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06/03/2020 - To order our releases :

You can now order directly to our distributor:
Deathwish Inc.

13/02/2020 - Closing the gates :

We are currently in reorganisation. So the shop is currently inactive and we will transfer it soon on a new one.

More information in the coming weeks.

Thanks for your understanding.

19/12/2019 - exclusive distribution :

"Satanic Resistance"

Metal Pin

Limited to 50 units.

released by
Battlesk'rs Productions.

30/11/2019 - Battlesk'rs merch in stock :

ANTAEUS "Evangelikum Warchangel" TS & Girly - Sizes M to XXL
ANTAEUS "The Evangelikum Warchangel Hope You Die" Hooded Zipped - Sizes M to XL
OSCULUM INFAME "Morituri Te Salutant!" TS & Girly - Sizes M to XXL
OSCULUM INFAME "Morituri Te Salutant" Hooded Zipped - Sizes M to XXL

29/11/2019 - OSCULUM INFAME "Quwm" CD :


Limited edition to 300 copies
6 panel-digisleeve
mat paper

This release was the comeback of these French Black Metal pioneers.

released by
BATTLESK'RS Productions.

08/11/2019 - Out now :

"Axis Of Blood"
Gatefold Double LP

Limited edition to 300 copies

released by
BATTLESK'RS Productions

...Drunken with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus, see me and wonder with great admiration...

01/11/2019 - Malhkebre Tank Top :

"Satanic Resistance"
Tank Top

softstyle 150 GILDAN
100% Coton

Man - Black
Man - Grey
Woman - Black
Woman - Grey

released by
Battlesk'rs Productions.

25/10/2019 - New Battlesk'rs release :

"Wrath Of The Evangelikum"
Double LP

Gatefold Double LP + 12" insert
Etching on Side D
180 gr vinyl - mat paper

Limited edition to 280 copies

released by
BATTLESK'RS Productions.

Some releases are bound to gain a particular destiny, and stand outside the mass of forgettable productions. Some become influential beyond their original scene and time. Some represent a landmark of their style, a synthesis of their own scene. Such is the split between Aosoth and Antaeus.

Originally released on 10” MLP in 2002 by the now deceased label Paleur Mortelle, and subsequently rereleased in 2006 on cd by Battlesk’rs with bonus tracks, Wrath of the evangelikum has become a reference for all people seriously involved in black metal. First it is a testimony of the now respected French scene, as both bands have passed the trial of time to become heralds of the respected Parisian underground. And both bands have set new rules, new style, a new approach of black metal over the years.

Cruel, fierce, relentless, chaotic and filled with heart-shaking spiritual devotion, those tracks were a rebirth for black metal. A proclamation that this form of art HAS to remain obscure, satanic and non-commercial. It is at the same time an insult to God and a spit in the face of so many bands who try to water-down the genre.
While Aosoth is more focused on a spiritual approach (with one of the first reference to the ONA ever in black metal), Antaeus’ side, filled with four unmerciful live tracks, is in particular the expression of this dogma: black metal is war, death and chaos. This live recording captures the band’s almighty intensity for which it became famous, rejects all notions of harmony and literally crushes the listener. Such is our art: a rebellious beast whom wrath nobody can escape.

This glorious split is now to be released by Battleskr’s again, this time on Gatefold Double LP format limited to 280 copies. It includes all tracks of the CD version, some tracks are for the first time on the noble wax. We feel honored to give life again to such a monumental and groundbreaking release, which still has its place amongst the nowadays scene it helped to shape. We hope it will again drill its way with hate-ridden riffs in the minds of a new generation of listeners. We hope you die.
Fear the opening of the nine Angles. Be blessed by His words, immerse in the shadows and die to yourself to see His light. May the Ceremony of flesh and blasphemy never ends…

02/10/2019 - Lamech Records :

We have just restocked the Lamech Records' catalog with opus from:
Hetroertzen, Malhkebre, Die Kunst Der Finsternis, Lvxcaelis, Horns…

11/09/2019 - Specularium - Girly new version :



Design by Dehn Sora

Brand: B&C Collection

Model: B&C Inspire VT /women

released by
ZANJEER ZANI Productions.

05/09/2019 - CLANDESTINE FAITH :

Necrocosm proudly distribute the underground label:


CF releases available here.

04/09/2019 - AGE OF EXCUSE :

"Age of Excuse"

What has to be done, has to be done
The human nature is what it is
We cover our eyes in a call to arms
And turn one edge toward ourselves

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