Very promising! [Label: Boue] USA 2010

KARBONIZED TRAITOR "Take it in the Ass" CD - Quote from the label :"SADO CYBER PUNK METAL !!!! This is some fucking Black n'Roll, full of blasphemies, sex and bad taste !!!! Includes some covers of Impaled Nazarene, Loudpipes, Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin !!" [Label: Forgotten Wisdom] France 2006

KHAOS AEON "Exitus" CD - Recording in 2009, including a Dissection cover. [Label: Fog of the Apocalypse] Germany 2011

KORPSE "Mirror Distance" CD - A collection of old demos and rare tracks - Old school raw Death Metal with a rock n' roll touch [Label: Aphelion] United Kingdom 2005

KRUMKACH "Black Visions of Hatred" CD - Ultra Raw Black Metal limited to 666 copies. [Label: Nomos Dei] Russia 2008

LABATUT "Yeomanly" CD - Black Metal. [Label: Asgard] Brazil 2004

LEGACY "Pain for the masses" CD - Thrashy Death Metal [Label: Autoprod]

LILYUM "Nothing is mine" CD - Quote from label: "Active since 2002, having already put out a long list of CDr and tape/demo only releases, this is Lilyum’ first pro-CD release. Although it is inspired by modern War Black Metal style, Lilyum create music that is intensely original in it’s orientation : thumping violent drum-war-machine, hyperblasting guitar riffs, brutally abrasive voice from beyond create a demonic wall-noise and blasted atmosphere perfectly orchestrated by multi-instrumentalist Kosmos Reversum. The nine-song “Nothing is mine” will bring you in a magisterial earth-shaking journey of your most wildly mind abandonment." [Label: Dusktone] Italy 2011

LUCIFUGUM "Stigma Egoism" CD - (Ukr) - 2004 - Black Metal. [Label: Drakkar] Ukraine 2004

LUNA AD NOCTUM "Dimness profound" CD - (pol) - 2001 - symphonic dark metal with high pitched vocals, few copies in stock [Label: Golden lake] Poland 2001

LUX FERRE "Antichristian War Propaganda" CD - Fast and aggressive Black Metal in the vein of Marduk. [Label: Ketzer] Portugal 2004

MALEDICTIVE PIGS "Bloodshed" CD - Their Third Album, Death Metal is their law. [Label: Cudgel] Germany 2001

MANATARK "Chaos Engine" CD - (Est) - 2003 - Melodic BLack/Death Metal [Label: Metal Age] 2003

MARE DI DIRAC "Tupilac" CD - Quote from label: "Mare Di Dirac are an Italian collective who create lo-fi, morbid, and sometimes ritual based sound that mix together elements field recordings, natural reverb, human voices, subtle electronics, and selection of instrumental / percussion matter taking in: old church organ, didgeridoo, Tibetan bells, marine trumpet, rain drum & other elements. Their sound falls somewhere between crude ritual ambience, murky grim drone matter, and dark ‘n’ dank sound art.” (Musique Machine Web Zine) The ancient Greenlandic inuit’s legends spoke about Tupilak (or Tupilaq) as an assembly of various objects frabricated by shamanism for ritualistic chants. This type of symbology brings to mind the fundamental concept of additive synthesis and union of various elements in the mixing process. The compositional phases are the result of a long ritualistic process where any sound’s element are arranged to recreate the solid form of Tupilak. TUPILAK is based on unusual method of composition, using particular kinds of instruments like: Marine trumpet, Waterphone, Gong, Didgeridoo & other ritualistic instruments and mixing with digital sound of granular synthesis & minimal noise of various analog electronic elements. The recording techniques are made so as to generate a total immersion into the resonant body of instruments, to give to the listener a deep perception of sound waves." [Label: Dusktone] Italy 2014

MERCILESS CRUCIFIXION "Aipesis" MCD - Unholy Black/Death Metal in the vein of Deströyer 666 and Bestial Warlust. Excellent. [Label: BlackSeed] Greece 2006

MIRRORTHRONE "Carriers of dust" CD - Melodic Black/Death with orchestral parts [Label: Red Stream] Switzerland 2006

MOLJEBKA PVLSE "Zojo" CD Digipack - Quote from label: "The Moljebka Pvlse album Zojo was recorded during the Mathias studies at the Royal Institute of Art. He was inspired by the longest night of the year in Stockholm, the day when there is almost no daylight. His ambition was to make an acoustic album of minimal music without any musical instruments. Moljebka Pvlse setup long nylon strings across his entire studio at school, which he then plucked and bowed and recorded with his favorite contact microphones on that very night. These recordings became the fundament of the album and set the tone for the rest of the work. Moljebka Pvlse are very grateful for the contribution by the Japanese artist Michiko Kashiba on this album." [Label: Dusktone] Italy 2010

MORDAEHOTH "Eens weer Prevaleert het Heidens Hart " CD Digipack - A5 Digipack Quote: After the ritual number of nine years since the release of the ‘Bloedwraak’ debut CD MORDAEHOTH returns from the fog-veiled swamps of the pagan lowlands to present their new ful-length album. Carved, burnt and built during these nine years, ‘Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart’ offers the ultimate grim Pagan Black Metal opus from the Netherlands: long and dark warhymns blending utter melancholy over lost ages with flaming hatred for the postmodern world.. and pride in taking action AGAINST it! In a truly overcrowded scene we agree that MORDAEHOTH deserves your attention by standing out with a mix Pagan and Black with influences of dark-folk and added athmosphere by keyboard and clear vocals. [Label: New Era] Netherlands 2010

MORTAL COMBAT "Hello?!Fukk You! Thank you!" CD - Great mix between 70's punk/rock and a grind riped voice. [Label: Thrash Steady Syndicate] Indonesia

MORTUARY I.O.D. "Distorded Massacre : Fear the Madness" CD - Funny and original Grind [Label: FSR] Holland

MR. DEATH "DeathSuitsYou" MCD - Classic Swedish Death metal featuring members from Treblinka & Tiamat. [Label: Agonia] Sweden 2010

N.CH. "Androgynus" CD - Weird disturbed noise from ecuador with some alcoholic metal passages [Label: Gomorrah] Ecuador 2002

N.CH. "Pornoboros" CD - Weird punk noise from ecuador [Label: Gomorrah] Ecuador 2001

N.I.L "Neglect.Forget.Remember" MCD Digipack - N.I.L. stands for: Nihilism Is Liberation. Great project featuring Imperial from Krieg. [Label: Regimental] USA 2011

NECROCULT "s/t" CD - Intense, fast and powerfull black/Death Metal with a demoniac feeling. [Label: Snakebite] France 2003

NEFORMAT "Breathe with Hatred" CD - Death Metal. [Label: Blacksmith] 2005

NEOBLAST COMPILATION 2 "Quebec Invasion" CD - CD - (Que) - UG Compil Death Metal with 20 bands : Neuraxis, Ademine, Blastfame, Atheretic, Versus Chaos, Unhuman, Spasme... An ensemble of brutality and technicity. [Label: Neoblast]

NEOLITH "Immortal" CD - Melodic Death Metal. [Label: The Flaming Arts] Poland 2004

NIGHT IN GALES "Necrodynamic" CD - Melodic Thrash/Death Metal. [Label: Massacre] Germany 2001

NOISM "+" CD Digipack - Quote from Crucial Blast "The first real release from the Japanese glitch/shred duo Noism, following their appearance on the Relapse compilation Drummachinegun and a series of demos. Formed by guitarist Yoshiro Hamazaki and programmer Tomoyuki Akiyama in 1999 in Tokyo, Noism focuses on ridiculously complex and spastic death/grind instrumentals using programmed drums that are cut up and spliced back together into impossible rhythms, a million brain-melting riffs and dissonant shredding, all of which is chopped up and processed into abstract death blasts that defy physics. This twelve-song, twenty-one minute disc features a unique, glitched-out chop shop of Planet Mu-style beats delivered at truly meth'd levels of chaos fused with sweeping technical death metal. Insane. Highly recommended for fans of extreme, way-out avant-guitar spazz and absurdly technical deathgrind. " [Label: Crucial Blast] Japan

NORDMEN "s/t" MCD - French sung Black Metal. [Label: Nykta] Canada 2010

NUCLEAR WAR NOW! "NWN Fest Vol.I" CD - Quote from label: "This compilation was originally released at the NWN Fest in Berlin on November 13th and 14th on vinyl, now available on CD with a slightly different track list. All tracks are exclusive or rare recrodings. Blasphemophagher “lights of white prosphorous” Blasphemophagher “nuclear war now!” Revenge “lamb” Ares kingdom “ironclad” Hellias “beat of flame” (Reh 89 version) Villains “smell the snarl” Morbosidad “culto a la muerte” Embrace of thorns “holiness expired” Ignivomous “the burning equinox” (Album session recording) Terrorama “apocalypsa” Midnight “berlin is burning”" [Label: Nuclear War Now!] USA 2009

OBEISANCE "Lucifer Master" CD - [Label: Embrace my Funeral] USA 2002

OCULTAN "Atombe Unkuluntu" CD - Southern American Black Metal, total desecration and anti-christian madness! [Label: Free Mind] Brazil 2010

OLEMUS "EgOd" CD - (Austria) - 2002- Melodic Indus Metal with powerful sound [Label: CCP] 2002

OLIGARQUIA "Humanavirus" CD - Really good mid-tempo Death Metal, heavy & powerful as hell ! In the vein of Bolt Thrower to give you an idea. [Label: Mutilation] Brazil

ORDO SANGUINIS NOCTIS "In the Black Tomb of Time" CD - First full length from this new polish Black Metal act. Limited to 666 copies. [Label: Putrid Cult] Poland 2015

PAGAN RITES "Preachers From Hell" MCD - Quote from label: "PAGAN RITES was born anno Sathanas 1991 by the former members of AUTOPSY TORMENT, the front man DEVIL LEE ROT and Sexual Goat Licker. During the years there have been a lot of member changes and worth to mention is that Hellbutcher and Tyrant of Nifelhiem was in the band on the release "MARK OF THE DEVIL". The “Preachers From Hell” was recorded at the Sonic Train Studios with Stefan Karlsson (ex-Soul Reaper) and was mastered by Andy LaRoque (King Diamond). Killer old school Black/Thrash!" [Label: Unexploded Records] Sweden 2011

PAPERCUT HOMICIDE "From Filth comes grace" CD - Featuring members of the widely acclaimed (and now sadly defunct) Red Sky, and current members of Nemo, Papercut Homicide create a devastating attack on the senses, with influences drawn from the entire spectrum of extreme music. Imagine a lethal concoction of Cephalic Carnage, Dillinger Escape Plan, Pig Destroyer and Acid Bath and you can soon see that this is one record that will floor anyone within a ten mile radius [Label: Retribute] 2002

PENETRALIA "Seelenkrank" CD - (Ger) - 2000 - Atmospheric Death metal [Label: Last Episode] Germany 2000

PERDITOR "in signo suo" CD - Brutal and sick satanic black metal. Limited to 1000 copies [Label: Ordealis] Netherlands 2003

PHALLUS DEI "Nature Morte" CD - Industrial/Darkwave [Label: Paragoric]

PHD² "Resource" CD - "PHD2' s successor ( to their critically acclaimed debut album Universum from 1996 ), offers six new dark ambient tracks for your nocturnal listening pleasure. Your personal guide to the darkest innerself. Distant, floating soundcollages weave in and out over a subharmonic, pulsating bassdrum as your vibrating woofer reminds you of LUSTMORDs deepest releases. Technoid, repeating synthpatterns blend in with subtle, minimal melodies, while contemporary beat programming underlined with cinematic soundscapes evoke an atmosphere thats vaguely reminiscent of BIOSPHERE or MOUSE ON MARS." [Label: Dark Vinyl]

POGOST / AZAGHAL / DECAYED "Bringers of Black Death" CD - Quote: Collaboration of finnish AZAGHAL, portugal DECAYED and russian POGOST. Black triumvirate which bring Black Death to mankind! Handnumbered limited to 666 copies. [Label: Cold Breath Of Silence] 2011

PRIMIGENIUM "Intolerance" CD - Excellent Black fukkin' Metal [Label: Drakkar] Spain 2002

PROFUNDIS "Nokturn" CD - Effective Black/Death Metal with a huge sound. [Label: Diachell] Poland 2006

PROGRAM 4 "Loading Devastation" CD Digipack - Fast and synthetic indus BM. [Label: The Oath]

PSICORRAGIA "La pasion de lo mortal" CD - Melodic Death Metal with keyboard [Label: American line] Mexico 2001

PSYKOTISK / VREDGAD "split" CD - Swedish Black Metal. Both projects feature members of ORNIAS. Limited to 1000 copies. [Label: Regimental] Sweden 2009

PUSTULATION / LIGFAERD "Into the Abyss / Af Råddent Blod Og Ilde Mod" CD - 100% danish black death split with raw sound. [Label: Ancient Darkness] Denmark 2011

RELLIK "Deceive The Deceiving" MCD - (Usa) - 2004 - Ferocious Thrash Metal with huge sound. [Label: Metal War] USA

RETALIATORY "Retaliatory Attack" CD - Death Metal [Label: Kill Again] Brazil 2006

RIBSPREADER "Rotten Rhythms and Rancid Rants" CD - This is the real rancid death of RIBSPREADER. On this album we have compiled all unreleased stuff we've done of the past years, mostly songs that never made it onto the albums as they were too dirty, raw or just plain fucking ugly. Here you'll find demos for supposed album songs, songs supposed for cancelled ep's and splits aswell as bunch of live tracks dirty enough to peel your skin off. To get the best out of this brutal slab of filth the legendary Dan Swano has mastered all the songs and made the sound reek of the old swedish styled death metal sound. [Label: Obliteration] 2006

RUE / ALDEBARAN "Split" CD - Lim. to 1000 copies. Quote from PR website : 4 new tracks from each band. Rue is southern, sludgy harcore from Ohio and has members of Fistula and x-Sofa King Killer. ALDEBARAN is sludge/doom from Portland, OR, and features x- Tusks of Blood and H.C.Minds. [Label: Parasitic] USA 2004

SADISTIC GRIMNESS "Vicious Torture" CD - The three demos gathered... Fast Black Metal [Label: Infernus] Sweden

SALTUS "Triumf" CD - melodic Pagan Black Metal with some Death Metal influencies. [Label: Eastside] Poland 2009

SANATORIUM "Internal Womb Cannibalism" CD - CD - (Sk) 2002 - Brutal Death Metal 10 tracks and one intro & outro. [Label: Forensick] 2002

SATANIZER "War Cult Domain" CD - Extreme, fast Black Metal with a modern production. [Label: Goat Horned] Colombia 2005

SATURNIAN MIST "Repellings" MCD - First EP of this occult finnish band now on CD version. Three tracks of loud and grimy black metal! [Label: Descending Towards Damnation] Finland 2009

SCENT OF FLESH "Roaring Depths Of Insanity" CD - (Fin) - 2002 - Brutal melodic Death Metal. [Label: Black Lotus] Finland 2002

SCENT OF FLESH "Valor In Hatred" CD - (Fin) - 2003 - Brutal Death Metal. [Label: Firebox] Finland 2003

SCRATCHING SOULS "War Experience" CD - Melodic Black Metal [Label: Stygian Crypt] Russia 2003

SCREENING "Low End" CD - Solo project by Maor Appelbaum, reaching the upper exremites of the avant-garde and atmpospheric genres... [Label: Maor Applebaum]

SEASICK "Bestie Mensch" CD - CD - (ger) - 1998 - Grindcore with good slimy grooves [Label: PWP] 1998

SEIRIM "Empire of the dead" CD - (Ger) - 1996 - Death Metal [Label: Cudgel] Germany 1996

SEPHYROTH "The winter holocaust" CD - Raw anti-human Black Metal. [Label: Sardonic Wrath] Canada 2005

SHADOWCAST "Desperate Accuse Dimension" CD - (Austria) - 2002 - Electro/Metal [Label: CCP] 2002

SICKBAG "Bushido Codex" CD - Modern Metal, with an hardcore voice and a grinding one, between these two styles. [Label: Deformeathing] France 2006

SKON "At the end of a journey" CD - Doom metal including a Katatonia cover, limited to 500 copies. [Label: Hexencave] Slovakia 2010

SOMNIVORE "Clergy of Oneiros" CD - Eclectic and Spiritual Industrialized Ambient. [Label: Anima Arctica] Finland 2007

SOMNUS "Awakening the crown" CD - (U.S.A.) - 1999 - Epic Black/Dark Metal with heavy parts [Label: Root-O-Evil] 1999

SOULLESS / EXSECRATOR "Inheritance Of The Wicked Empire" CD - Split - Brutal Death Metal. [Label: Eyes of the Dead] Pol/Ita 2005

SPINECAST "Disease of worthlessness" CD - Fast and technical Death Metal [Label: Spinecast] USA 1999

STORM LEGION "The Eye of the Prophet" CD - Cold, sinister and raw Black Metal with Horrendus from Corpus Christii. [Label: Goatowar] Portugal 2005

STORMBRINGER "Abandon Hope" CD - Melodic Black Metal with blasting parts [Label: Enemy Star] USA 1999

STUMM "I" CD - Killer Sludge Doom mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Khlist). [Label: Aesthetic Death] Finland 2006

STURM "Krakatoa" CD - Martial Dark metal with progressives influences [Label: Godz Greed] Germany 2000

SYKDOM "Intet Liv" CD - Fast Black Metal using drum machine with atmospheric parts. [Label:] Norway 2004

SYRACUS "Sleeping Thermostats" MCD - One of the finest acts to come out of Norway in recent years and possibly the release we’re most proud of yet! Syracus are like a glimpse into the prog past set in a pop/rock presence. Influenced by the likes of Radiohead, Anekdoten, Seigmen, Pink Floyd etc., this five-piece delivers some of the most amazing songs you'll ever hear. Ltd. 1000 [Label: Duplicate] 2005

TEOFOBIA "La Venganza de las Bestias" CD - THRASH DEATH METAL!!! [Label: American line] Chile 2010

THE DAY OF THE BEAST "Relentless Demonic Intrusion" CD - Cover by Joe Petagno. [Label: Canonical Hours] USA 2012

Wastelands" CD - Debut stuff from promising psyhedelic doom disciples. 38 minutes of raw deep slow stoned tunes with underground atmosphere. Recommended for fans of Electric Wizard,Sleep,Ramesses. [Label: Pestis Insaniae] Russia 2011

THE STONE "Tragom Hromoga Vuka" CD - Black Metal. [Label: Wolfcult] Serbia 2003

THEATRE OF THE MACABRE "A paradise of flesh and blood" CD - (U.S.A.) - 2000 - Theatrical Black/Death [Label: Root of All Evil] 2000

THERMAL PULSE "Cult of Enchanted Rage" MCD - [Label: Antichristian Front] Norway 2008

THRONEUM "Decade of Necrostuprumical Madness" CD - 23 tracks compilation gathering all numerous ep's, split ep's, covers, of this great bestial Black/Death/Thrash band. [Label: Deathgasm] Poland 2006

THY KINGDOM COME "Through Bleeding Eyes" CD - Brutal, crushing metalcore featuring ex-members of Raiden, Unite and Nadir. Essential for fans of Full Blown Chaos, Hatebreed and Sworn Enemy. [Label: Retribute] UK 2005

TODESSTOß "Stelldichein" CD - One of the stranger Black Metal band ever. [Label: n/a] Germany 2006

TOXODETH "Demons Black Metal Demons" CD - DIRTY THRASH BLACK. Demos recorded 1991, 1992, 2003 [Label: American line] Mexico 2011

TROGLODYTE/AS A RIVER/ SICK SAD WORLD "Split CD" CD - Special packaging Brutal Death/Death Metal/grind. Split CD released in a DVD case. [Label: Obskure Sombre] Canada 2004

TVANGESTE "Firestorm" CD - Epic Symphonic Black Metal [Label: World Chaos] Russia 2003

VASTION "Closed Eyes To Nothing" CD - Brutal grinding Technical Death Metal. [Label: Retribute] USA 2000

VEMOTH "Köttkroksvals" CD - Quote from TOD's website : Formed at the end of 2004, Swedish band VEMOTH received excellent reviews for this debut album, Incredible Swedish Black Metal, very well composed with a melodic touch.Influences/ like: DISSECTION, AMON AMARTH, WATAIN, SATYRICON, ARCKANUM. [Label: Temple Of Darkness] Sweden 2006

VEMOTH "The Upcoming End" CD Digipack - Swedish anti-christian black metal, sounds in the way of MARDUK, DARK FUNERAL, DISSECTION. [Label: Unexploded Records] Sweden 2009

VERGE "To Rest the Last Time in Our Filth" MCD - 2nd opus for this underground horde! [Label: Saturnian] Finland 2008

VIDHARR "Eclipse" CD - With Hell-10-Kabbalus as vocalist Track No. 1 composed by Emanuele Telli from Consummatum Est M. Fabban and Svafnir vocals on Irrlicht CD including a logo sticker. [Label:] Italy 2009

VINTERRIKET "Zwischen Den Jahren" MCD Digipack - Special Packaging This cult alpine mehancoholic and prolific act is back! MCD released on a EP sheet including 3 artwork card with the lyrics printed on. [Label: Sturmklang] Switzerland 2010

VOLITION "Volition" CD - Quote: The full-length album of this British gang delivers eight songs of punishing sick Doom that consist in ultra heavy downtuned guitars, slow pounding drums, guttural vocals (from deep grunts, to fucked up screams) and an excellent dirty, yet crushing production! This hour of filth has been recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio 1in12 by Bri (Lazarus Blackstar) and is recommended for fans of Coffins, Corrupted, Winter, Noothgrush, Toadliquor… [Label: Totalrust] United Kingdom 2008

VOLKIEN BLUCHT "To Consume the Darkness Whole" CD - Black Metal [Label: Graveless Slumber] USA 2002

VON SIRIUS "The Mystical Doktryn of Spiritual Accomplishment" CD - French gothic / dark metal. [Label: Nihil Voces Productions] France 2004

WAR "We Are... Total War" CD - Primitive and brutal Black Metal. CULT! [Label: Orion] Sweden 2001

WAY TO END "Various Shades of Black" CD - Musique complexe, mélodies torturées avec une grande variété de voix, un étrange sentiment de ne pas savoir ce qui va arriver, un malaise qui ne vous quittera pas, même après la dernière note jouée. Unique. [Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre] France 2013

WICKED INNOCENCE "Worship" CD - Very strange metal with an alternance of growling death metal and clean vocals. [Label: Headfucker] USA 1999

WOLD "Badb" CD Digipack - Originally released on cassette in 2004 in a limited edition of 100 copies, Badb is one of the earliest releases from the Saskatchewan-based black metal/noise duo Wold. The nine tracks featured here revolve around the mythology of the war goddess, the spectre of doom that lurks at the edge of the battlefield, and begins at the heart of a roiling black blizzard and proceeds through a charred nightmare soundscape of icy corroded black metal riffs, fractured blasting, melancholic melodies blurred and smeared into malevolent new shapes, and scathing distorted witch-screams ripping through the blackness, all doused and drowned in Merzbowian levels of feedback and distortion abuse. Now presented on Cd for the first time, this early swarm of Wold's psychotropic black metal/noise terror comes with all-new artwork from Pippi Zornoza. The short introduction "Her Voice I" thrusts the listener into thew midst of a brutal blizzard, roaring wind whipping gusts of snow, blinding sheets of frozen ice filling the air, and then it suddenly stops, cut off as the band jerks into the title track, a hellish buzzing storm of painfully strained and shredded screams, droning bass, and dreary guitar notes all swept up in a violent Merbowian blizzard of distortion. On many of these tracks, it appears that they didn't even use drums, but on others like "Nine Virgions Of Badb", pounding blastbeats hammer away in the background, almost totally obscured by the white noise and deformed howl of the massively blown-out guitar. Most of the time the guitar is a monstrous hollowed-out wall of buzzing, but sometimes an actual black metal riff takes shape, a simple, sometimes surprisingly catchy riff churning in all of the high-end fuzzed out chaos, slipping in and out of focus or morphing into a weird chiming, almost "poppy" melody as the band's wall of black noise shifts in intensity. On other tracks (such as "The Wind Shall Carry Her Message" and "Evocation Of Badb"), the in-the-red distortion becomes so extreme that the sound seems to break apart completely, crumbling into glitchy noise and scraped guitar skree before coming back together into another swarming blacknoise assault, or else dissolving into pure industrial noise and feedback. [Label: Crucial Blast] Canada 2012

WOLF "Omnes Tenebras " CD Digipack - Anti-religious Black Metal - Digisleeve limited to 500 handnumered [Label: Blood War] Mexico 2012

WOUNDS "Chaos Theory" CD - Heavy as fuck Death Metal. [Label: Bestial Burst] Finland 2002

XERION "Nocturnal Misantropia" CD - Epic Black Metal. [Label: Schwarzdorn] Spain 2008

ZARATHUSTRA "Heroic Zarathustrian Heresy" MCD - Black Metal mid tempo with some Heavy touches. [Label: Undercover] Germany 1999

ZUBROWSKA "Family Vault" CD - Disturbed modern Death Metal, original, technical... [Label: Xtreem music] France 2005

ZWARTKETTERIJ "Sodomizer dirty Sodomizer" CD - Hellish Black/Thrask Metal with alcoholic tunes. [Label: Goatowar] 2005

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5,90 € only :

ABIGAIL "Forever street metal bitch" CD - Black/Thrash Metal - Reissue with new cover art and reworked layout with silver ink! - [Label: Drakkar] Japan 2009

ABIGAIL "Welcome All Hell Fuckers" CD - Reissue of the 2001 EP including seven bonus tracks. Come on fuckerz, black/trash onslaught in your cuntz! [Label: Drakkar] Japan 2010

ABISMO 666 / BLACK MISANTHROPY / ABISMO DE LUCIFER / DEUS EM CHAMAS "Nas Chamas Abismais em Misantropia Luciferiana " CD - Compilation inclunding four of the most promising Black Metal bands from Brazil. [Label: Voz da Morte] Brazil 2017

AD ARMA "Völkermord" CD - Quote: A bittercold, nihilistic and misanthropic warfare in the name of negativity is presented here. After the demo "Stalingrad", AD ARMA present here their first CD album. The recordings were done in late October 2009 in a special studio. From slow grieving deathfully melodies up to a fast bullet flying war ceremony the music materializes the cruel face of winterwar. Under the banner of war, hate and blasphemy a landscape of blood freezing nihilism was created here. Intollerant Antihuman Black Metal Warfare meets the point of what AD ARMA have done here. A cold atmosphere of war empathy. The release is limited to 500. [Label: Dunkelheit] Germany 2010

AFFLICTION GATE "Shattered Ante Mortem Illusions" CD - Killer old school death metal! 4-tracks mini cd. [Label: Metal Inquisition] France 2012

AKHKHARU "Celebratum" CD - Highly enigmatic, Aeonic dark ritual ambient sound sculptures of a spiritually disturbing nature. An audial ceremonial ritual temple of extreme Nightside Occult cosmology. "Celebratum", the long-awaited debut CD release of former Dark Age Productions and Ishnigarrab Recordings artist AKHKHARU, comprises remixed, remastered, as well as exclusive newly reworked material sourced from the DAT masters of the AKHKHARU project's three scarce cassette releases, originally issued in 1995 and 1996. The 73 minute audio CD comes factory sealed and includes a 12 page booklet of sigil artwork printed in metallic silver ink on Midnight Black paper with a unique, semi-translucent outer vellum cover. [Label: Silcharde] USA 2013

ALTAR OF PERVERSION / MORDAHEOTH / DER BLUTHARSCH "Tributo a Der Blutharsch" CD - CD edition of the rare vinyl 10”. Besides the covers of the Der Bluharsch tracks both bands did, you will also find the original tracks by Der Blutharsch on this one, making it a very lengthy CD. This album will appeal to both Black/Pagan Metal fans as well as those of DER BLUTHARSCH. Limited to 999 copies. Black silkscreened print on heavy black paper cover make this an absolute jewel in every collection! [Label: New Era] 2011

AN "World Minus Population" CD - Anti-human modern mid tempo Black/Death Metal with dark ambient parts inkorporated to the musik. [Label: Plague] Finland 2004

ANIMUS "Hallucinations: Ideals Surrounding Water, Sand, and Clouds of Dust " CD - Depressive Black Metal [Label: Ars Magna] Israel 2008

ARGHARUS "Pleištas" CD Digipack - Black Metal with ambient influences and a DSBM like voice. Great artwork indeed... Killer stuff! [Label: Inferna Profundus Records] Lithuania 2009

AS ALL DIE "Time of War and Conflict" CD - Ethereal Ambient with some accoustic intruments, a narrative voice, sometimes more melodic, but always melancholic... Whole ensemble is based on WWI and all that's create. [Label: Crowd Control] USA 2001

ATARA / MISERABLE FAILURE "Hang Them" CD Digipack - Split album of these two french grind acts. [Label: Kaotoxin] France 2014

ATOMIC AGGRESSOR "Rise of the Ancient Ones" CD - Skin-gnawing, ancient RIFF-ORIENTED death/thrash! Previously bootlegged several years ago, this is an official release compiling this obscure cult Chilean bands demos from 1989-1991 plus previously unreleased bonus tracks! Unreserved, uncompromising, unpolished death/thrash sure to appeal those destroyed by the barbaric blitzkrieg of DEATH YELL and the more meticulous violence of countrymates PENTAGRAM as well as other South American champions like MUTILATOR, SARCOFAGO, and cult SEPULTURA. [Label: Hells Headbangers] CHILE 2008

ATUM "Agorafobia" CD - Great Special packaging - Claustrophobic and oppressive dark Ambiant [Label: Beast Of Prey] Czech Republic 2006

AVSKY "Mass Destruction" CD - True Black Metal with some burzumish influences. [Label: Humanitys Plague] Sweden 2007

BAHIMIRON "Pure Negativism : In Allegiance With Self Wreckage" CD - Fast and raw Black Metal. [Label: Aura Mystique] USA 2006

BERKOWITZ "Sent To Dominate" CD - Again, death/black/grind advocates BERKOWITZ are calling for resistance against any kind of oppression. With its raw sound and critical lyrics their brute genre bastard “Sent To Dominate” creates an unsettling atmosphere which turns all the anger and frustration about today’s society into pure musical destruction. [Label: Gravity Entertainment] Germany 2012

BETHLEHEM "A Sacrificial Offering to the Kingdom of Heaven in a Cracked Dog's Ear" CD - [Label: Red Stream] Germany 2009

BLACK BEAST / BLOODHAMMER "Unholy Finnish Black Horror Union" CD - Dirty old-school Black Metal, rotten to the bones. Very pleasant split. [Label: Primitive Reaction]

BLACK HATE "The Glorious Moments" CD - [Label: Embrace my Funeral] Mexico 2012

BLOODREAPING "Feasting The Weak" CD - Brutal Death Metal with Antimo of Disgorge and Impiety. [Label: Emerald City] 2001

CELESTIA "Dead Insecta Sequestration" CD - comes in slipcase with gold ink - Raw Black Metal, includes 7 bonus tracks from a live in Holland (2002). [Label: Apparitia] France 2008

CHANT "Cynthia's Fire" CD - pop/metal. [Label: n/a] Finland

COLD BODY RADIATION "A clear path" CD Digipack - Quote from label: "”A Clear Path” is a deeply personal work of loss, honesty and hope. A new focus on songs structure and personal lyrics. Cut from the roots and stylistic restrains of black metal COLD BODY RADIATION is now free to soar new highs and lows. All they want to do is make new music and set their own standards even higher. The depth and quality is tangible in every hair-raising moment, it is honest, textured sound and far more beautiful than a description can attest. ”A clear path” is the soundtrack to your inner growth, and should be approached with caution." [Label: Dusktone] Netherlands 2014

CORPUS CHRISTII "The Torment Continues" CD - Excellent fourth full-length of this now well-known horde. Cold and grim Black Metal, violent and depressive enhanced by a huge production. Drums done by Necromorbus from Funeral Mist. [Label: Undercover] Portugal 2005

CRUCIFIED MORTALS "Crucified Mortals" CD - Get ready to be hit in the face with an iron fist of thrash metal insanity... after ten years of several EP and demo outputs, Crucified Mortals release their first full-length album. Comprised of eleven horror tales transcribed into metallic hymns the album continues the bands' own appalling sound with arguably their best material to date. A truly unique style of well-played and evil fucking thrash with hints of death metal that showcases a diverse range sure to satisfy the ear's craving for speed, heavy and memorable riffing complimented with harsh angry vocals and pounding drums. Hammer the nails & thrash 'til fucking death! [Label: Hells Headbangers] USA 2011

D9 "Self Titled" CD - Quote from label: "Named after one of the most imaginative and infamous key roles in the Israeli occupation, D9 is as merciless as this monstrous bulldozer, ramming reality in its' forehead with their post apocalyptic hectic predictions, directed towards the Israeli state and the worlds' systematic moral corruption, fueling their fury with an offensive portion of old school hardcore punk, and generating this boiling wrath into an original crushing blend of sly grindcore and bare boned power violence hostility, with a fair amount of devastating sludgy riffage and obscure electronic noise intervals to make their squashing sound even more quirky and disturbing." [Label: Heart & Crossbone] Israel 2009

DAGON "In Desolationem Per Nefandum" CD - Black metal, including VASAELETH's drummmer. [Label: Fire of Fire] USA 2008

DARK REMAINS "Death Manifestation" CD - Interesting ug death metal which is still stuck on the ancient graves of real death [Label: Cleansweep] Netherlands 2002

DARK SANCTUARY "L'être las - L'envers du miroir" CD - Medieval Ambient Dark Music [Label: Wounded Love] France 2002

DARRIN VERHAGEN "Black Frost" CD - If 'black ice' delivered the 'searing pain upon arrival' to the black|mass trilogy, 'black frost' serves as something of a gently uncomfortable antidote. Bordered by lowercase, delicate electroacoustic, sinecore and glitch terrain, frost presents material considered, precise yet modest in tone. [Label: Dorobo] Australia 2004

DEAD CONSPIRACY "Gore Drenched Legacy" CD - Re-release of the 5 demos of the band (from 87 'till 89) + 2 live tracks. Crazy gore Thrash/Death Metal! [Label: Hells Headbangers] USA 2006

DEAD SEASON "Dusting The Rust" CD Digipack - Quote from band: Here is the Dead Season new EP, four tracks issued from additionnal recording sessions of "From Rust to Dust". Featuring "Zonbies Are Swinging", recorded for the "All inclusive" album of the "Simon Fache Big Backing Band" with a jazz Big Band. Killer! [Label: n/a] France 2014

DEATH REALITY "Blasphemous Bleeding" CD - (Ger) - 2001 - Brutal Death Metal. [Label: Remission] Germany 2001

DEATHCRUSH "Mutilating The Christian Faith" CD - Furious lacerating Death Metal, evil ultra-fast assault, nuclear war has begun. [Label: Iron Blood Death] Mexico 2005

DEATHROW "A monument of sorrow" CD - Italian black metal, side project by Thorns (Blut Aus Nord, Darvaza, Fides Inversa...). Raw black metal. [Label: Asgard Hass] Italy 2017

DEBAUCHERY "Dead Scream Symphony" MCD - Really great conceptual Black Metal with a strong horrific atmosphere which will possess you until death... Essential. [Label: Blood Fire Death] Germany 2003

DELVE "The Dead Amongst" MCD - This is the pre-Verminous, so expext a furious Death Metal assault in your shitty face! Fuck you! [Label: Nuclear Winter] Sweden 2003

DESECRATED DREAM "Feeling of guilt" CD - Melodic mid-tempo Death Metal [Label: Metal Age] Slovakia 2000

DESERT RAIN "Across the Burning Sky" MCD - Melodic metal with male and female vocals. Some extreme passages, some doomy... [Label: n/a] Germany 1997

DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS "Clear Light" CD - Destructo Swarmbots has carved a unique niche for themselves over the past 4 years. Their live shows consist of chaotic walls of white noise, improvised textures and battered instruments. Their recordings are delicate, at times meditative, washes of ambience constructed from countless piles of tortured sounds. Influenced heavily by 200+ needle-dropped, out of print psyche records, "Clear Light" is their strongest effort yet and the next step on their journey to artistic isolation. [Label: Public Guilt]

DIABOLIC "Infinity Through Purification" CD - 4th full length of this Death Metal from Tampa! [Label: Century Media] USA 2003

DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS "Magical Matrix Of Dimensional Continuum" CD - Fast, varied and tortuous Black Metal with some industrial touches. Members of Fluisterwoud. [Label: Asphyxiate] 2005

DIVINA ENEMA "Under Poenix Phenomenon" CD - Avant-garde folk metal, sick structures and atmospheres. [Label: More Hate] Russia 2004

DIVINA INFERIS "Aura Damnation" CD - Divina Inferis spits its first full-length curse towards the aura of the Nazarene. 40 minutes of sounds that reflect the unifying of mind, body and soul. Chaos, suffering and blasphemy function as lyrical keys in gaining a connection with the source of evil. [Label: Primitive Reaction] Finland 2007

DODSFALL "Kronet I Svart Eld" CD - Killer old school black metal with ex- Ondskapt and Aeternus members. Mastered by Devo Andersson (Marduk) at Endarker studio. [Label: Unexploded Records] Sweden 2013

DRASTIQUE "Pleasureligion" CD - Synthetic, pseudo-gothic dark metal. [Label: Beyond] Italy

DROWNED "Viscera Terrae" MCD - Re-released 2006 demo by Nuclear Winter [Label: Nuclear Winter] Germany 2012

DYSYLUMN "Chaos Primordial" MCD Digipack - Occult and dissonant ritualistic Black Metal. [Label: Egregor] France 2016

EISMOND "Between The Moon We Are Looking Into A Distance" CD - Atmopsheric Ambient Space Black Metal A5 Box edition. [Label: Kristallblut] Germany 2012

EMPYREAN SKY "The Snow White Rose of Paradise" CD - Epic, progressive metal. [Label: Wormwood] 2004

ENSEPULCHRED "The Night Our Rituals Blackened The Stars" CD - Symphonic Black Metal. [Label: Autopsy Kitchen] USA 2006

ERETH "Solus Ipse Sum" CD - Old underground Russian Black Metal band playing in the 90's style. Enough good to check. Handnumbered. [Label: n/a] Russia 2006

ETERNAL MAJESTY "Night Shadows" MCD - The logical following to "From War to Darkness". Limited to 400 units. [Label: Diahableries] France 2005

EXP "s/t" CD - "feat. ROZZ WILLIAMS and PARIS . an atmospheric dance in the glass realm of multimedia . Experimentation that refuses boundaries. Innovative & exotic goth-industrial-symphonies, always evolving, always without comparison. Don`t fear the unexpected ! Be openminded ! Don`t expect any anachronism . PARIS (formerly keyboardist of Shadow Project)has joined forces with bassist Rozz Williams (formerly of Christian Death), jazz guru Ace Farren Ford (Smegma), Ryan Gaumer and Justin Bennett. The first incarnation of E.X.P. began in 1993 with recordings made in subterranean tunnels at the ocean. Paris and Ryan used the sounds for the soundtrack of , a one-time multimedia assault at a Gnostic church in Los Angeles. E.X.P. did a series of successful West coast shows, incorporating the chilling sounds of Brian on a huge steel cello and the bizarre performance art of a crazed Dean X. < ..this is a hybrid of styles nurtured by years of multimedia West coast performances. Transcending experimental , E.X.P. slips into sonic chaos. Chants and wails are bathed in schizophrenic symphonies, saxophone and rare steel cello mix with arresting samples. EXP serves up enough atmosphere to drown in. > (April Johnson, 1997 ) <" experimentation that refuses boundaries, like if DOWNLOAD would meet FAITH & THE MUSE...>" [Label: Dark Vinyl]

EXTROVERT "Having Woken Ocean" CD - Prog Metal in the vein of Dream Theatre. [Label: Blacksmith] Russia 2005

FAUSTRECHT "Vendanges tardives" CD - French black metal, censored cover. [Label: Asgard Hass] France 2015

FEARER "Confession To Hate" CD - Interesting Death Metal with Malevolent influences. [Label: Remission] Germany 2001

FLEGETHON "Behind a side of times" CD - with slipcase. Quote: one man band FLEGETHON from Baikonur town (Russia) under name Behind A Side Of Times. 4 track aproximately 80 min. of funeral doom ambient in the best traditions of genre. lyrics are based on works of H.Ph. Lovecraft. [Label: Marche Funebre] Russia 2008

FLESH "Dödsangest" CD - Mid-tempo powerful Thrash Metal with a huge sound. [Label: Iron Fist] Sweden 2005

FULLMOON RISE "The End Of Life's Ages" CD Digipack - Re-recorded reiusse of the 1998 demo from this now defunct project, coming in a nice digipack layout. [Label: Opritch] Russia 2010

GANDZMORD "Monolithic In Darkness" CD - Fast and raw Black Metal in the traditional way. [Label: Antinomian] USA 2005

GEWEIH "Grim Pagan Kult" CD Double - contains a videoclip of Misanthropia which was arranged by Sargath exclusively for this compilation. [Label: Galgenstrang Productions] Germany 2011

GHOLGOTH "Somnus Mortis Imago" CD - Blasting Death/Black Metal attack. [Label: Ordealis] Hungary 2004

GHOULUNATICS "Mystralengine" CD - Horrific groovy Death Metal. [Label: n/a] Canada 2000

GOATPSALM "Erset La Tari" CD - Death Industrial ritualistic crazyness! [Label: Aesthetic Death] Russia 2012

GOSFORTH "V.H.E.M.T" CD - (Ita) - 2004 - Crude Black Metal [Label: Black Blood] Italia 2004

GRIFFIN "The Sideshow" CD - Powerfull and epic Heavy Metal for the die hard ! [Label: Season of Mist] Norway 2002

GRIM FORCE "Circulation To Conclusion" CD - Brutal Thrash Metal with killer guitar soli [Label: World Chaos] Japan 2000

GUTROT "Liber Mortis" CD Slim Carton - Grind/death band from South of France. [Label: Autoprod] France 2014

HALLSTATT "Barbarian Warlike Supremacy" CD - raw black metal [Label: Nykta] Spain 2002

HELVETTE "Purging of the Worthless" CD - Quote: Helvette from Singapore mix the Scandinavian black metal styles with a slightly more simplistic and punky edge. Think Dark Funeral meets mid to late era Darkthrone with a bit of Tsjuder thrown in for good measure. [Label: Infernal Kommando] Singapore 2012

HEREM "Pulsa diNura" CD - "Oppressive sludge, riff oriented stoner, laid-back doom and a slight touch of coarse death metal - they're all here but none of them in a dominant role. Pulsa diNura is the soundtrack of brimstone rain lashing from the sky while avoiding easy classifications and manerisms. Two demos and years of work have resulted in seven tracks of madness, gloom and groove . The trademark heavy and warm soundscape of the demos is still present in an even more refined wall of sound with clear, balanced and dynamic finishing to strike well placed licks upon the skins of closed minded zombies." Excellent! [Label: Rusty Crowbar] Finland 2008

HILLS OF SEPHIROTH "Fly High The Hatred Black Flag" CD - Raw Black Metal. [Label: Wraith] USA 2005

HILLS OF SEPHIROTH "The Neglected Ancestry" CD - Cold and hypnotic Black Metal with majestic atmospheres and possessed vocals. [Label: Wulfrune Worxxx] 2004

HORDE OF WORMS "Wormageddon" MCD - Furious Death Metal from this canadian horde, a must of ultra-violence ! [Label: Bloodbucket] Canada 2000

HORRID "Reborn in sin" CD - Death Metal [Label: Deadsun] Italy 2002

IMPETUS MALEFICUM "Mortis Asylum" CD - Grim Brazilian Black Metal. [Label: Nyarlathotep] Brazil 2013

IN THA UMBRA "Midnight in the Garden of Hell" CD - Black Metal. [Label: Hibernia] Portugal 2000

INCRIMINATED "The Promise of Worse to Come" CD - Primitive old-school Black/Death Metal worshipping. [Label: From Beyond] Finland 2005

INNFALLEN "Three Days of Darkness" CD Digipack - Limited to 1000 copies. Packaged in a retro uncoated A5 size digipak. [Label: First Fallen Star] USA 2009

INSIDIOUS OMEN "Anointed with the Blood of Chaos" MCD - Quote: "Anointed with the Blood of Chaos" is a searing monument to an eternal dark spiritual revolution in the meaningless nature of time and the frailty of such opposition. Marked with defiance and vision, their vicious black metal feasts on the wound that bore false light unto the earth and, in bitter devotion, serves only one cause - darkness." [Label: Ahdistuksen Aihio] Canada 2011

INSIDIOUS OMEN "Upon this Throne of Waste and Decay" CD - Macabre, fast and aggressive Black Metal. Limited to 1000 handnumbered copies. [Label: Autoprod] Canada 2006

IPSISSIMUS "The Three Secrets of Fatima" MCD - Black Metal. [Label: Autoprod] USA 2008

IRON FOREST "Body Horror" CD Digipack - Quote from label: "The eight songs on Body Horror are forged from gleaming metallic drones, glitchy electronica and vast clouds of interstellar synthesizer that wind around fractured doom-laden riffs, rife with the sort of apocalyptic atmosphere that Godflesh exuded from their more experimental albums. Justin Broadrick's pioneering industrial metal is one obvious influence on Iron Forest's sound, though here the crushing guitars and solemn ambience are cracked and broken into strange splatters of percussive noise and dissonant dronescapes that evoke an altogether more warped vision of industrialized doom-tronics. The music is varied, ranging from the bizarre but ultra fuckin' heavy robotic dub-sludge of "Rust And Decay", "Prognosis" and "Mountain Of Teeth" (where blackened doom metal meets a hellish variation of Scorn's dystopian beatcrush), to the orchestral majesty and skittering percussion of "The Divide" and the abstract, bitcrunched rhythms of "Dead Batteries". Elkins abuses a bunch of dubstep tropes (the blown out speaker rattling bass tones, the vicious synthesizers, the fragmented rhythms), but what comes out doesn't sound like dubstep at all. There's hardly anything here that a sane person would consider "danceable". It's more of a chaotic, noise-damaged, dub-infested version of Skin Chamber's industrial metal, if that band had been obsessed with the experimental glitchery of Autechre. Combine that with Body Horror's obsession with Cronenbergian themes (mutation, deformity, etc), and you get a pitch-black brand of mechanized dread that wallows in a similar cyborg plasma-pool as bands like Wreck And Reference, Cloaks, Necro Deathmort, The Blood Of Heroes, and Author & Punisher. Released in a limited edition of four hundred hand-numbered copies, the Body Horror Cd comes in Crucial Blaze's signature clear dvd-style case with an insert card and a black folio (with black printing) that holds a set of gorgeously grotesque full color collage prints". [Label: Crucial Blast] USA 2012

ISOLATION "s/t" CD - with nice slipcase - Interesting depressive Black/Doom. This is a special compilation of the 'A Prayer For The World To End' demo and the 'Hier am Ende der Welt' EP. [Label: Eisenwald] Germany 2008

JOYLESS "Wild Signs of the Endtimes" CD - Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 - Taken from the Unlimited Hate full-length Tracks 5, 6, 8 - Taken from the Blue in the Face EP [Label: A Sad Sadness Song] Norway 2009

JUMALHÄMÄRÄ "Slaughter the messenger" MCD - Very interesting experimental Black Metal with jazz influences. [Label: Hammer of Hate] Finland 2007

KALI YUGA/VARHORN "Aham kali/Vookhoo the Raven" CD - Split release - Ritualistic Black Metal with a deep atmosphere/Black Metal. Total time : 46 min. [Label: Possession] Russia 2005

KATECHON "Man God Giant" CD - First album of this Occult blackened death metal band. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] Norway 2013

KHAOTIC "Tenebrae" CD - One woman band true black metal. First opus! [Label: Pazuzu] Brazil 2013

KOM-INTERN "Funkspiel" CD Digisleeve - Second Album of this duo (c'krees & adn-ra. 9 tracks of ambient-industrial. [Label: Brume] France 2002

KROHM "A World Through Dead Eyes" CD - Depressive Black Metal, in the vein of some Xasthur releases. [Label: Unexploded Records] USA 2004

KÖRPERWELTEN "Avatars Of Rape And Rage" CD Digipack - This collaborative project between Swedish powerhouse Nordvargr and US apocalyptic industrialists Navicon Torture Technologies having been re-worked and re-structured as a perilous 40 minute plunge into a black hole of sound. Waves of grim, doom filled atmospheric sludge crossbred with buzzing black drones, grinding distortion, and a seething underbelly of rhythmic pulsations, ultimately delivering everything you might expect from these two giants of the industrial scene. In 6 panel digipak, with extreme and controversial, Artwork: Jonathan Canady ( [Label: Malignant] USA 2008

LATHSPELL "Fascination of Deviltry" CD - Black Metal. [Label: Excesor Christianorum] Finland 2004

LETHE "Nowhere" CD - [Label: A5] Ukraine 2010

LIGHTNING "Thought Decimation" MCD - Death Metal. [Label: n/a] Spain 2000

LIK "Besvartade Strofer" CD - Reissue of the 2005 album, limited to 1000 copies. Somewhere between Black Metal, Rock, and depression. [Label: Frostcald] Sweden 2010

LIVSNEKAD "Nostalgisk Katarsis" CD - Swedish melancholic black/doom metal-just enjoy the sample... 4 Songs with a playing time of 54 minutes. Statement Livsnekad: Quote from label: This new (but old) album called "Nostalgisk Katarsis". (Nostalgic Catharsis) It is a re-recording of our first EP "Köttets och sinnets biografi". So, why did we decide to do this? Well, this EP finally sounds like we've always wanted it to. Also, it is a way for us to mark the end of an old era and the start of a new. [Label: Art of Propaganda] Sweden 2011

LORD OF DOUBTS "The Gates of Doom" MCD Digipack - Doom your soul for the mighty Kali! Great edition and artwork, golden CD. [Label: Sekt Ov Gnozis] Russia 2011

LUGUBRIS "Sorcière" CD - Raw black metal from Switzerland. [Label: Asgard Hass] Switzerland 2016

LUSITANIA DARK HORDE "Requiems to the Rebirth of Unholy Black Metal" CD - UGBM compil' with exclusive tracks from Storm Legion, Acceptus Noctifer, Lux Ferre, Flagellum Dei, Decayed, Raptus, Thy Black Blood, InThyFlesh, Onirik, Morte Incandescente, Flamma Aeterna, Coldness, Inner Helvete, Irae and Corpus Christii ! [Label: Nightmare] Portugal 2003

LUSITANIA DARK HORDE II "Hymns For The Coming Armageddon" CD - Quote from label: "A compilation of 16 Portuguese Black Metal bands playing EXCLUSIVE tracks for this release. Release in cooperation with Nightmare Productions" [Label: War Arts] Portugal 2010

LYTHANY/VULTO "Ritual de privaçao " CD - Quote: MINIMALIST, PRIMITIVE, WINTRY. Two visons from the same side of discomfort and utter grief, a misanthropic hate catharsis. Utter Black Metal underground for the chosen ones!! [Label: Sadolust] Portugal 2009

MAGAN "Nathicana" MCD - Dark symphonic Black Metal [Label: Sempiternal] 2001

MALVEILLANCE "Consentir à L'absurde" CD - Original Black Metal [Label: Suffering Jesus] Canada 2010

MALVENTO "Regressus Ad Uterum" CD - (Ita) - 2006 - Contains the 3 demos of the band + 1 bonus track. [Label: Vomitium Niger] 2006

MASTER "Collection of Souls" CD - Remastered version of MASTER's third album, coming with an alternate cover! Including 6 bonus tracks. [Label: Displeased] USA 1993

MASTER/SLAVE RELATIONSHIP "This Lubricious Love" CD - CD - (Usa) - Harsh/Experimental Noise. Originally released on vinyl in 1987 & 1991, this CD version is limited to 1000 copies... [Label: RRR] 2000

MEK NA VER "Heresy" CD - Underground Occult Black Metal Limited 666 Copies. [Label: Misanthropic Art] Italy 2012

MËKANÏK "Der Mëkanïk Grooves" MCD - Only release of this now defunct band. Really crazy mix of 70's prog rock music and traditional doom metal, this band could have been the hidden son born from a VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR and BLACK SABBATH's sex party! [Label: Duplicate] Norway 2008

MEKIGAH "The Serpent's Kiss" CD - Gothic doom metal with male and female vocals. [Label: Autoprod] Australia 2010

MELEK-THA "Evil Indoctrination" CD - Satanic Ritual Industrial Oppression [Label: Dark Vinyl] France 2002

MELEK-THA "Gloriam Demondi Regnia For The Damned" CD - Incredible extreme Dark Indus/Ambient ! This is Evil musically incarnated ! Hail Satan. Hail Victory. Ave Sathanas... [Label: Dark Vinyl] France 2001

MELEK-THA "War Is Coming" CD - Dark Indus [Label: Dark Vinyl] France 2004

MHONOS "Decembris Penitentia" CD Digipack - A live album from this french obscur congregation. 25 minutes of cavernous ritual doom dementia. Highly recommended! [Label: Nomos Dei] France 2014

MIND ECLIPSE "Chaos Chronicles" CD - CD - (Rus) - 2002 - Varied Black/Death melodic metal with a good production. [Label: More Hate] 2002

MISCREANT "Oppressive" CD - Technical and melodic Death Metal. [Label: Autoprod] Russia 2002

MISFORTUNE "Forsaken" CD - Black Metal with heavy/melodic touches. [Label: Blackend] Sweden 2000

MOLOCH "Der Schein des schwärzesten Schnees" CD - Classical Ukrainian Ambient Black Metal [Label: Misanthropic Spirit] Ukraine 2011

MOONFOG "Cadaveric Changes" CD - Brutal Death Metal, Including a videoclip and a multimedia part. [Label: Ukragh] Slovakia 2007

MOONTOWER "Praise the Apocalypse" CD - Cold Black Metal. [Label: ISO666] Poland 2004

MOONTOWER "To the Dark Aeon..." MCD - Black Metal. [Label: Hell Is Here] Poland 2008

MORDAEHOTH/MYSELF/VEINEN "Gates of Helheim" CD - Special packaging 3 way split, A5 format - Crude mid-tempo Black Metal/Extreme mid-tempo Black Metal with a certain Black Legions spirit/VON tribute band. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies. [Label: n/a] 2006

MORTE INCANDESCENTE "Ultimatum" MCD - Great cold and grim Black Metal with Horrendus from Corpus Christii and Perversifier from Merrimack. Limited to 500 kopies. [Label: Sadolust] Portugal 2003

MOSHQUITO "Worlds End" CD - Hardcore with Death Metal elements. [Label: Morbid] Germany 2001

MURDER CORPORATION "Tagged & Barred" CD - (Swe) - 2000 - Terroristic and insane crushing Death [Label: Displeased] Sweden 2000

MURDER RAPE "Evil Shall Burn Inside Me Forever" CD - Brutal Satanic Black Metal. In the vein of Marduk [Label: Evil Horde] Brazil 2001

MYRKVID "Satanic Inquisition" MCD - Hateful and Powerful French Black Metal. [Label: Asgard Hass] France

MYSTICA "Blinded by my blood" CD Digipack - Digipack - (Bel) - 2001 - Melodic Black Metal. [Label: Painkiller] 2001

MYSTICUM "Demons never sleep" CD - Reissue of 2 Demos (1993)- One of the sickest Black Metal band ever. [Label: n/a] Norway 2003

NAHAR "A Moment of Dead Emotions" MCD - Depressive rough Black Metal. [Label: Korosiv] France 2005

NARCOTIC GREED "Twicet of Fate" CD - (Jap) - Prog/Heavy Metal. [Label: World Chaos] Japan

NARTVIND "Ruinous" CD - Raw Underground Black Metal. [Label: Grievantee] Belgium 2010

NECRONOMICON "Apocalyptic Nightmare" CD - 2013 reissue their 2nd full-length [Label: Warhymns records] Algeria 1987

NEGATIVA "Untitled" CD - Quote from label: "Vertebrae & Nigra Nit meet in a very special edition: Negativa's "Untitled I" CD. Compilation from all their works between 2012 and 2014 today sold out because of their strictly tape limited edition. Somber, negative, darkened, oniric... Negativa is a personal and enigmatic Black metal project in wich you can only find the cold Death. Seven tracks that collect all their different editions MMXI, MMXII, 01 & MMXIV never before edited in CD. Limited to 500 copies" [Label: Vertebrae] Spain 2015

NEKROKULT "Postrema Expiratio Humanorum" CD - Dark, fast Black Metal ov Death with a huge sound. [Label: Satanic Propaganda] Chile

NEKROSPAWN "Halo of Terror" CD - Excellent debut album from this raw and purid new act from Russia! [Label: n/a] Russia 2012

NIEZGAL "Apošnimi Krokami Lutasci" MCD Digipack - 30+ min long EP consisting of 6 masterful assaults is representing a solid trip of this underground Krywian gang through the violent spheres once immortalized by OLD WAINDS and early DISSECTION. Composed between 2004-2007, these tracks finally got properly recorded and soon will be released to mark the bridge to the full-length album which is already in works by now. [Label: Thou Shalt Kill!] Belarus 2013

NIHASA "Brahamanda Xul Grimoire" CD Digipack - Good occult black metal. Reissued digipack version limited to 500 copies. [Label: Nihilward] Greece 2009

NOCTURNAL BLOOD "Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration" CD - Unrelentingly Morbid Black Death Metal, the ancient returns with his highly anticipated full-length debut "Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration." Deflowering the goat vulva, dripping viscous black blood, NOCTURNAL BLOOD pries open the very maw of hell itself and peers deeply into its sweltering depths: essentially, this is the sound of Devastated Graves. Pulsing, pummeling, awe-inspiring primal power... partake in The Morbid Celebration! [Label: Hells Headbangers] USA 2010

NOCTURNUS "Ethereal Tomb" CD - Technical Metal. A Legend... [Label: Season of Mist] USA 2000

NOISEAR "Red Tape Agenda" MCD - Grindcore. [Label: Blastafuk] USA 2005

NORTHSTREAM "Time of Triumphant Cleanliness" CD - (Rus) - 2004 - Good Depressive Black Metal [Label: Total Holocaust] 2004

NOX 210 "Zos Vel Thanatos" CD - The Industrial noise occult side of E. Kerval. [Label: Archon Visions] Colombia 2011

NOX INFERI "Adverse spheres" CD - Black metal. [Label: Those Opposed] Australia 2008

O QUAM TRISTIS "Le Rituel Sacré" CD - "‘Le Rituel Sacre’ (the sacred ritual) is another modern interpretation of medieval and ancient folk music. Their medieval folk will certainly appeal to fans of Dead Can Dance, The Soil Bleeds Black, Ataraxia and similar acts. The heavenly vocals female singers Anna and Katarina combined with selected male chants in Latin will certainly evoke you. The music offers a wide range of variations, from purest folk to sometimes more electronic interferences, tribal drums, bagpipes, flutes, dulcimer and various other natural instruments. Comes with a beautiful 12 page booklet with texts and great funeral artwork made by Curt Emmer." [Label: Palace of Worms] France

OBSCURITE "Contemplation" CD - [Label: Ossuaire Records] France 2014

OBSKURE TORTURE "Worship The Beast" MCD - limited to 500 copies. Death/Doom. [Label: Time Before Time] Denmark 2006

OCULTAN "Shadows from Beyond" CD - with slipcase. Last album of Brazilian twisted black metal! [Label: Mutilation] Brazil 2013

ODEM "Rape Your God And Pray For Reprieve" CD - Russian Black Death Metal - Originally spread as a promo in 2010, it was quickly sold out and thus the band signed a pact with DWP, to re-release and re-invent the Avalanche of Hatred and Destruction, that is "RYGAPFR", with a completely new layout and with newly desecrated sound. Dissonant riffs, played with Diabolical precision, building immense structures upon the carcass of machine gun percussion. [Label: Daemon Worship] Russia 2011

OFFENSIVE "Existence" CD - (Jap) - 2002 - Speed metal with a guttural voice, some punkish influences... Powerful and effective. [Label: Eclipse] Japan 2002

OLC SINNSIR "The Throne Of Dead" CD - (Fra) - 2003 - Fast Black Metal praising chaos and anti-humanism through interesting (french & english) lyrics. [Label: Oaken Shield] France 2003

ONDSKAPT "Arisen From The Ashes" CD - Really brilliant album from these swedish masters! A must have for any black metal maniak. Most than highly recommended! [Label: Osmose] Sweden 2010

ORGANISATION TOTH "Gloria Victis !" CD Digipack - "Eight black anthems dedicated to the struggle for Light & Truth. Combining dark and ritual sounds with martial rhythms, choirs, piano & cryptic chants. A sweet indoctrination. Faith is Everywhere! In these words French act Organisation Toth, known from previous Old Europa Cafe and Athanor releases, is describing its newest album" [Label: War Office Propaganda] France

OUTOFSIGHT AND HOTEL DE PRUSSE "Forgotten Taste of the Province" CD Digipack - Quote: a publication that discusses Polish province and a bit decadence. It is a short essay about the past and declining relationships between what is now and what has gone in the past. It is about broken relationships between friends who unexpectedly appear in our lives once more. We are connected by one thing – where we come from. You are more than welcome to listen to the album. The album cover was designed by Łukasz Pawlak. [Label: Rage In Eden] Poland 2011

PANZERFLOWER "Maximum War, Minimum Love" CD - Somewhere between stoner, punk and metal, mixed with a lot of vodka and a dirty rock'n'roll feeling... Sex and Drugs Bitches! [Label: D.U.K.E.] France 2007

PARAGON IMPURE "To Gaius! (For the Delivery of Agrippina)" CD Digipack - 2009's reissue of the only full lenght of this ephemery Black metal act! Includes the same bonus than the LP version. Limited to 1000 copies. [Label: Daemon Worship] Belgium 2005

PATHETIC "Salvation" CD - Anti-humanistic electro/industrial musik with a provocative layout. [Label: Carpe Noctem]

PENTAGORIA "...And The Sky Bled Gore" CD - (USA) - 2000 - Brutal Death Metal. [Label: Five Pillar] USA 2000

PERDITION "Antihuman Divinity" MCD - Quote: Antihuman Divinity is a manifest of destruction of a modern human. It`s an effect of permanent and carved within us hatred towards everything created by god in his own image. This Cd includes a great Coversong from Zyklon B. Warfare!!! [Label: Putrid Prophet] Poland 2007

PHOBOS/EXCRUTIATE666 "Split cd" CD - Brutal death with Phobos and raw black metal for Excrutiate666. [Label: Autoprod] France 2003

POLYMORPH "Disgraceful Supper" MCD - Brutal old school Death Metal [Label: G.U.C.] Germany 2005

POLYMORPH "Innocent Suffering" CD - Brutal and finest old school Death Metal. [Label: G.U.C.] Germany 1999

PRIMITIVE SUPREMACY "Melody And Madness" CD - Ethereal Dark Ambient, really interesting [Label: Elegy Music] USA

PROFUNDAE LIBIDINES "El Viaje Definitivo" CD Digisleeve - Quote from label: "With “El Viaje Definitivo”, PRODUNDAE LIBIDINES (translated to “The Abyss of Passions”) continues its work on the absurdity of human nature, passionate yet so vain. This new release is a take on two non-eurocentric aspects of passion (in all of its meanings and implications), namely Japanese White Magic and the Mexican Nagual." Digisleeve limited to 200 copies. [Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre] France 2015

PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM "Extreme Violent Art" CD - 2004/2013 Mexican reissue with a diferent quailty cover [Label: Antichristian Front] Spain 2013

PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM "Pathogenesis" CD - [Label: Antichristian Front] Spain 2010

PSICOTAXI "Effect on the head's mass" CD Digipack - The music project Psychotaxi was founded in 2010 by Andrea Bordoni, Luca Bresciani, Lamberto Carboni and Virgile Mermoud, with the release of the namesake EP - also available in free download - which included 3 instrumental tracks balancing hard, psychadelic and progressive metal. They raise and travel with their mind, then descend, always leaving something in exchange. Psychadelic hyper amplified echoes, obsessive riffs, electronica with a strongly pulp-tinged vision. [Label: SUBSPHERA] Italy 2015

PSILOCYBE LARVAE "Agony" CD - Melodic Black Metal. [Label: Black Side] Russia 2003

PSYCHICOLD "Inner Chaos" CD - Electro goth. [Label: n/a] France

PSYCHOFAGIST/HYBRID VISCERY "Selfless Spite - Split CD" CD - Technical Brutal Death/Grindcore [Label: Amputated Vein] Italy/Belgium 2003

PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR "230204" CD - Fast and aggressive old school death metal with a thrashy touch! Really good and inspirated! [Label: Temple Of Darkness] Finland 2008

PSYCHOTIC REACTIONS, VOL. 1 "Various Artists" CD Digisleeve - Stoner Doom Rock Compilation with: Kubota, The Enterprise, Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel, Mudweiser, Rescue Rangers, Loading Data, Stony Broke, Café Flesh, Öfö Am, Granit 665, Alcohsonic, Junkyard Birds, Superbeatnik, Dismo, Voxson, Mars Red Sky, Treasure Cat, Year Long Disaster, Karma To Burn [Label: Head Records] France 2010

PURGATORY "Bestial" CD - Old school Death Metal in the vein of Autopsy and others old stuffs [Label: Perverted Taste] Germany 1997

PYRE "Various Artists" CD Slim Carton - 1 –Troum Outer Brain Outsourcing (Excerpt) 4:28 2 –Khost [Deconstructed And Reconstructed By] Godflesh Inversion 6:13 3 –La Breiche Le Mal Des Ardents 4:41 4 –Skullflower Furfur 4:21 5 –Penny Rimbaud’s L’Acamémie Des Vanités* What Did You Know, What Did You Care? 6:34 6 –Tunnels Of Ah* Purging Process 5:17 7 –Sutcliffe Jugend* Howl (Edit) 5:24 8 –TenHornedBeast All Fled (Excerpt) 3:36 9 –Sun Ra | Merzbow Granular Jazz Part 4 5:08 10 –She Spread Sorrow Crushed On The Pillow (Excerpt) 3:48 11 –Coil Fire Of The Mind 7:10 12 –Common Eider, King Eider A Wisp Of Smoke, And Salem Burns (Excerpt) 5:56 13 –Trepaneringsritualen All Hail The Black Flame 3:37 14 –Henrik Nordvargr Björkk / Margaux Renaudin Sunyata 5:59 15 –Dave Ball • Jon Savage (4) Dead Neon 4:26 [Label: Cold Spring] United Kingdom 2016

PYRIFLEYETHON / OPHIDIAN FOREST "Summoning of the igneous" CD - Quote from label: "Self-destructive instincts gave birth to a morbid expression of black metal art under the name Pyrifleyethon. Bestial black metal chaos "epic, sprawling, super complex, super frenzied collection of blackened grimnity" (Aquarius Records)" [Label: Le Crépuscule du Soir] Greece / Croatia 2011

REALM OF CARNIVORA "Verised Relvad" CD - 2003 - Black metal with weird touch [Label: Ketzer] 2003

REPENT "Disciple of Decline" CD - Thrash Metal with a modern sound. [Label: Autopsy Stench] Germany 2004

REPUGNANCE "Maximum Perversum" CD - Grind/Death with a rock'n'roll feeling [Label: Uxicon] Spain 1999

REUNION "Stream Of Hate" CD - (Bul) - 2004 - Despite a modern layout, this is Dark Black Metal musik, varied and quite original, with some Master's Hammer influences. [Label: Shadow Land] 2004

REVOK "Bunt Auf Grau" CD - Quote from label: "Digging deeper into the darkness and into the abyss of amplified musics with each new album, Revok are back with their third album ‘Bunt Auf Grau’. Three years after ‘Grief is My New Moniker’, the parisian band delivers a record which imposes an absolute attention on its listeners, a kind of concept album in which all tracks make one with a fierce effectiveness. Still at the crossroads where post-rock, noise-rock and hardcore-punk come together, REVOK remain on the original and iconoclastic path they took more than ten years ago". [Label: Music Fear Satan] France 2015

RITUAL SUICIDE "Temple Of Blood" CD - Raw Black Metal [Label: Nomos Dei] Ukraine 2011

ROOM WITH A VIEW "First year departure" CD - Dark Pop/Rock [Label: My Kingdom Music] Italy 2002

ROSSOMAHAAR "Live and die in Moscow" CD - Powerful and melodic Black/Death [Label: Sound Age] Russia 2002

RUIN "Stumps" CD - Quote from label: "The band’s debut containing two demos of the trio recorded in 2007-2008. Raw, hellishly dynamic and plain but masterfully executed Black Metal, full of wise irony concerning everything attracting the thoughts and attention of the band. Stumps – with waggling rags of decaying flesh and blood in the gutter of human unworthiness. The morbid imagination reveals evident things making them more defenseless and pitiful. For the maniacs of early DARKTHRONE, BESTIAL MOCKERY etc." [Label: Assavlt] Russia 2010

RUNE "s/t" MCD - Great Dirty Old School Death with a shitty funny concept. [Label: Crucial Blast]

RUNE SKOGEN "Edelfäunis" CD - Avant-Garde Black Metal [Label: Terror] Germany 2011

RUNEMAGICK "Requiem Of The Apocalypse" CD - Death Metal. The fourth album of this band. Very dark with an interesting doomy feeling. [Label: Aftermath] Sweden 2002

SABBAT "20 Years of Blokula" CD - Reissue off the 1995 live album "Live at Blokula". [Label: Voz da Morte] Japan 2015

SALACIOUS GODS "Sunnevot" CD - (Hol) - 2001 - Sympho BM. [Label: Cold Blood Industries] 2001

SANATORIUM "Goresoaked Reincarnation" CD - Brutal Death Metal, and of course GORE. [Label: Sevared] Slovakia 2003

SANCTIFIER "Awaked By Impurity Rites" CD - Quote from Weird Truth's website :Cthulhu is rising from from R'lyeh and conquer the world again! These Brazilian Shoggoths plays brutal death metal with hyper speed blast beats, technical but also heavy riffs, impressive guitar solos, tight playing, and dark atmosphere. Succeeding to Cthulhu death metal master Morbid Angel, they will spread the plague all over the world!!! [Label: Weird Truth]

SANTAAGOSTINO "La Morte Marcia Sui Terreni K " CD - A strange mix between dark ambiant, noise and musique concrete by this italian trio. [Label: Inner Gravity] Italy 2008

SANTAAGOSTINO "Mokaraba constellation" CD Digipack - Quote from label: "Greytone is proud to present the second album from the enigmatic act santAAgostino. Definitively the best expression of their multifaceted way of visual-audio compositions. Seven tracks of pure melodic ambient noise will bring the listener into a cathartic mind introspection above the abyss. Mokaraba Constellation is an album of songs and just because those songs have been slapped with layer upon layer of filthy concrete and lead doesn’t mean they were never songs at all. Fantastic, crucial tunes yet again from the mind of the Italy’s most hard working dark ambient / noise alchemists Without a doubt this is one of the finest experimental records we’ve had cross our label in years, and one nobody in their right mind should pass up." [Label: Dusktone] Italy 2013

SAPTHURAN "To the Edge of Land" CD - (Usa) - 2005 - Cold pagan Black Metal. [Label: God is Myth] USA 2005

SARCOMA INC "Psychopathology" CD - Black Thrash featuring member of Limbonic Art and Zyklon. [Label: Antichristian Front] Norway 2008

SATAN'S PROPAGANDA "Rock for Satan" CD - Quote from label:""You need help how to rape a nun seriously?" "Instructions for sodomizing?" "A reason to fill your veins with more beer as normal?" ¡OK! This is Satan´s Propaganda! 10 SatanicThrash/Black´n`Roll hyms signed by the Lord himself. Incl. Rock for Satan, Satanized by Satan, Horned´n` Horny and Rock the Nun until you cum!!! Be satanized!!! Be sodomized!!! Don´t drink and pray!!! Support The LORD!" [Label: Amor Fati] Germany 2011

SATHANAS "Flesh For The Devil" MCD - Mini-album with 6 songs of utterly cult and totally pure underground Black Death Thrash Metal by the legendary SATHANAS! The band remains loyal to the original, old fashioned, harsh sound as it was carved back in the 80's. This is TRUE underground METAL! [Label: Pagan] USA 2007

SATURNIAN MIST "Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan" CD Digipack - Quote from label: Unholy journey of satanic arts and devotion compelling both intelligence and irrationality by stretching the edges way beyond the world of man. Borne in serious contemplation, Saturnian Mist«s debut album provides holistic contiguity between esoteric black metal and occult philosophy. The booklet of the album is accompanied by a collection of journal writings and notes more or less involved in the creation of the Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan. Maybe someone can learn, achieve or understand something from them together with the lyrics, music & visual creations of the album, or use the collection as an independent pageant of Occult philosophy in practice [Label: Ahdistuksen Aihio] Finland 2011

SCORPIO DOCTRINE "Via Liminalis" CD - Quote from label: "Debut EP of this Esoteric Darkwave / Martial Industrial act from Finland. "Via Liminalis" reflects the tradition of the Left Handed mystery cults and Occult philosophy to manifest the fundamental & ecstatic shadow aspects of humane experience and religion by the vehicle of voice. We owe our homage to the Liminal and to the Death, the Mother of all Sabbaths." [Label: Pavitra Kunta] Finland 2014

SCOTT HULL "Audiofilm II 3"" CD Slim Carton - Quote from label: "he second installment in our series of limited-run 3" CDs from Scott Hull. Best known for his amazing thrash/grind riffage in the bands PIG DESTROYER and AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, Scott has been gradually revealing another side of his musical persona over the past few years, an obsession with cinematic soundscaping and dark evocative film scores, mutant electronic textures and pitch-black isolationism that employs brilliant production trickery to immerse the listener in a vibrant, active aural environment." 3" CD is packaged in a full color miniature folder with awesome artwork/photography from Seldon Hunt, and pressed in a one-time run of 1,000 copies. [Label: Crucial Blast] USA 2010

SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS "Catacomb Abattoir" CD - Death Metal with growling voice [Label: Relic] Russia 2000

SEHNSUCHT "Wüste" CD Digipack - Project featuring Maniac (ex-Mayhem) & Vivian Slaughter (Gallhammer) Released in a 6 panel Digipak. "Wüste" was recorded in Oslo, Tokyo and Heptonstall during 2008-2009. [Label: Cold Spring] United Kingdom 2010

SERENADE "The chaos they create" CD - (Scotland) - 1997 - Dark and melodic Metal [Label: Deviation] 1997

SERMENT D'ALLEGEANCE "Serment I Le Sceptre Prophétique" CD - Aesthetic Ambient Art [Label: Mort-Né] France

SHACKLES "Traitors' Gate" CD - After several years of anticipation, the chain gang finally returns with their debut album which is sure to become a timeless classic! Ruthlessly headbanging Supreme Sydney deaththrash in a similar alliance as their old country mates Slaughter Lord, Armoured Angel, Hobbs' Angel Of Death, Destroyer 666, etc. A must for those who crave the Australian sound and/or the old style of black thrashing metal of death! [Label: Hells Headbangers] Australia 2009

SHINING "III - Angst" CD - One of their best opus - Depressive Black Metal [Label: Peaceville] Sweden 2006

SHINJUKU THIEF "Medea" CD - Originally composed for a controversial staging of the classic greek tragedy, "medea" is shinjuku thief's most dramatic, dynamic and sinister work to date. notwithstanding its extreme violence, it might also be one of their most beautiful. fragile melodies sung by boy sopranos float above demonic choirs and malevolent orchestras only to be ripped apart by screaming sheets of industrial noise. oscillating between lush musical seduction and a level of brutality as yet unprecedented across the band's backcatalog, "medea" will appeal to fans running the gambit of dead can dance, raison d'etre and in slaughter natives in one corner to merzbow, and brighter death now in the other. Music composed and performed by darrin verhagen. [Label: Dorobo] Australia 2003

SHINJUKU THIEF "The Scribber" CD - Quote from the label : "Reissue of the 1992 classic by this Australian genius, originally released in an edition of 500 copies. Occasional bursts of factory noise, industrial rumblings and disembodied German voices form the backdrop to a minimalist reworking of Kafka's "The Trial." An album of dense filmic atmospheres and orchestral instrumentation. 'The Scribbler' has been digitally remastered and is enhanced with a series of video clips constructed by Richard Grant (I+T=R), incorporating both new material together with the original images prepared for "The Scribbler" live show." [Label: Cold Spring] Australia

SIGILLUM DIABOLI "s/t" MCD - Nihilistic Black Metal. [Label: Blasphemous Underground] Russia 2006

SIGNS OF DARKNESS "The 17th Floor" CD - Veteran melodic black/death metallers from Belgium. [Label: Trinity] Belgium 2004

SIGNS OF DYING "Desire is suffering" CD - Extreme Death Metal in the vein of Cryptopsy. [Label: Deathgasm] USA 2001

SIGNUM: KARG "Chöre aus dem Schlund der Zeit" CD - Formerly active as "Thronis" they decided to change music, concept and name and turned to "Karg". In early 2009, they decided to add the "Signum:.." to their name. [Label: Fog of the Apocalypse] Germany 2011

SILBERNACHT "Liebe und Verfall" CD Digisleeve - Ambient. "This one has been in the planning stages for a couple of years. Imagine a gloomy, old silent film. Imagine the soundtrack for that film. This CD would be the music you would hear. Germany couldn't be a more appropriate home for SILBERNACHT, project of one Frank Esser, for this musical score seems to fit in perfectly with an era of film that is legendary the world over thanks to the genius of many a German filmmaker. The release is on a 4-panel chipboard stock, with hand printed panels, is set up to look like the work received from Herr Esser over the years." [Label: Ajna]

SILENT LOVE OF DEATH "The Poet's Senses" CD - Quote from the label : "Deep and dramatic vocals, trumpet and violins, acoustic guitars, military drums, you can think to another neofolk band like many other, but SILENT LOVE OF DEATH could touch the depth of your heart. The romantic feeling encroaches upon the seventeen songs of this album, a great nostalgic atmosphere with classical influences create impressive dark sound. The texts are inspired by poems of E.A Poe, Bequer, W. Blake, Espronceda..." [Label: Palace of Worms] 2005

SINK "the process" CD Digisleeve - "There is obscure and then there is Obscure. The difference is subtle, but when you hear Sink, you know the limit between obscure and Obscure has been surpassed. The Process is a beast that drags you below the surface and lets you gasp for air just enough to keep conscious and experience the horror. Monumental wall of sound built from demented vibrations, violent distortion, wailing feedback, reverberating clashes and almost choral (in)human voices echoing in your mind like amplified painful memories and when the wall collapses, the undertow pulls you deeper into paranoid and disturbing surroundings filled with static drones, scorching electrical trills and gravely impressive Obscurity that defies mental health. You may never reach back to the surface… This is not a sludge record. This is not a drone record. This is not an experimental record. This is The Process. Released in co-operation by Kult of Nihilow and Kaos Kontrol. CD comes in special fold-out full colour carton sleeve in a limited edition of 1000." [Label: Kult Of Nihilow] 2008

SKULLFLOWER "Pure Imperial Reform" CD - quote from label: "New Skullflower CD now available on Turgid Animal Records. Recorded last year live on an Antwerpen radio station comes this new guitar wall "composition" from Matthew Bower and Lee Stokoe. This is a real CD (a first for Turgid Animal) limited to 1000 copies with artwork desinged by MB himself and pro-printed on quality grey paper in standard jewel cases. This is a seriously solid release and is for fans of modern Skullflower recordings and anyone who just loves a good harsh racket!" [Label: Turgid Animal] United Kingdom 2008

SKYGGE "Antiqua ignis" CD - Norwegian black metal with old-school attitude. [Label: Immortal Frost] Norway 2015

SLAKTRENS "Stralande Tider" CD - Quote from Label: "Fast 80's Styled Swedish Thrashcore reminiscent of Mob 47 and Krigshot. 21 songs" [Label: Le Crépuscule du Soir] Sweden 2011

SLAVE'S MASK "Faustian Electronics & Bruise Poetry " CD Digipack - Electro Goth. [Label: n/a] 2000

SLUNOVRAT "Sword & Iron Cross" CD - Pagan Black Metal. [Label: Regimental] Czech Republic 2010

SMELLS LIKE TEAM SPIRIT "IV" CD - V/A - With 19 bands like : Unlord, Internal Suffering, Officium Triste, Deeds of Flesh, Nasum, Nunslaughter, Sathanas, Phobia..... [Label: Displeased]

SMELLS LIKE TEAM SPIRIT "Various artists" CD - CD - (Various) - 1995 - for those infatuated with black/doom/death such as the cults : Eternal Solstice, Altar, Orphanage, Rhadamantys.....15 tracks [Label: Displeased] 1995

SOLAR DAWN "Frost-Work" MCD - Melodic Death Metal from Sweden [Label: Mighty Music] Sweden 2001

SOMRAK "THE BLACKWINGED SERPENT CROWNED " CD - Three panel digipack with 16 page-booklet, limited to 500 copies... BLACK METAL AT ITS BEST !!!! [Label: Necroterror] Slovenia 2012

SONS OF CHAOS "Redwork" CD - Brutal Death Metal. [Label: Bloodsoaked] USA

SORG "Retour sur ce Voyage" CD Digipack - Melancholic Black Metal from France [Label: Cruciatus] France 2009

SORTS "Made In Nightonia" MCD - Quote from label : The release is exactly what I dared to hope and expect for - just enough primitive, robust, sharp, fast and furious. All in all, the purest black metal and that in its best sense. Actually it is not possible to expect shit from such an honourable and experienced company [Label: Regimental] Estonia 2010

SOUL DEMISE "Beyond Human Perception" CD - Melodic Death Metal with fast passages. [Label: Gutter] Germany 2000

SOUL DEMISE "In Vain" CD - Death/Thrash Metal by the Ex-Inhuman. [Label: Season of Mist] Germany 2003

SOULLESS "Agony's Lament" CD - (usa) - 2002 - Powerful & technical death metal a bit in the swedish way [Label: World Chaos] USA 2002

SOUTH SATURN DELTA "Experience The Concreteness" CD - Japanese Noise Experience!!! [Label: Cold Spring] Japan 2007

SOUTHERN GUN CULTURE "Room 65" CD - Quote from House of Pigs site : Like an uptempo, indie-rock ACID KING, or some sort of EYEHATEGOD / CLUTCH / DC post-hardcore hybrid with weirdly melodic vocals, SOUTHERN GUN CULTURE debuts here with 8 tracks of dirty, downtuned, catchy as hell indie sludge from Austin, TX. But where most mud pilots trudge through repetitive riffery and little in the way of dynamics, SOUTHERN GUN CULTURE incorporate some nicely spaced out improv psychedelia, moaning feedback drones, the jazzier part of BLACK SABBATH 's back catalog, some bitchn' brutal riffs, and freeform rock fuzzdom (hence their upcoming EP on the UK avant/drone/free rock imprint RIOT SEASON), all fronted by a mangy, off-kilter, but totally melodic dual vocals from all three members, and an early 90's set of indie/alt rock sensibilities, making parts of the album sound like early Smashing Pumpkins meets Spirit Caravan , or Afghan Whigs and L7 jamming over super heavy Black Sabbath dirge. We're not sure how deliberate the indie/alt rock thing we're hearing was, but it's there and it's killer. Make no mistake though, this is still definitely all about the heavy, rolling sludge riffs and psyched out fuzz jams. [Label: Monotremata] USA 2001

SOUVENIR'S YOUNG AMERICA "An Ocean Without Water" CD Digipack - Quote from the label: "Through their intricate song arrangements and moody textures, Souvenir's Young America has created an epic, emotional narrative. The sound draws from the collected DNA of forebears like Popul Vuh, Earth, Labradford, and Neurosis, yet they form a powerfully evocative instrumental language all of their own. Features collaborations with Aughra (Magic Bullet Records) and Nick Forte (Sublight Records, ex Rorschach / Beautiful Skin)." [Label: Crucial Blast]

SOUVENIR'S YOUNG AMERICA "s/t" CD - Quote from the label: "Richmond Virginia’s Souvenir's Young America creates sounds that could be called electronic, metal, prog, and ambient all at once. Yet it all works together completely. Epic, spiraling dirges with keyboards, percussion, samples, guitars, accordion, xylophone, cello, and much more fill these songs. Recorded, these sounds are layered together as if creating the textures of a painting. Live they are poured out with brute force and huge volume. Their previous split 7” with ambient project Spylacopa only scratched the surface of where this ever growing and consistently experimental band is going. Even their debut CD release only starts you on the journey..." [Label: Underadar]

SPEAKING SILENCE "The Twilight World" CD - with slipcase - Heavenly Voices [Label: Sacral] France 2002

SPEEDFREAKS "Out For Kicks" CD - Quote from MCR : Sweden, and concretely Gothenburg have been one of the most actives scenes in the rock and metal world. From this cold city arise now Speedfreaks to become in one of the local rock icons, although with a music far from the so-called "gothenburg sound". The band is back in this second album with a more mature, personal and powerful sound, that take roots in bands as Motörhead, Black Label Society, Black Sabbath and The Cult among others, but obtaining their own and original sound, based in a mixture between rock'n'roll, hard rock, plus some touches of metal and punk. High energy and pure Rock'n Roll, plenty of power, aggressiveness, good melodies, catchy songs full of brilliant riffs and an excellent cover of Nazareth´s "Somebody to roll". [Label: Mondongo Canibale] Sweden 2006

SPIRE "Metamorph" MCD Digipack - Quote from label: This is the second part of Spire. They didn't change anything of their music-the nihilistic atmosphere of the first part is always there. But its the consequent progression and metamorphosis that all future will bring. Limited to 500 copies in a nice digipak with 8 pages booklet. [Label: Art of Propaganda] Australia 2011

SS-18 "Tetraktis" CD Digipack - CD comes in noble quality digifile with 33x33cm poster. Ltd. to 333 h/n units. [Label: Thou Shalt Kill!] Russia 2012

STAAR "s/t" CD - Depressive black metal from France. [Label: Black Tower] France 2011

STAGNATUS "Ultima Thule" CD - CD - (Rus) - 2002 - Really strange synthetic music with some black metal influences. [Label: Black Side] 2002

STALAGGH ":Projekt Terror:" CD - Intense, harsh blackened ritual/industrial with psychotic screams of hate or/and pain. An extreme experience of random noise. Excellent. [Label: Total Holocaust] 2004

STAV "Meditate to kill" CD Digipack - Occult black metal from France. Excellent debut album, meditative and intoxicating. Awesome cover artwork by Paolo "Madman" Girardi. [Label: Chalice of Blood Angel] France 2013

STAY FRIGHTENED "Still" CD - Quote from the label : "The vocals of Conrad L. Dickey are so harmonic the ooze in between the music with sombre synth and piano melodies interwoven. the vox add layers to the music, but don't detract with the arrangement. Many of the song titles tell the story: 'The rain and bruises' 'Windblown luminaries' and 'Languid blue smile' The music will drift out of your consciousness, you will always be drawn back in to what is a very relaxing album. If you don't really like your music ethereal, ghostly and wispy, than this is definitely not for you. Unique, pure, emotional melancholia. 74 minutes." [Label: Palace of Worms] 1997

STEEL ENGRAVED "State of Siege" CD - German Heavy Metal. [Label: Funeral Industries] Germany 2010

STELLAR DESCENT "...fading" CD - Quote from label: "Fading is an atmospheric, psychedelic, approximately hour-long black metal journey inspired by a specific event: Witnessing seemingly endless migrating water fowl at a local wildlife refuge that supports the Pacific Flyway. I found myself completely enveloped by something almost unbelievable. Infinite expanses of water fowl plastered against a blazing sky, taking to flight in huge, thunderous flocks that seemed to shake whatever lay below. The sheer numbers and sounds were like nothing I had ever imagined. Toward the evening, the sky turned a vibrant shade of yellow and orange and the coastal range turned to stark silhouette. And at that moment, it all seemed too much. I was just lost in this completely surreal, textured scene. I was faded to reality—absent drugs. Fading was recorded in December 2014. The album consists of one approximately hour-long song. All drums, vocals, and guitars were performed and recorded by A. Field recordings are from the Pacific Flyway refuge." [Label: Dusktone] USA 2015

STILL "Remains" CD - Former Dälek Turntablist, Still (Hsi-Chang Lin) goes solo and unleashes a dark ambient masterpiece that borders on sonic terrorism. Created using only Technics 1200's and an array of effects pedals, Still's REMAINS is not a "turntablist" record in the traditional sense. Drawing from (and adding to) the history of alternative turntable use, REMAINS is an ambient record whose textures at times run side by side with the work of PHILLIP JECK or APHEX TWIN. Two laborious years were put into the 35 minutes that comprise the album. Each track was painstakingly mapped out and played live in the studio. Opening with aggressive noise and evolving into delicate ambience, REMAINS supersedes the preconceived range of the turntable, infusing emotion into an otherwise inhuman instrument. First pressing of 1,000 contains limited edition, hand-numbered art that wraps around the jewel case and seals in the back. [Label: Public Guilt]

STONE TO FLESH "Some Wounds Bleed Forever" CD - (Serbia) - 2000 - Intense Black Metal with pagan atmospheres [Label: CCP] 2000

STORM BREEDER "The knave" CD - Modern thrash metal. [Label: Paragon] Australia 2013

STRANDHOGG "Ritualistic Plague (Evangelical Death Apotheosis)" CD Slim Plastic - Debut full-length album from the most relentless black metal band to emerge lately from depths of Poland’s underground – STRANDHOGG. Grim, hypnotic, cavernous and extremely violent in execution, “Ritualistic Plague (Evangelical Death Apotheosis” consists of eight death worshipping hymns of fear, death, suffering, pain and impenetrable black... Black Metal. Unrelenting violence, hatred, and contempt for the living world. The idea of STRANDHOGG is reality without hope, where all living beings co-exist with the Dead. The only strength and law is Death. Only Death Is Real! Through the theory of phantom's curse and mutilation mind fanaticism STRANDHOGG is neither religious nor political band. STRANDHOGG is pure orthodox Death worshipping cadaveric congregation. [Label: Pagan] Poland 2009

STROSZEK "Songs Of Remorse" CD Digipack - Containing members of black metal band Frostmoon Eclipse. [Label: God is Myth] Italy 2007

STURM "Le prix du sang et des larmes" CD Digipack - Very attracted debut of French neoclassical, symphonic, martial industrial act. Fourty minutes of music in nine tracks created in specific orchestral vein. Very interesting music, not so many mighty, bombastic phrases, but a lot of moving atmospheres. [Label: War Office Propaganda]

SUBARACHNOID SPACE "Eight Bells" CD Digipack - Psychedelic Space Rock! Instrumental band with some chorus, don't except anything else than a weird and disturbing musical trip! [Label: Crucial Blast] USA 2009

SUFFERING DOWN "Massive Genocide, Collective Suicide, Hurting Katharsis" CD - Brutal Death Metal [Label: Autoprod] Spain 2003

SUI CAEDERE "Thrène" CD - One shot full lenght of Black Art, tribute album to Quebec's poet Emille Nelligan. [Label: Sepulchral] Canada 2009

SUICIDAL WINDS "Crush Us With Fire" MCD - Limited to 900 copies! Crush till death!!! [Label: Agonia] Sweden 2001

SUMERIA "Legends" CD - Black metal [Label: Quadrivium] USA 2002

SUMMONER "Winter Solstice" CD - CD - (ita) - Gothic metal [Label: Masterpiece]

SUN OF THE BLIND "Skullreader" CD Digipack - quote from label: "Skullreader was created by Zhaaral (better known for his militancy in the obscure DARKSPACE collective) in the c(o)urse of a 3 years traumatic voyage and going through several moments of doubt, defeat and discomfort. With him taking care of all compositions, singing and instrumentations, it is pretty much clear that Zhaaral is the raison d'etre of Sun of the Blind.

08/05/2018 - :
SUPERBUGGER "Aku" CD - Quote: New Zealanders Antony Milton (Mrtyu/Glory Fckn Sun) and James Kirk (Black Boned Angel/Sandoz Lab Technicians) are back with a mighty newborn NOISY rumble - A renewed gospel debauchery of massive psychedelic chunk! And a savage chunk it is! "AKU" is a sordid and relentless swirl of blunted in-the-red lo-fi noise, subhuman rock 'n roll structured decomposition and marbled psychedelia splendor solipsism, reminiscent of the seminal recordings made by Les Rallizes Denudes, Mainliner and Skullflower blended with the New Zealand natural and almighty trademark of savant-guitar-noise, from The Skeptics to The Dead C to Wolfskull that result in a splendid colossal noise coming down from the sky while shouting at the ground. and it is purely, astonishing. [Label: Heart & Crossbone] New Zealand 2012

SUPERCHRIST "Holy Shit" CD - Quote: Chicago's original beer metal blazers SUPERCHRIST have come staggering back from the studio with "Holy Shit", a ten-song pack of new rippers that finds the band fully charged and ready for business. Featuring such instant classics as "Run to the Night", "Black Thunder", and "Hot Tonight", "Holy Shit" delivers 100% heavy metal rock and roll for the under-dressed and over-served. [Label: Hells Headbangers] USA 2012

SUPERCHRIST "South Of Hell" CD - Total Motörhead worship ! [Label: Autopsy Kitchen] USA 2004

SURGICAL DISSECTION "The inborn malignance" MCD - Brutal Death Metal [Label: Erebos] Slovakia 1999

SVARTELDER "Askebundet" CD - Quote from label: "Originally formed several years ago by frontman Doedsadmiral (NORDJEVEL, DOEDSVANGR), Norwegian Black Metallers SVARTELDER have hit the ground running after a lengthy hiatus. With a freshly inked two-album deal with the Dusktone label, and with a new lineup that includes members of CARPATHIAN FOREST, IN THE WOODS, DEN SAAKALDTE, PANTHEON I and OLD FOREST, SVARTELDER are gearing up to bring their particular take on Norwegian Black Metal to a wider audience. Aside from Doedsadmiral on vocals, SVARTELDER’s new lineup is comprised of Maletoth on bass and guitars, AK-47 on drums, and Kobold on keys. The inclusion of these highly skilled and experienced musicians into SVARTELDER’s ranks has expanded the band’s original sound, which is firmly rooted in Norwegian Black Metal, into something much more fresh and varied, with each member bring with them their own set of influences and a variety of different elements. SVARTELDER is undoubtely one of the most promising black metal act around and this debut ep “Askebundet” is a first evident stamp of what norwegian black metal will be in the next years." [Label: Dusktone] Norway 2015

SVARTELDER "Pyres" CD Digipack - Quote from label: "Norwegian Black Metallers SVARTELDER, whose lineup comprises members of CARPATHIAN FOREST, NORDJEVEL, IN THE WOODS… DEN SAAKALDTE, PANTHEON I, OLD FOREST and Doedsvangr, have released the long acclaimed debut full length album titled “Pyres”. The six-track album, set for release on Dusktone in June 2016, is available as a digipack CD , as well as a Limited Edition A5 Digi CD limited to 100 copies hand numbered, and a 300 copy Limited Edition vinyl. The artwork has been done by Khaos Diktator (ARDITI, NORDJEVEL, HORNA etc Recorded in Norway at the Woodscave Studio. and mastered by WSL Studio in France, “Pyres” is the follow up to SVARTELDER’s “Askebundet” EP, which hit the streets last year, also on Dusktone as well. Aside from founder and frontman Doedsadmiral SVARTELDER’s lineup comprises of Maletoth on bass and guitars, AK-47 on drums, and Kobold on keys. There is no doubt that the band’s sound is firmly rooted in black metal, but SVARTELDER’s strength lies in the fact that not only is its lineup vastly experienced, it is also able to draw that experience from a variety of different musical backgrounds and influences. And this is something that allows the band to mix different elements together, bringing a fresher, more varied, approach to the overall sound." [Label: Dusktone] Norway 2016

SVARTI LOGHIN "Drifting Through The Void" CD Digipack - Great effort of depressive black metal. Limited to 1000 copies. [Label: ATMF] Sweden 2010

SVARTTHRON "Obscure Telepathy" CD - A long album of raw, depressive and atmospheric Black Metal with some mid/fast tracks. Cold hell. [Label: ISO666] Lithuania 2006

SWORN "Impious Beast Within" MCD - Evil Death Metal. [Label: Nuclear Winter] Sweden 2007

SYKLISK NEDGANG "Purification thrgouh the fall" MCD - From the deepest pits of the unknown comes SYKLISK NEDGANG. Debut MNCD of twisted, raw and satanic black metal. Icons Blasphemer from INKISITOR is helped in this very dark matter by Fall (ÖRDÖG) on vocals and Spencer Greening (GYIBAAW) on drums. 4-page booklet with lyrics. [Label: Those Opposed] France 2010

SYTRY "s/t" CD - Fast and raw Black Metal. Originally appeared as a demo-tape, limited to 1000 copies. [Label: De Tenebrarum Principio] Italy 2007

T.A.C. "Splintered" CD - Digipack - Their twelfth release actually. T.A.C. sonic trip goes on through unexplored territories, forcing the borders between electronica and new psychedelic soundscapes, making room for gentle ballads merciless deconstructed… [Label: Smallvoices]

T.O.M.B. "Pennhurst / Xesse" CD Digipack - Quote from label: "Pennhurst / Xesse is a new collection of rare material from the shadowy black industrial outfit T.O.M.B., featuring their ultra-limited Pennhurst album and the tracks from the one-sided Xesse 12" previously released on Prison Tatt. Featuring all new artwork and presented in a six-panel digipack, this full-length disc delivers over an hour's worth of the band's bizarre brand of vile electro-acoustic noisescapes, oppressive industrial drift and ghoulish vocalizations seemingly dredged up from the dank black bowels of some long-abandoned mausoleum". [Label: Crucial Blast] USA 2014

TACIT FURY "The Invented Pain" CD - Emotional & obscure doom death with touches of black metal! [Label: Witchcraft] Mexico 2006

TAETRE "Divine Misanthropic Madness" CD - (Swe) - 2002 - Melodic Death Metal with heavy influences [Label: Mighty Music] Sweden 2002

TALES OF DARKNORD "Dismissed" CD - (Russia) - 1998 - Technical Death Metal with originals parts [Label: More Hate] 1998

TALES OF DARKNORD "Endless Sunfall" CD - (Russia) - 1997 - Death Metal with a evil touch and some black vocals [Label: R.I.P.] 1997

TANGORODREAM "Twiling Before Sunrise" CD - Mid-tempo melodic Heavy/Black Metal. [Label: Black Dragon] Ukr 2002

TANZ DER NACHT "uliketodance_01" CD - Cold Wave. [Label: Thunderdome] Germany 2004

TAPHEPHOBIA "Access to a world of pain" CD Digipack - Quote : The music Taphephobia makes is mostly based on manipulated guitars (except house of memories that is mostly based on sounds). Taphephobia try to get out the feelings he has at the moment when Ketil compose the music. The idea is to create a atmosphere that is sometimes scary, and sometimes beautiful, like for example a good thriller drama movie. Taphephobia is very skilled to create a cinematic atmosphere combined with personal feelings like fear, hope, hate, regrets etc… The main goal is to make the listener able to dream away with the music. [Label: Greytone] Norway 2010

TAPHEPHOBIA "s/t" CD - Quote from label: "Second album for norwegian maestro Ketilon greytone label. Bleak and secluded sound world, featuring six looming movements of darkly, post-industrial, isolationist ambience in the pure nordic shining coldness. The music Taphephobia makes is mostly based on manipulated guitars (except house of memories that is mostly based on sounds). Taphephobia try to get out the feelings he has at the moment when Ketil compose the music. The idea is to create a atmosphere that is sometimes scary, and sometimes beautiful, like for example a good thriller drama movie. Taphephobia is very skilled to create a cinematic atmosphere combined with personal feelings like fear, hope, hate, regrets etc… The main goal is to make the listener able to dream away with the music." [Label: Dusktone] Norway 2012

TEARS OF DECAY "Redemption" MCD - Very good dark and brutal Death Metal. Huge sound. [Label: Cudgel] Germany 2000

TEARS OF DECAY "Saprophyt" CD - Death/Grind. [Label: Cudgel] Germany 2002

TEITANFYRE "MMXV" MCD - Three brand new tracks from this Russian Black Metal band. [Label: Inferna Profundus Records] Russia 2015

TEL AVIV AFTERMATH "Compilation" CD - Various artists into weird ambient and ethereal noise with cool booklet [Label: Topeth Propheth]

TEMPLE OF WORMS "Rites Of Putrefaction" MCD - Brilliant First Effort Of Death Metal [Label: n/a] France 2015

TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM "Antico Misticismo" CD - Cold, desolated Black Metal. [Label: Debemur Morti] Italy 2006

TENEBRARUM "Voices" CD - Quote from MCR : Re-release of the seventh album from this cult colombian act. In"voices" we'll find an excellent effort of pure doom metal, plenty of strenght and melody, sounding mature, personal, and very well played and arranged for this recording even they used a hall orchestra and the album has been mastered in New York at the Sterling Sound Studio by George Marino (Metallica, Aerosmith, Type O Negative). A conceptual album, with a history of love and war that goes around ten chapters of passion and misery, in short music full of life. Here we have brand new artwork, one live track, one videoclip and two live videos as extras. Among their influences we could name to diverse bands such as Moonspell, Metallica, Paradise Lost, Rammstein, Pink Floid or Black Sabbath. If you are into doom or melodic rock/metal in general don't miss this, 'cause is an album worthy of being near the classics of the genre [Label: Mondongo Canibale] Colombia 2006

TERATISM "Service for the Damned" CD - Perverted brutal Death Metal. [Label: Pathos] USA 2004

TERATOMA "The terato-genus reborn" CD - (Spa) - Brutal old school Death [Label: Fleshfeast] Spain

TERRODROWN "Colonize And Regulate" CD - Martial, intense & dark Black-indus Metal!!! Limited to 500 copies. [Label: Infernal Kommando] France 2008

TERRORAMA "Horrid Efface" CD - Killer old-school Black/Death with a lot of Thrash influences, but in a truly DARK vein ! Excellent variations (tempo/riffs) and an impressive intensity developped during this masterpiece. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] Sweden 2004

TETRAKTYS "Voreion Sellas" CD - Esoteric dark ritual ambient. [Label: Nykta]

TH26 "La Haine" CD - Electro - ambient - noise. [Label: Smallvoices]

THE GOSLINGS "Spaceheater / Perfect Interior" CD - Quote from C.B. site : Spaceheater/Perfect Interior collects the first two EP's from husband-and-wife duo the GOSLINGS, originally released as short-run CD-Rs on low-fi/indie noise imprint Asaurus Records in 2003-2004. Working with a signature palette of melted,low-fi indie pop and muggy/smeared psych-drone ambience ground through overdriven amplifiers and shot out into pools of swirling basement shudder, The GOSLINGS adorn their gorgeous powermurk with eerie field recordings, ghostly subterranean vocals, and crackling cable buzz.If SUNN O))) had, in actuality, been a late-80's dreampop outfit on 4AD Records, or if cult shoegazers MEDICINE had ever collaborated with drone-axe sorcerers EARTH, the resulting fug may have been similiar to this black-sugar avalanche. Simultaneously ethereal and blown-out,angelic strains of four-track mud-majesty shaking the walls of the ancient well it's buried beneath. [Label: Crucial Blast] 2006

THE KNELL "Harm" CD - After 9 hard years of existence, the long awaited debut album of the Israeli Doomsters The Knell is finally out! "Harm" has been mastered by Greg Chandler (Esoteric) and contains 7 tracks for more than 50 minutes of heavy, thick and beefy Doom/Death Metal. This album is not a tribute for the nineties and the glory days of the genre, but a proof that Doom/Death is still kicking in the twenty one century and even more relevant than ever. Doom on! [Label: Totalrust] 2007

THE MASS "Towards Darkness" CD - Heavy, Psychedelic Dark Funeral Doom capturing the essence and gloomy atmosphere of older ISIS without the Keys. Excellent, heavy and thick production and very cool layout. This band is featuring Kevin Jones who’s been touring all over Europe and the USA with is former band SEIZED. TOWARDS DARKNESS is everything you’ve expected from a good DOOM band without any dull, soporific moments… [Label: Great White North] Canada 2004

THE NIHILISTIC FRONT "Procession to Annihilation" CD - Quote from label: Crushing and brutal death doom [Label: Aesthetic Death] Australia 2013

THE NULLL COLLECTIVE "De Monstris" CD - Quote from label: "A tale of the continuous decay of the human race - limited to 1000 copies" [Label: Aesthetic Death] 2010

THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME "The Royal Arch Blaspheme" CD - From the throne of USBM royalty emerges THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME, a nexus between elevated-mind primitivism and black-hole oblivion... A full-length offering channeling praises of Luciferian Occultism and outright blasphemy via the vile throat of KRIEG's N. Imperial and PROFANATICA songwriter J. Gelso. Undoubtedly bearing the distinctive stamp of both depraved minds, RAB spews sine waves of volcanic sonic sacrilege, resulting in a seismic gush of gutted doom chunder, squalling feedback and alchemic terror. Cover artwork by Paul Ledney. [Label: Hells Headbangers] USA 2010

THE TRUE ENDLESS / MEPHISTO "Too Heavy For Hell" CD - Quote : All new recordings from two of the oldest Italian hordes.the true Endless present their great mix of Northern darkness fused with an obscure Mediterranean flavour while Mephisto keep it old school to the bone acknowledging the forefathers with everything from doomy black a la Hellhammer to Teutonic Thrash thrown into the mix.Comes with poster booklet. [Label: Aphelion] Italy 2010

THE VAULT / AMES SANGLANTES "split" CD Slim Carton - Death industrial / noise. Ames Sanglantes is a project of the Akitsa frontman. Quote from the label : The Vault offers up ultra grim death industrial sounds full of morbid frequencies and sombre, oppressive atmospheres in the classic Slaughter or early Cold Meat vibe. Âmes Sanglantes normally perform aggressive noise attacks, but on this release they offer minimalistic, but ultra heavy frequency spasms and deep, penetrating pulsations. [Label: Sophisticate Pleasure] Canada 2008

THEME "Valentine (Lost) Forever" CD - Quote from Label: "The third album from Theme, a band comprised of Stuart Carter, Jeanne Boyer and Richard Johnson (from'90s influential industrial-experimental band Splintered and head of the Lumberton Trading Company label), is a hallucinogenic intersection, where the exploration of twilight spaces, dreams, bitter reflections and hopes collide with a sense of escape (to better places?) or an abandoned 'self', either lost or searching for much needed identity. More 'song'-based than their previous album, on Valentine (Lost) Forever Theme often witnesses barbed yet oblique words cut-up and formed into mantras over a mesh of cascading drones, textures, blissed-out guitar strums, submerged tamboura, metallic sheets of electronic frah, occasional drum pounds and chilling swells 'n' flecks of musique concrete. Overall, it catches the group exploring their environment, in more senses than one, with renewed vigour and nothing but questions left either open-ended or vying for interpretation. It's a world of rubble, dust and sprawling collapse, psychological or otherwise, screaming for meaning and purpose in a world gone mad where inner conflicts, vulnerability and regret are drowned in vast existential pools... With an additional remix by ex-Siouxsie & the Banshees bass player Steven Severin, this genuine album offers an apocalyptic sound mirage that recalls the experimental and post industrial works of :Zoviet*France, Throbbing Gristle and Coil, as well as the occult-like numbness of Current 93, the bleak avant-electronica of Andrew Liles and the psychedelic drones furrowed by the group's own previous work in both Splintered and Theme. In that sense, Valentine (Lost) Forever is a definite masterpiece in the ever-evolving legacy of the U.K. industrial scene, and if this is the end, then it's time to burn the truth." [Label: Heart & Crossbone] United Kingdom 2009

THEOLOGIAN "Some Things Have To Be Endured" CD Digipack - Quote from label: "The latest offering from NY synth-death master Theologian (aka Leech, also the mastermind behind the renowned power electronics/death industrial outfit Navicon Torture Technologies), Some Things Have To Be Endured features eight new tracks of punishing black industrial, apocalyptic darkwave frequencies, and nerve-rending electronic deathscapes. Endured is a collection of collaborations between Theologian and a lineup of female vocalists/artists from both within the industrial / noise / dark ambient / coldwave realm and beyond, with contributions from Rachael Kozak (Hecate), Kristen MacArthur (Sewer Goddess), Rachel Maloney (Tonikom), Nikki Telladictorian (Prometheus Burning), Patricia Benitez (Fetish Drone), Gillian Leigh Bowling (Teloahqaal), Christiana Key (Delphic Oracle), Joan Hacker (Factoria), Shari Vari (Void Vision), and professional opera singer Melissa C. Kelly. The tracks shift from grinding industrial dread to ethereal coldwave beauty, blasts of rumbling blackened synthcrush met with washes of haunting electronic melody, while always remaining rooted in Theologian's bleak, jet-black industrial sound. Co-produced with Derek Rush/DREAM INTO DUST and mastered by James Plotkin, Some Things Have To Be Endured contains some of the most moving and dramatic music to emerge from Theologian's black sonic abyss, and the album comes adorned with striking photography by Ione Rucquoi that makes this one of the more visually arresting releases in Theologian's growing catalog". [Label: Crucial Blast] USA 2015

THOU SHALT FALL "Flaming God" CD - Satanic Black Metal from Belarus [Label: Nomos Dei] Belarus 2011

THRALLDOM "Beast Eye Opened To The Sky" CD - First album. Occult Black Metal performed in a very personal way. The sound is cavernous and cutting like a razor at the same time, compositions are quite primitive yet rich, feeling and ambiances speaking. KILLER!!! [Label: Bestial Onslaught] USA 2003

THROMDARR "NorthStorm Arrives" CD - (Fin) - 1998 - Thrash/Black Metal. [Label: Solistitium] Finland 1998

THRONEAEON "Neither Of Gods" CD - Brutal Dark Death Metal. [Label: Hammerheart] Sweden 2001

THRONEAEON "With Sardonic Wrath" MCD - Dark Death Metal [Label: The Plague] Sweden 1999

THRONED "...There Where The Moon Rises" MCD - Black Metal [Label: Masterpiece] Italy 2003

THRONES "Day Late " CD - Avantgarde Doom Metal Compilation [Label: Southern Lord] USA 2005

THRONEUM "Bestial Antihuman Evil" MCD - We are senseless raw, aggressive, FUCK OFF AND DIE !!!! [Label: Weird Truth] Poland 2003

THRONEUM "Deathmass of the Gravedancer" CD - Killer new stuff by the kings of old-school Black/Death metal. [Label: Displeased] Poland 2007

THRONEUM "Mutiny Of Death" CD - Second killer devilish Black/Death/Thrash Metal aggression ! [Label: Pagan] Poland 2003

THRONEUM "The Unholy Ones" MCD - Excellent new release from this hellish band, more mid-paced than before, but still effective and personal. [Label: Deathgasm] Poland 2007

THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD "Skepsis" CD Digipack - Cult and interesting Deathcore [Label: Prosthetic] USA 2010

THUS DEFILED "Daemonspawn" CD - Guest Vocals : Sakis of Rotting Christ Recorded in Texas during 2006 and was mastered by guitarist-turned-producer James Murphy (ex-TESTAMENT, DEATH, OBITUARY). [Label: Shadowflame] England 2007

THY INFERNAL "Warlords of Hell" CD - Fast & melodic Black Metal. [Label: Napalm] USA 2000

THY VIOLENT VANITIES "Come To Dust" CD - Thy Violent Vanities is a side-project from two members of the electro medieval act «O Quam Tristis…» : Hugues Dammarie (also known as Franz Torres-Quevedo, member of the french darkwave band Collection d’Arnell Andréa) and Emeric Lenotz. Contains ancient or traditional instruments: krumhorn, dulcimer, mandola, flutes… mixed to bass and guitars laid down on soft waves of keyboards, minimalistic electronic rhythm patterns and loops. [Label: Palace of Worms] 2004

THY WINTER KINGDOM "Opus II - InnerSpectrum" CD - Underground Black Metal! [Label: BTOD] Italy 2004

TOD "Black Metal Manifesto" CD - Occult Black Metal [Label: Eyes of the Dead] Italy 2006

TOD HUETET UEBEL "Malicia" CD Digipack - Quote from label: "Created from the very essence of hatred in 2012, Tod Hueted Uebel are a two-piece hailing from the very depths of the Portuguese underground. “Malícia” is a post-traumatic Black Metal experience delivered through relentless drum aggression, chaotic and dissonant riffs with eerie melodies, and vocals straight from the very core of a tormented human soul Comes in a 6-panel digipack, with artwork by Valnoir/Metastazis" [Label: Caverna Absimal] Portugal 2015

TODESSTOSS "Abwegnis 121" CD - Quote: Wroth Emitter Productions continues introducing us the works of unremitting actor of underground culture whose psychotraumatic music is as unique as for example the works of CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS, those made split with him some months ago. It should to be mentioned that his music is transforming from album to album into canvas much painful, infernal, obscene for the philistine's ears (each song of TODESSTOSS can be correlated with canvas drawn by Martin Lang or other insane painter). The new work called ABWEGNIS 121 continues the transformation began in Wurmer Zu Weinen, namely escape from definite structure (padded out melodiousness is the consequence), using more terrific painful vocals and unpredictable sound moves. But in Wurmer Zu Weinen there seems to be some kind of monotony of vandalism taking place over listener, ABWEGNIS 121 contains various transformations, as the album consists of several parts recorder in several sessions. The album begins from already known canvas from 2006 demo (Pantherwelle), where the transition to the new level of music only began. Then 2 songs follow, one of them being new, another one being taken from 2008 demo (Vogelmann), that was issued as 42 handnumbered tapes thus it was not available for most listeners. Structure and sound of these songs show the transformation mentioned above. There acoustic psycholullaby with clean vocals follow. It does relax one a little before 2 final canvas (12 and 16 minutes appropriately). The first one is new, second one is also taken from Vogelmann demo. The structure of first one is characterized by the new transformation with continuosly changing rhythms and the mockery over own voice, second one being the hypnotic immersion into the depths of insanity. Constant and accurate rhythm and clean, calm and sometimes deep voice does help. And in the end of the trip piano sounds appear and turn back the listener to the world of something definite and understandable. But only for the short time... [Label: Wroth Emitter] Germany 2010

TODESSTOß "Selbstentleibung - Der Annäherung erster Teil " MCD - includes a 10x10cm sticker - Original, nostalgic Black/Ambient. [Label: Ahdistuksen Aihio] Germany 2007

TODESSTOß "Spiegel der Urängste / Sehnsucht" CD - Compilation of 2 previous mcd's. Totally deranged and avant-gardist Black Metal. [Label: Wroth Emitter] Germany 2007

TORGEIST "Devoted to Satan" MCD - Black Legions Metal. Official re-release of this great raw recording. [Label: Drakkar] France 2008

TORGEIST "Time of Sabbath" MCD - Black Legions Metal. Official re-release of this great raw recording. [Label: Drakkar] France 2008

TOTEN / CONTRIVISTI "Split" CD - All material for the two bands gathered on one cd. Beware, Toten and Contrivisti are the pre and post-Profanatica ! [Label: Nuclear War Now!] USA 2005

TOUCAN "De Nuit" MCD Digipack - Quote from label: "Toucan plays a progressive & adventurous rock, filled with an amazing range of eighties references. Inspired by bands like Zombi or Maserati, their debut album entitled “De Nuit” presents six instrumental takes recorded last year by Luc Ferré (Plebeian Grandstand, Jean Jean, Sed Non Satiata…). Resulting from hours of jam, each track has its own character, and each comes as a pleasant surprise; alternating between syncopated runs (“Autopista”, “Cascade Lumière”), mid-tempo march (“Neo Soul”) or dreamy breaks (“Traum”). If there’s a lot of contrast, the band-decorum is strong enough to keep everything together. Spanning from the appearance of the saxophone, Carpenter-like bass lines or heavy guitar solo, Toucan revisits an amazing range of the eighties hooks, transforming kitch into a rainbow of nostalgia. The CD edition countains five bonus remixed tracks (by MAJEURE, EXTREME PRECAUTIONS, ETC.)." [Label: Music Fear Satan] Finland 2014

TRASHNASTY "In Livid Duality" MCD - Brutal Death Metal. [Label: n/a] France 2005

TREES "Sickness In" CD Digipack - 'Sickness In' is the third album from Portland's most wretched, Trees. Following their similarly abject slabs of feedback-doused horror and quasi-formless dirge 'Lights Bane' and 'Freed Of This Flesh' on Crucial Blast, the band again presents a two-song assault, each one roughly fifteen minutes in length, each a slowly rotting heap of droning slow-motion deathdoom riffs decomposing into clouds of black amplifier hum, high shrieking voices and tortured screams drifting against the glacial roar of smoking amp stacks and short-circuiting hardware. Where the previous album had Trees employing some interesting rhythmic chaos and longer stretches of ambient filth, this time around the band drops some of their most leaden, majestic riffs yet into their slow-mo filthstorm, massive saurian doom riffs slipping WAY out of the confines of 'groove' and deep into rumbling fields of charred ritualistic chanting and almost Abruptum-like states of psychotic noise. The first track 'Cover Your Mouth' crashes in on an avalanche of thrumming electricity and metallic noise, the crushing abstract heaviness collapsing in on itself, the rhythm section accentuating the rumbling black mass/mess with thunderous blasts of anti-propulsion. Trees have always seemed to have a somewhat improvisational feel to their extreme doom-laden horror, but just when you think that 'Cover' is on the verge of dissolving into a field of pure drone, the band unleashes titanic earth-scorching riffage. On 'Perish', the resonant sound of throat singing introduces a new wave of howling ambient feedback and speaker-hiss, but soon transforms into another twisted, agonized pain-dirge, those tortured vocals scraped raw, pain-wracked screams rising and falling behind the amorphous black sludge and diseased drones. The Cd edition comes in digipack packaging. [Label: Crucial Blast] USA 2013

TRENCH HELL "Southern Cross Ripper" CD - Long awaited debut mini album with six new Dirty Black Thrashing Speed Metal songs from down under. Up front raw production with no bullshit just real heavy fucking metal certain to be added to your list of Australia's finest. For those who discovered the brilliance of newer old school bands like TOXIC HOLOCAUST and/or crave the sound of real fucking metal from over 20 years ago, this is for you! You won't escape TRENCH HELL's hammer!!! [Label: Hells Headbangers] AUSTRALIA 2008

TREPHINE "s/t" CD - "Years in the making... For the uninitiated, Trephine play a unique blend of metal/prog/punk/ noise/math rock which finds their instrumental, guitar/bass/drums assault joined by found object percussion. To help make their strongest release yet, Trephine called upon three masters of their craft-- producer/engineer, Jon Smulyan, mastering engineer, Alan Douches, and visual artist, Stephen Kasner. Slayer riffs and Propane tank percussion collide for eight tracks of pure surgical doom!!!" [Label: Public Guilt] 2005

TRIST / LONESUMMER "Split" CD - One new track from Trist, spanning more than 20 minutes, as well as new material from the increasingly impressive Lonesummer [Label: Ars Magna] Czech Republic 2012

TRONUS ABYSS "Kampf" CD Digipack - Avant-garde and mystical industrial black metal. [Label: Pagan Moon] Italy 2003

TRONUS ABYSS "Vuoto Spazio Trionfo" CD Digipack - Last evolution to date from this ever mutating act, somewhere between black metal, industrial, and neo-folk. Really interesting! Superb digibook edition. [Label: ATMF] Italy 2008

TROUM "Autopoisies/Nahtscato" CD Digipack - Two elder vinyls first time on CD. These vinyls materials aren't unvailable + bonus tracks. Packaged in exclusive 3-panel digipack. 'Autopoiesis' was originally released as picture LP on Small Voices in October 2004 in limited edition of 567 copies 'Nahtscato' was originally released as a 12"EP on Paranoise Records in July 2005 in an edition of 300 copies. The bonus tracks were recorded in 2003 Tracklist: 01. AUTOPOIESIS PT.1 (PART 2,3) 02. AUTOPOIESIS PT.2 (PART 3) 03. AUTOPOIESIS PT.3 (PART 2,4) 04. AUTOPOIESIS PT.4 (PART 1,2,3) 05. O CHOROS TON EPITHYMION 06. TSAL 07. NAHTSCATO 08. AUTOPOIESIS PT.4 (DIFFERENT VERSION) 09. BALE CAPS [Label: Zoharum]

TTTTT "" CD - [Label: n/a] Algeria 2000

TUGEND "Optimism Is For The Weak" CD - Quote from the label : "Dark Ambient mixed with Militaristic Industrial with some controversial ideology.. Ranging from WWII-inspired sound collage to strange tonal loops, Tugend is a sonic journey into a storm of Iron and Blood, simultaneously nostalgic and prophetic.This will satisfy varied tastes, from Puissance to Arditi as well as fans of more traditional dark ambient and Industrial." [Label: Ultima Comparatio]

TWIGHLIGHT ICON "Serpens Misericordi Nociva" CD - Quote: "Gloomy and ritual atmosphere of Dark Ambient tracks organically divided with intense and sinister Industrial. High quality of sound production and authentic style makes this work outstanding and spectacular." [Label: Poisonous Sun] Belgium 2008

TYRANNY "In Times of Tyranny" MCD - Fast and aggressive Thrash/Death/Black Metal. [Label: Ewiges Eis] Germany 2006

UNEARTHLY "Black Metal Commando" CD - Fast Black Metal. [Label: Encore] Brazil 2003

UNHOLY ARCHANGEL "Obsessed By War" CD - Last opus of this barbaric horde. Limited to 1000 copies. [Label: Kill Yourself] Greece 2010

UNHOLY ARCHANGEL "The demos" CD - For the sake of the final slaughter, this hellish weaponry spit three demos from 1997 'til now. At each reincarnation of the faggot, the Unholy Archangel will nail again... [Label: ISO666] Greece 1997

UNHOLY CRUCIFIX "Ordo Servorum Satanae" CD - Devil's worshippers from Norway. Limited to 1000 copies... awesome artwork by Marko Marov. [Label: Nuclear War Now!] Norway 2013

UNTERGANG "Viva La Muerte" CD - Side-projekt of Ghomor from Nekro Ritualistik Death Noize. The album title is so true... pure insanity ! [Label: Forgotten Wisdom] France 2013

UNTIL DEATH OVERTAKES ME "Days Without Hope" CD - with slipcase. Quote: famous for funeral doom fans project UNTIL DEATH OVERTAKES ME under name "Days Without Hope". Album shows the evolution UDOM has gone through in combining some of the oldest (and UDOM´s personal favorite) tracks from S I and S II with the sound from S III, as well as introducing several new tracks from the ´Monolith´ era and a preview of new things to come... [Label: Marche Funebre] Belgium 2009

USER NE "Atropa Natura" CD - Rock/Metal with lots of folkloric elements. [Label: Dark Symphonies]

USIPIAN "In Skinless Form" MCD Digipack - Killer Death Metal! Recorded by Flemming Rasmussen who has produced masterpieces like Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’, ‘Ride the Lightning’, ‘Justice for All’ as well as Morbid Angel’s ‘Covenant’. [Label: Nuclear Winter] Denmark 2009

USURPER "Visions From The Gods" CD Digipack - Death Metal. 1994, demo & rare, live and unreleased material [Label: Necropolis] USA 1994

VARDAN / STRIBORG "split" CD - Black Metal - Limited to 400 copies 2 unreleased songs from Vardan + 1 unreleased song from Striborg [Label: War Against Yourself] 2011

VARIOUS HOUSTON ARTISTS NOISE COMPILATION "Eleven notes in black" CD - The first noise compilation focusing exclusively to the legendary Houston noise scene! All tracks compiled by Richard Ramirez, all tracks were done exclusively for this release. The 11 artist: Melanie Riehle, S.P.I.T., Loudspeaker, T.E.F., Last Rape, Concrete Violin, Forced Orgasm, Werewolf Jerusalem, Baptist Skin Communiti, In the land of Archers & White Nurse Black Death. CD came out in normal jewel case limited to 500 copies. [Label: Mask of the Slave] USA 2009

VENERAL DISEASE "Perpetual Pain Procedure" CD - Very intense Death Metal with dark feeling [Label: Revenge] Germany 2002

VENEROR "Percussimus Foedus cum Morte" CD - Debut album. 8 tracks of Serpentine Black Metal from Italy bearing the okkult atmosphere and pride of Necromass, Altar Of Perversion and Mortuary Drape yet with a personal sound! Powerfully recorded and equally aggressive and melodic, Veneror will slit your throat and crush your heart with hands cold as Death itself. Available on CD and LP with high-gloss lamination cardboard and gold printing. Designed with majestic art by Necromantic Arts (Swe) and layout by Ba'al (Hol). Released in cooperation with New Era Productions. limited to 1000 pieces [Label: Hexencave] Italy 2013

VERGE "Sex and Violence" CD - Finnish Black Metal! [Label: Descending Towards Damnation] Finland 2011

VERGE / BLOOD RED FOG "Because It's Wrong" CD Digipack - Finnish Black Metal split!!! [Label:] Finland 2012

VERIVALA "Kalliolle, Kukulalle" CD - Pure Finnish Black Metal, including members from SWALLOW THE SUN and VORDR! Limited to 1000 kopies [Label: Nykta] Finland 2009

VICTIM "Cocktail of brutality/Faces of death" CD - Brutal Death Metal [Label: Eclipse] Germany 2002

VILLAINS "Lifecode of Decadence" CD - Raw and blasphemous fuckin' Thrash Death Metal! [Label: Nuclear War Now!] USA 2009

VIOLATED "Only Death Awaits" CD - Quote From Label: "Hailing from Kristiansund, Norway, Violated play classic thrash metal the Bay Area way. Packing a punch that would make Rocky Balboa proud, this unit will turn necks sore worldwide! 30 minutes of headbanging mania. Only DEATH awaits! Ltd. 1000" [Label: Duplicate] Norway 2009

VOCIFERIAN "Exxxakschionnistiik Warmageddon Xzul" CD - Aggressive, fast raw Black Metal. Obey profanatory forces. [Label: Meurtre Noir] France 2005

VOCIFERIAN "Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum" MCD - Killer Black/Death Metal, really more violent than the previous efforts. [Label: Infernus] France 2005

VOMIT "Still Rotting" CD - Compilation of all tapes from this cult Thrash/Death band, originally recorded between '86 and '87. Remastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Khlyst). [Label: Lyderhorn] Norway 2007

VOMITCHAPEL "Damnatio Ad Bestias" CD Digipack - Compiling all of Vomitchapel's demo material featuring 2008's "WARVOMITDEATHWORSHIP," 2009's "Sodominate," and newest material, 2011's "Submission to Beasts," DAMNATIO AD BESTIAS the essence of total blasphemy of christ. Filthy and bestial metal of death. Perverse worship of lust and sin. Vomitchapel, featuring GHOAT of Father Befouled and Encoffination, was formed in early 2008 and plays disgusting black metal of death. Perverse Worship of lust and sin. [Label: Osmose] USA 2012

VORKREIST "Sickness Sovereign" CD Digipack - New full-length of this original Black/Death horde with their new vocalist "Saint-Vincent" from Blacklodge and The Arrival of Satan. Really interesting. [Label: Trendkill recordings] France 2009

VORTEX OF END "Fanatik Spiritual Devotion" MCD - Quote: Excellent fucking Black Death Metal from France ! The band has matured since ISAPWT and now delivers a fucking blast of radioactive destruction that will please fans of Impiety and Axis of Advance !! The MCD is 20 minutes long for 6 tracks of frantic chaos. [Label: Forgotten Wisdom] France 2008

VRANOROD "Vranorod" CD - "Booklet 8 pages - Post black metal/shogaze Vranorod represents a reflection of a world through music. Therefore, Vranorod reflects nature in all forms- human, non-human and super-human. Vranorod approach to the theme from the point of view of a spiritualist captured in a world of materialism and that, naturally, must result with a strong melancholic touch to the music and lyrics themselves. This music is dedicated to those who search for wisdom in every single atom of this world and beyond." [Label: Le Crépuscule du Soir] Serbia 2010

W.A.I.L. "s/t" CD - Quote from label: Conceptualized around the letters of the acronymic band moniker, W.A.I.L. (Wisdom through Agony into Illumination and Lunacy), the debut album of this Finnish band delves through a five piece journey of murky and crushing soundscapes. On this first part of self-titled full-lengths, W.A.I.L. explains its meaning from a wholly personal perspective. The exceptional name accompanies exceptional music and therefore W.A.I.L. gives a mouth to something that absorbs conventions of black, death, doom & heavy metal - but the entity speaks with only one unique voice and that voice does speak indeed, because the wine of Satan has got them drunk. [Label: Ahdistuksen Aihio] Finland 2011

WALHALLA "Firereich" CD - Epic and thrashy Black Metal [Label: Root of All Evil] Finland 1999

WALK THROUGH FIRE "Furthest From Heaven" CD - Raw and slow Sludge/Doom at its best! [Label: Aesthetic Death] Sweden 2011

WARGRINDER "Erased seeds of ignorance" CD - 17 tracks compilation with all their demos and splits. Relentless black/death metal assault in praise of WAR!!! [Label: Regimental] Greece 2013

WARGRINDER "The seal of genocide" CD - First album from this greek horde. Extreme Black/Death Abomination signed by Warhead (Crucifiction, Perdition Temple, Angelcorpse, Naer Mataron...) 13 commands for annihilation with merciless hunger. WARGRINDER plays old school Black/Death Metal, with hammering drums, guitarleads and tempobreaks all the way, in praise of discipline and chaos glorification. In a word: Massacre! [Label: Nykta] Greece 2012

WARKULT "Perseverance of aggression" CD - A fornication between underground crudity and technical powerful thrash evil death [Label: Dark Horizon] USA

WARNUNGSTRAUM "Inter Peritura" CD - Quote from label: "“Inter Peritura” is a premonitory dream of the Great Passage, a meditation upon the Big Wreck. It’s a dark and morbid introversion, an inner journey through visions of the tragic decline of Western Civilization, and the perception of a coming new Golden Era for the Self and the World." [Label: Nykta] Italy 2011

WARSPITE "Confrontation Course" CD - Fast & Agressive Death Metal, the Göteborg style. [Label: G.U.C.] Germany 2006

WASTELAND "Guenine Parts" CD - Thrash Metal [Label: Autoprod] Germany 1998

WEEDEATER "Sixteen Tons" CD - Quote from label's site : A masterwork of southern fried sludgecore. The soundtrack to your next zombie beach party. Sixteen Tons churns out a black hole of thunderous, snarling Swamp Doom from acclaimed rebel rockers WEEDEATER (featuring Dixie Dave of confederate metal legends BUZZOVEN). With monstrous production courtesy of Billy Anderson (MELVINS, SWANS, CATHEDRAL), these ten whiskey soaked anthems are heavier than a mastodon trapped in a tarpit. Crusty, wasted, and buried. [Label: Crucial Blast] USA

WEISSHORN "Au Dela Du Soleil Invaincu" MCD - 4 titles including a SEIGNEUR VOLAND cover. [Label: Asgard Hass] Switzerland 2012

WELTBRAND "The Cloud of Retaliation" CD - A new sign of death from this Dutch Nihilistic Assault Squad! ten new tracks that will incinerate your soul with devastating atomic violence. Extreme Black Metal with Industrial touches. [Label: Sadolust] 2006

WELTER IN THY BLOOD "Todestrieb" CD Digipack - Quote from label: "Welter In Thy Blood is a three piece Black Doom band from Los Angeles, California emerging in 2006 with the intent of supplying a soundtrack for human extinction. The elegies speak of their virulent hate of human existence and the lauding of death and solitude. Revealed through a staggering funeral cadence and guttural ululations is a feeling of absolute torment and despondency. Like a putrid mass for an unholy God. Welter In Thy Blood musically coalesced self mutilation and misanthropy with the urge for all human extinction. Kill yourself and those you love. This incredible release has seen the release on June 2013 on Dusktone as deluxe 6page digipack CD." [Label: Dusktone] USA 2013

WHAT PLEASING THE LORD LOOKS LIKE MARRIAGE: "Extreme Noise…and Terror from Japan and Israel" CD - Quote: not a tribute album for the legendary U.K Grind-Crust band, nor a religious initiative, but a glimpse into the cathartic underground of the Japanese and Israeli noise and doom scenes. All tracks are previously unreleased & exclusive for this compiation blasting off with the traditionally-oriented and bizarre doom of Osaka's Ryokuchi, This is an exquisite slow-paced 10 minutes guilt trip down memory lane. Next up are Jaffa's Cadaver Eyes, taking this trip off track with their corrosive Sloth-Doom: Zenocide drag you down the wilderness, while wiping the soil with their lo-fi sludge-core indignation, and then cums LietterSchpichDiet, with their demonic Doom-Dub and heliocentric swirl: MONEYI$GOD are up next, spreading their own cancer with a lethal dose of industrialized and Sludge-grudge, before Poochlatz poison the air with their battered Power Electronics and primitive industrial: Jerusalem's Remesh elaborate the damage with a hellish ceremony of their own, dripping gradually brutal drops of industrial-noise before Osaka's Nerveless wraps it up with a squashing, heavy as fuck, guitar-drone that would linger on and on. The Lord never seemed so pleased. [Label: Heart & Crossbone] Japan

WHELM "A Gaze Blank And Pitiness As The Sun" CD - First and last album of great sludge / post-core from this now defunct band. Reaaly interesting! [Label: Aesthetic Death] Denmark 2013

WILDILDLIFE "Six" CD Digipack - Quote from label: A couple months ago (we’re talking mid-Spring ‘07, here), I received an email from Robotic Empire boss Andy Low commanding me to check out a couple of songs that a band from San Francisco called Wildildlife had posted online, immediately. I knew that the dude has a solid idea of what kind of sounds I’m into, so I pulled up the link immediately and was totally blown away by the two Wildildlife tunes that I heard. Heavy, crunchy riffage rolling over celestial FX freakout and gang choral voices, part pop, part neo-psychedelic noisiness, part metalloid skullcrush. Super melodic and catchy but vaguely menacing and dark all at the same time. The band toured through here about a month later, and I was even more floored by their manic live energy the band summoned up a wicked whirlpool of dense distorto crunch and freaky singing, raging metallic percussive pummel, tribal rhythms and crushing effects-soaked guitars, subdued floatational drones and ecstatically gorgeous melodies, all let loose in a series of sky-streaking eruptions of psychedelic lowcore and swirling, cosmic sludge. Going back to a review that Terrascope Magazine wrote about one of the band's earlier CD-R releases, this sounds vaguely like Black Sabbath and Butthole Surfers jamming together with ancient forest mystics, an experience both brutal and beautiful, and which proves that Wildildlife have already established themselves as serious purveyors of blown-out psych heaviness.These guys have become one of my favorite new bands, and I’m MEGA excited to be presenting their first full length Six through Crucial Blast. The CD version of Six comes in a posh, full-color 4-panel gatefold jacket printed by Stoughton Printers, which houses the disc and a full-color 8-page booklet filled with amazing, surreal photographs by Sabina Holber. [Label: Crucial Blast] USA 2007

WINDS "Reflections of the I" CD - Progressive and technical Heavy Metal with Hellhammer from Mayhem. [Label: The End] Norway 2002

WINTERBLUT "Von Den Pflichten Schönes Zu Vernichten" CD - Quote from Label: "6th studio spell of one of the most unique and mystical Black Metal creations from old traditional Black Metal scene since 1994! Deppressive, disturbing dark Black Metal art for devoted souls!" [Label: Grom] Germany 2010

WINTERMOON "Hellthrone Baphometh" MCD - Fast and aggressive Black Metal. [Label: Witchcraft] 2006

WITCHMASTER "Trucizna" CD - New album! Finally! After 5 years of silence.. Recommendation for all fans of extreme metal, thrash metal and rock'n'roll! [Label: Agonia] Poland 2009

WITCHTRAP "The First Necromancy" CD - Kult Thrash Metal!! 2 Demo tapes. [Label: Obliteration] Colombia 2006

WOLFE "s/t" CD - Depressive Black Metal with good Evil atmosphere. [Label: Fire of Fire]

WOLFEN SOCIETY "Conquer Divine" MCD - Mysanthropic Black/Death Metal with members of Acheron, Dark Funeral and Incantation. [Label: House of Death] USA 2002

WOLFSMOND "Tollwut" CD Digipack - Black Metal. [Label: W.T.C.] Germany 2005

WOLOK "Caput mortuum" CD - Black void purveyors WOLOK are back with a second full-length album. Seven fucked-up rhythmics of insanity created by E. (La Division Mentale, Devilish Era), L. (Zarach 'Baal 'Tharagh) & C. (La Division Mentale). Be prepared for some fuckin' damage to your health. [Label: Those Opposed] France 2009

WOODS OF INFINITY "Förlat" CD - The brandnew masterpiece of this finnish extreme and unique black metal act. Excellent and best album up to date !! [Label: Obscure Abhorrence] Sweden 2011

WTN "Black Hearse" CD Slim Carton - A compilation of tracks from the Ulcerrhoea, the Squash Bowels, Morgue and Masochist split, with somes of their full length "Rotting in Pestilence" and many unreleased. [Label: Scrotum Jus] Singapore 2006

WUDELIGUHI "Darkening Lands" CD - Debut release of desolate and posoinous black metal filth from members of Unhuman Disease and Black Devotion. [Label: Embrace my Funeral] USA 2012

XAOSIS "Mara I - Czarne Wzgórza" CD - Oniric, Depressive Black Metal (XAOS OBLIVION project) [Label: Eastside] Poland 2013

20/04/2018 - Nouvelletés des Apôtres de l'Ignominie :

"Hosanna Sathana"

Limited to 296 Handnumbered copies.

Including: A2 Poster, Printed innersleeve & etching on B side.

2nd opus of Holy Ritual Doom Drone for the first time on vinyl.


released by
Zanjeer Zani Productions

distributed by
Necrocosm Productions

19/04/2018 - L'Ange de la Mort :


7" EP

Deluxe Edition 3 mm spine, including a printed inner sleeve.
Limited to 299 handnumbered copies.

The longtime sold out first opus of this french band is now available on vinyl format.

Total Raw Death Metal with french lyrics!


released by
Battlesk'rs Productions

distributed by
Necrocosm Productions

18/04/2018 - In Hoc Signo Vinces :



High quality pendant
Sigil's size: 4,5 cm / 6 cm

Limited to 49 copies

in exclusive distribution
released by



04/04/2018 - Hell Unleashed Upon Germany :

30/03/2018 - New Battlesk'rs merch in distribution :


Metal Pin

High quality & limited to 50 copies

in exclusive distribution
released by

Be Ready For The Next Attack!

17/03/2018 - LXXXVII :


6 panel booklet

Stricly limited to 100 handnumbered copies

Including a woven patch, sizes: 10 cm / 5 cm

4 years after the release of their critically acclaimed album "Humiliati", MHÖNOS emerge once more from their crypt to unveil their newest monumental work of doom entitled "LXXXVII".

Dirgey, pounding, cryptic and sometimes flirting with industrial atmospheres, this latest offering shows a more mature side of MHÖNOS and confirms once more their position as a pillaring force in the french doom metal scene.

Recorded by Julien Bous at Postghost Recordings Studios, mixed and mastered by Marlon Wolterink at White Noise Studio.
Featuring artwork by Samuel Antonin.


released by
Zanjeer Zani Productions

distributed by
Necrocosm Productions

23/02/2018 - Black Phlegm is Coming to Flood Your Town :
Image hébergée par

20/02/2018 - New Upcoming Live Rituals :
Image hébergée par

12/02/2018 - Que soient brulés par la vérité, tous les tièdes. :


"A Sigil Burnt Deep Into The Flesh"

Gatefold LP

white vinyl - limited to 150 copies

retail price: 15 €

In conspiracy with Dead Seed Productions and originaly released on CD by Debemur Morti Productions

This piece of French Avant Garde Black Metal is finally available again to the masses and for the first time on vinyl format.

4 tracks of relentless hammering to serve the very principle - Industrial Black Metal at its finest.

Artwork by Metastazis

Of Light and stars, through Angel Dust,
We bring the cosmic balance,
Architects of your decadences.

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