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Stray Lights
CD Digisleeve

Quote from label: "Since the immemorial times , belated travelers, between dark trees and snags, see the lights far off . It seems, the flame of fires or light of the human dwelling will give heat and food to the tired traveler, but the closer the fires became, the heavier gets the way , the bog tightens more and more deeply. And now, on the surface of the swamp not even a trace left, just quietly swaying duckweed, and devilish sparks, as if the flames of a myriad of candles, twinkle in total darkness...

STATUS Prod. presents a debut album "Stray Lights" of the Voronezh dark ambient/black industrial project LEMNA. Drawling guitar riffs, the disturbing, howling, humming sounds of a deaf thicket and the swamp forest, which were skillfully mixed in a uniform sound line by the leader of the project - Kha Vesh, transfer the pressing atmosphere of hopelessness, inevitability, helplessness in a minute when water close up over the head...

For achievement of authenticity of sounding, guitar record and mixing of the album were made directly in the wood.

The album is released by 200, hand-numbered, copies, each copy contains the package of a dried duckweed, which, having placed in water which, in a combination with audio, everyone can reach an effect of "full immersion".

Label : Status
Country : Russia
Year : 2017
4.00 €

SACRA MENTAL HYPNO DRONE: Rituals, Revelations & Purification

Quote from label: When the sun sets over the sacred river, when the grass blend in with the black ground, when the forest stand in silence - the spirits speak through the shaman...
STATUS Prod. presents debut album "SACRA MENTAL HYPNO DRONE" Voronezh ritual / dark ambient project ORD. Mystic shamanistic rituals, existential revelations, personal reflection are embodied in 2 versions. The first, exclusive, "Rituals, Revelations & Purification" consists of 40 hand-numbered copies, includes 2 CDs with the album and additional material, 2 card, the chevron and the badge with the project logo, the ritual stone candle holder of a copyrighted work Ord Err, and ash from the places of rituals. Each candle holder is unique and has its own face, and therefore is unmistakable.
Shamanic rhythms, the ringing and the hum of ritual tools form a sound mask of the shaman, immersing the listener in the Lower worlds, and then elevating at the Top.
The album was used only live instruments, samples and field recordings.
All sets of the publications are collected by the leader of project ORD personally and are ready for use in ritual purposes".

Label : Status
Country : Russia
Year : 2017
45.00 €

Live Fire Meditation

Quote from label: "The Fire purifies...

Our wise ancestors considered fire sacred and worshipped it, endowed with magical properties. The fire was believed capable of protecting from any negative influences. The flame of the candle helps to purify the soul and aura, to practice meditation, to enter into a higher spiritual sphere and to be heard by the Universe. Fire is the most powerful, beneficial and mysterious force of nature that bestows health and prosperity.

STATUS Prod. presents "Live Fire Meditation" from Voronezh ritual / dark ambient project ORD.
Fire meditation is a contemplative practice. Flame of handmade candles in combination with audio next,etched on CD, allows you to focus on your internal state, to reveal internal reserves. At the same time, a DVD with video of the fire ritual is a full replacement for live fire. Herbal tea will contribute to a soft exit from meditation, warmth and peace, saturated with aroma and taste of herbs picked by hand.

Fire ritual was held Ord Err & Darina Voinova 09.06.2017 on the 16th day of the lunar cycle, full moon.
Fire meditation was held by Ord Err 18.06.2017 n cultural center “Shangrila” Voronezh,Russia.

"Live Fire Meditation" was released edition of just 200 hand-numbered copies"

Label : Status
Country : Russia
Year : 2017
22.00 €

Lost December
CD Digisleeve

Quote from label: "The band made a decision to celebrate their 10th anniversary releasing this album, and finish any creative activity of their old project COLD DESIGN. The CD includes some unreleased tracks not used in any of COLD DESIGN’s albums, and it includes the songs united with military themes. The album is released as a 6-panel card-sleeve with a card – a X-mas ball and a newspaper leaflet with the songs lyrics in Russian and English. The number of printed hand numbered copies is 410. The release date is the 31st of December 2014.

Track 1 – previously unreleased.
Track 2 is taken from the album "The Calendar of Frozen Dates" 2007, Shadowplay release, SPR 048.
Track 3 is taken from the album "For you melting souls..." 2010, Shadowplay release, SPR 109.
Tracks 4 and 5 are taken from the album "Скоро лето" 2012, a joint edition of Shadowplay release and Electrica Caelestis, SPR 132/Electrica 003.
Track 6 – previously unreleased".

Label : Status
Country : Russia
Year : 2014
4.00 €

CD Digisleeve

Quote from label: "The whole history of mankind is a prolonged history of a living matter that, by the Creator’s will, acquired an ability to think, but that did not know what to do with this fatal ability. It could not find any better use for this ability than invention of the most effective ways of global suicide".

The apocalypse created by the mankind’s own hands is the main idea of the debut album "Fate" ("Участь") of a side project POTERNA by Shilov, the leader of martial/neofolk duet ORDER OF VICTORY. Sounds recorded in steel and forge plants of different industrial enterprises, as well as samples from movies, were used for recording of this album.

Sound production and mastering by Antuan Graftio (THEORY, SACRIS TANDEM, CONJUNCTURE).
Design by The Temple of Theturham (theturham
The album is released as 6-band card-sleeve CD with a pennant card. Album edition is 260 hand-numbered copies."

Label : Status
Country : Russia
Year : 2015
10.00 €

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