2016/04/01 : Signing Policy

We have been active as underground labels for more than fifteen years. In this time lapse we took pleasure and pride to discover new talents, passionate artists and emancipated creators with whom we worked -and still work with for some of them. Finding new and original bands, animated by their sincere faith in Black Arts, and promoting them is our duty.
But things sometimes change, and to this day we don’t feel anymore the urge of fresh blood. Our roster is complete, our activities planned, and we are not anymore in search of new talents. Our signing policy is, for the times to come: no new signatures. Unless your work is absolute genius and have a stellar potential, we won’t sign your band and work with you. We already have our own agenda including our current collaborators to whom we want to give 100% of our time and means.

Anyway, we thank you for the interest you may manifest in our label. You can still feel free to send us recordings, demos or any material you esteem representative of your work (preferably on physical format), but please understand that no answers are due from our part. We may manifest (miracles sometime happen, and times will come when we will need again new bands), but we more surely won’t. This doesn’t mean that your art is worthless, but more simply that we have no time nor energy to give to it.


2015/03/09 : new distributor in United-Kingdom
Gospels of Death is now distributed by Cargo Records in United-Kingdom.

2015/01/04 : The Beast...

2014/07/19 : Death Metal Eternal
"Shattered Ante Mortem Illusions"
10" MLP

+ printed innerbag

Limited to 500 copies

This release keep the flame of the classic Death Metal sound of the late 80's alive. The perfect record for all die hard fans of Old School Death Metal à la ASPHYX, UNLEASHED, MORGOTH, BOLT THROWER.

Exclusive distribution by NECROCOSM

also available on Digital + 10" MLP through bandcamp

Also available from:

NEW ERA (Holland)
OSMOSE Prod (Fr)
2014/01/10 : The sign of Death, out now:

Embroidered Patch

High quality
limited to 100 copies
Size: 10 cm / 7 cm

Distributed by Necrocosm
2013/04/26 : Death Book
you can follow Gospels Of Death on


2013/04/07 : next Gospels of Death events
2013/04/07 : soon!!!
2013/02/14 : NECROS

Out Now on

Gospels of Death records

"Procession of Heretics"

5 tracks - Pro-tape - GOD-003-MC

Strictly limited handnumbered to 100 copies.


The french answer to Sadistic Intent, Incantation & Dead Congregation.

Great artwork by Daniel Desecrator
2013/01/13 : New releases out now MALEKHAMOVES Tape/TS/Girly and NECROS Tape
MALEKHAMOVES "s/t" Pro-Tape - handnumbered to 99 copies - GOD004
MALEKHAMOVES "logo - Extermination" TS & Girly
NECROS "Procession of Heretics" Pro-Tape - handnumbered to 99 copies - GOD003

Distributed by Necrocosm
2013/01/01 : The Angel of Death is coming!
The sinister death metal side of The Apostles Of Ignominy has a name: MALEKHAMOVES!

The Angel of Death presents doomed processions combined with brutal assaults and ultra-aggressive invocations!

Malekhamoves goes far beyond bucolic melodies and a shitty “modern” technical/plastic sound.

Featuring members of MALHKEBRE and SEKTARISM.

Remember that Death is the main goal of life, may it be it's splendid achievement through the vortex of suffering!

out next week:
MALEKHAMOVES "s/t" Tape EP limited to 99 copies
MALEKHAMOVES "logo" TS & Girly

Feel their anger and listen "Dieu rendra justice"